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Monday, April 30, 2007

116) Thank You Yasmine Ismail :))

THANKS A MILLION to YASMINE ISMAIL for the sincere help in managing the blog while i was in my primary recovery.....i guess we will pay like 100 pounds sms each. da7na ma3amalnahash when we were dating :)
I really liked many of the posts, and the way you maintained the style and sytem.

Thank You, and you and all other blog members are welcomed to send me about any topics they wanna discuss or comment on.



khateeb said...

gr8 work yaz welcome back mohaly

Yasmine Ismail said...

dunno what to say, actually you being back after the hard time you passed through in the last 4 days is the important thing here!

and by the way thank you for giving me the chance to blog coz i dont do it even on mine, but it seems that when u r bounded by time or duty, u get it done, arent u the one always saying "what gets measured, gets done" :)

welcome back, and hope that the secondary recovery will pass smoothly.

P.S. The E-bill is sent to your email. nice doing business with you. kidding!