-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Monday, February 27, 2017

869) 10 Years !!!

Today Marks the 10th anniversary of the Blog.
I know the last couple of years were almost dead.
But this blog was of a great importance in the last decade of my life.
I hope I can -and I know I will - be writing again regularly soon..

Thursday, February 23, 2017

868) و يبقى الألم ..

كم من طريق سَلَكت؟! ..
كم من مشاعر أهدَرت؟! ..
كم من دموع أذرَفت؟! ..
 و يبقى الألم.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

867) The Year of Contradictions .. !

I am writing this post to myself, and have no idea why I am publishing it.

I don't find it ironic to have my first post this year on its last day .. It has been the year of contradictions. That wasn't a year, that was a whole decade.
2016, my 40th year, the unprecedented year on all macro and micro levels..

The year I have been to more than 10 countries and 20 cities in Egypt and Abroad...where I lectured, networked, and mingled with more than a thousand person professionally, in museums, carnivals...etc, it should have ended up leaving me full of energy to give more..
BUT it was the year where I had a new record in romantic relationships that ended up leaving me in pain and wondering what's right and what's wrong, and sucked up all my energy to even go out from home.. and USD just killed my future travel plans where I used to get my energy from.

It was the year I represented Egypt in global conferences, lectured in London Business School, and had so much success on the professional level ..
BUT it was sucked up by losing more than half my income and savings in few weeks..

It is the year that I was at a point in time training as if I am entering Olympics with excellent health and shape ..
BUT the year that ended not moving out of my room except to work where I gained extra 8 kilos at the end of it!

It is a year that is full of everything in its 1st 8 months, and full of nothing in the last 4 months.

At the end of the 40th year, I am not surrendering, I am not giving up... I may not have the enough energy and encouragement / motivation, but I still have the believe that I still can ..
I still can make a difference with people, and fulfill my mission ..
I still can compensate for the money I lost, yes I am 10 years back in financial status but I am the one who made that money, and I will be the one regaining it ISA.
I still can find my long waited for partner, yes I am scarred, and exhausted, but I will continue searching for love till I find it even if I am 80 not 40.
I still can push myself again and re-engage in the healthy routine to keep my in good health and shape. I did it before, and can do it again..

I still believe in myself ... It is just getting much harder than before specially on my own without a partner or someone to share success and pain with .. but I have no regrets, and will work hard to stay so.

2017 .. I won't wait for you to be a happy new year .. I will work hard to keep you away of being an unhappy one.

Welcome 2017, you have been warned.


Friday, July 3, 2015

866) المهم تكون بديت !

I really loved this new song for West El Balad, It summarizes what I say in a lot of my articles and lectures... Thank You Nescafe and West El Balad..

P.S. Lyrics below.

كل واحد له حكاية
بس محتاجة البداية
حتى لو ناقصة النهاية 
المهم تكون بديت


عد الايام راح منك كام
شوف الاحلام باقى فيها ايه
خلص الكلام بص لقدام
ده اللى جاى بأيدك راح تبنيه
الوقت ده وقتك جاى ينادى
قوم ابدأ حالا من اللحظادى


مستنى مين يقول
ده السر كله فيك
انت بس اللى عارف
ايه احسن حاجة ليك

مستنى مين يقول
ده السر كله فيك
انت بس اللى عارف
ايه احسن حاجة ليك


خلى قلبك دليل
محتاج تكون جرئ
خد خطوه فى ألف ميل
تفتحلك الطريق


الكون يناديك
الفكرة بتجرى عليك
امسكها احضنها اكسبها ارسمها
اللحظة دى ملك ايديك
قوم على طول
نفذ عدى المعقول
اغلط غير حاول اكتر
اخرج بقى للنور
احلامك هتحققها
قبل الوقت مايسرقها
ابدأها عشان من غيرك
ملهاش حد يصدقه

Monday, June 8, 2015

865) Mr & Mrs. Know it All !

How come everyone knows about everything ?!

How come everyone has all the questions and the answers ?!

How come everyone thinks he/she has the absolute and abstract right?!

How come everyone else must be stupid, ugly, traitor, son of a @#$% ?!

Who gave anyone the right to think that he/she is better than others?

Why can't we simply accept that even the same goal has different paths?

As Nietzsche said: "You have your way, I have my way, As for the right way, the correct way, it does not exist".


Sunday, June 1, 2014

863) خناقة كافية !

مرة فى يوم مش فاكر إيه
عزمت عقلى و قلبى ع الكافية
و بعد ما عرفتهم على بعض ..
سابونى أنا و مسكوا فى بعض

عقلى يقوله تحب ليه 
و قلبى قاعد يضحك عليه
بيقوله أمال عايش ليه ..
و حياتك دى بتعمل بيها إيه

عقلى إتزرزر و عمل منظر
و كان هايلم الخلق عليه
قاله حياتى هى نجاحى ..
فى شغلى و إسمى و مالى يا بيه

قلبى زغرله و قاملوه و قالوه
إنت بجد مصدق نفسك
هى أشغالك على نجاحاتك ..
فى لحظة حب بتساوى إيه

عقلى بكى و جالى إشتكى
إن قلبى بيقسى عليه
و أنا من طيبتى أو من خيبتى ..
مش عارف أعمل فيهم إيه

عقلى بيكبر و قلبى بيضغر
و عاملين خناقة مع بعض
و أنا بتفرج و ساعات أهرج ..
و لا طايل و لا سما و لا أرض

يونيو 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

862) Dare to Dream - Egyptian Version !

In my post no.848, I urged you to dream and get outside your comfort zone. However, after watching this video (released yesterday by Sandra Nashaat), I have to admin that Egyptians re-defined this concept, as the comfort zone itself is a dream for most of them.

I will leave you to watch, listen, feel, and hopefully act to help them to dream, and get their dreams come true ...


Thursday, May 8, 2014

861) لحظات جنون !

تمر الأوطان العظيمة بلحظات جنون غير مفهومة ... و مصر دولة عريقة و نصيبها من تلك اللحظات لا يعد و لا يحصى ... تعالوا معا نستعرض بعض من هذه اللحظات فى السنوات الأخيرة:

اللحظة اللى الناس نزلت تقول لجمال مايمشيش بعد ما إنهار الحلم و تحققت الهزيمة.
 اللحظة اللى نزلت فبها عدالة السماء على إستاد باليرمو (جون مجدى عبد الغنى)
اللحظة اللى الناس نزلت فيها تتفرج ع الزلزال.
اللحظة اللى إنتظرنا فيها مسلسل ل أحمد عبد العزيز و جيهان نصر.
اللحظة اللى إتعدل فيها الدستور لمد الرئاسة "لمدد" أخرى
اللحظة اللى الناس رشحت علاء مبارك للرئاسة بعد ما شتم الجزائر فى الماتش مع إنهم كانوا بيهتفوا لا للتوريث لجمال..
اللحظة اللى إحتفلنا فيها بتنحى (قصدى "تخلى") مبارك و إدارة المجلس العسكرى..
اللحظة اللى قالت فيها الصناديق للإسلام نعم.
اللحظة اللى فرحنا فيها بأول رئيس "مدنى منتخب.".
اللحظة اللى هايتعدل فيها الدستور لمد الرئاسة لمدد أخرى تانى
اللحظة اللى قرر عمرو أديب إنه يتجوز لميس..


Thursday, April 24, 2014

860) Cairo Friendship Association !

On the same day 20 years ago (24.4.1994), I and some distinguished friends established a small student organization that grew really fast till winning the best Club at the AUC (American University in Cairo) and extended its chapters to 2 local Universities in Egypt (Ain Shams, & Helwan), and 3 International ones in Europe (Switzerland), North America (Canada), and Asia (Bahrain). It extended to have subsidiaries like the Pro-Action Team for Development, Arab Cultral Integration Conference, Publications (like CIFA, Thursday in Cairo,..etc), and mega projects (like Cairo Anniversary, Cairo Cultural Trips, ..etc) that attracted students and graduates from all over Egypt.

To all those who once took part in any of CFA activities in its golden age (1994-2000) including Pro-Action Team, Arab Cultural Integration Conference, CFA Egypt, or CIFA, I would like to deeeeeply thank you for your precious and sincere contributions that made us have such successful experience.

Special Thanks to CFA & its subsidiaries' icons: Yasmine Fahmy, Al Moataz Selmy, Karam El Tobgy,Sherif Saleh, Lana Gad, Mohamed Farag, Tamer Breakah, Mohamed Badran, Amr Youssef, Khaled Helmy, Rhonad Kotb, Nermine Abdel-Fattah, Noha Hatata, Mohamed El Batta, Noha Nasrat, Marwa Nosohy, Ahmed Farrag, Reham Farouk, Randa Hamza, Zaki Zahran, Tarek Genina, Mohamed El Ammamy, Nehal El Naggar, Waad El Hadidi, Mohamed Khamis, Khalil El Bawab, Ahmed Hafez, Kareem Farahat, Lana Malky, Tamer Mahdy and a lot more :)

I can say proudly that these days were some of the best days of my life.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

859) To Pee or not to Pee ... !!

I think that William Shakespeare would have written it this way if he had a simple walk in the streets of Cairo, and had witnessed himself the view, smell, and feeling of "Pee" allover the walls, sidewalks, bushes, alleys, ...etc.

The scene of people peeing in the streets is becoming quite normal, something I almost see every other day. The last time I did was yesterday when a Taxi driver pulled over beside a 5 starts hotel and went to the other side of the car, opened the door, unzipped his pants, and simply peed between the passenger door and the car !

Although it seems disgusting, but insisting always to put myself in others shoes instead of framing or judging makes me think that most of the time people do that because there are no practical alternatives (
a decent or even functioning public toilet) specially if they are using public transportation or just walking. It gets even worse if you are a female.

I tried it myself, and walked for 2.5 kilometers thinking about something I wanna do work, and I had all that walk without finding one single public toilet, and wondered, what if I really cant hold it anymore during that walk, what should I have done?! So instead of thinking strategically about "being" or not "being", I turned out to be thinking about "peeing" or not "peeing".


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

858) The Multi-Dimensional Love !

Couple of days ago I was chatting with a dear old friend and she asked me if I have loved before, and I said that Love is a multi-dimensional word and I am not sure that I have covered all its dimensions. So she asked me to define that, and I said:

"Love to be fully felt and understood it has to contain -randomly- respect, desire, itching, power & weakness, bitterness, missing, sharing, caring, lust, possession and sacrifice (willingly), mutual understanding and appreciation, common plans and chaos ... It is something that you cant see or touch, but can feel its effect on everything within you and around you, it takes you to another dimension ... and it just doesn't happen, it accumulates till you one day realize that you r way deep in love and u cant tell when did it start and how will it end..."

Am I right in describing it ?!


Monday, March 24, 2014

857) Do We Know ?!

We think that we know what they know, but the reality is that they don't know if they really know; hence, we actually don't know that they don't know, and accordingly no one knows who really know.

So we should stop acting as if we know while we don't know because in order to know, we have to realize that we actually don't know!

Do you know?


Thursday, February 27, 2014

856) 7 years of Blogging :::: Where Am I today?!

Today marks the 7th birthday -my lucky number- of my blog ... yeah it has been 6 month since my last post, and that is the longest period ever I stopped publishing on my blog, but in 7 years, that is not that much time.

It was a weird feeling not to be able to express myself through writings as I used to over all these years. It was something like a mental / psychological block that kept me not able of putting any thought on paper during that period.

This is coinciding with getting into the late 30s and soonly moving to 40s, where I am stopping before a huge and massive milestone & checking not only if I am still on the right track, but if it is the right track in the first place.

I traveled to many places in 3 different continents during these 6 months, thought a lot about it, and realized that some dreams deserve to die for while other dreams are to be kept in that wonderful golden fluffy cage somewhere in your mind.

On the public front, lots of disappointments and frustrations over the last 3 years, and I still have hope that by staying in Egypt and helping in changing of the mindset of the younger generations, we can change the culture in the future ... I am still working on it, but awaaaaay from politics.
On the mental / career front, things are not going as good as it was before the revolution(s) in business, but I am still challenging myself to focus on quality not pursue money to compensate for the lost business. Yet, I had to let go of some expensive dreams and replace them with more practical ones.
On the emotional front I am still fighting and struggling to find "the best friend for the rest of my life" to be my life partner rather than settling for the increasing urge of companionship and increasing pressures from family and society. I am also getting back to physically meet my close friends in person after falling into the virtual trap for a long time and losing the taste real friendships.
On the spiritual front, although my practices are not getting any better - except on the moral part-, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can feel the greatness of God in everything, and I am so grateful more than ever. I am sure I will reach that level of purity I wanna reach someday ISA. I am still still struggling with the dual-faced society that focuses on the practices and looks rather than the faith and actions.
On the phyiscal front, my health is fine, and I am almost sustaining a regular workout practice to keep myself of gaining weight, get more fit, and lead a healthy life-style (I gotta be trained from now, not when I am old).

So more or less, I realized that life is a continuous non-ending struggle with myself and others, and as much as the hardships of these struggles, as much as it is the essence of its beauty till reaching my destination ... The secret is feeling grateful for what I have, ambitious about what I wanna have, and not regretful for what I haven't had.

Happy Birthday my Blog :)


Saturday, July 27, 2013

855) Egyptians ::: The Dilemma of Co-Existence!

With all what happened and is still happening in Egypt during the past 30 months, I have almost reached a conviction that co-existence became something next to Impossible specially between Civil / Liberal and Theological streams.

I have written a long article about it, and was about to publish today, but after seeing all that blood shed, I just deleted the article. I still see that Ekhwan and Islamists were and are a major catalyst in splitting Egypt this way, and I have reached the following conclusion:

Co-Existence--: An imaginary word that is used by politicians in 3rd world countries regarding different ideologies living together and accepting each other, but doesn't have any meaning in reality.

Is there is still a chance to co-exist?!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

854) We, Mothers, and Others !!

If I asked you : Do you really love your mother? Most probably you gonna say: Of course, are you kidding me, who doesn't?! However, if I asked a lot of Egyptians who are in their 30s or even late 20s, and still living with their mothers about the obstacles they are facing or the people whom they cant really communicate with, you will find them answering: "Of course my mother, are you kidding me, who doesn't?" and here comes the dilemma :)

The problem is that at a certain age or stage of life, we start feeling that we and our mothers are living in the same place but in a different dimension where even words have different meaning and interpretation for each. The challenge or the inner fight comes because we do love our mothers so much for all what they did and still doing for us, but at the same time we feel the extreme need for independence and being in full control of our decision regardless of how other people will see it (and that is something mothers do care a lot about ... الناس هاتقول إيه).

Although I don't have a certain solution for such problem, but let's agree on some of the facts 
about Mothers:

  • They love us more than we love ourselves.
  • They are trying to do what they think will make us happy.
  • They rarely listen to us.
  • They do listen to others a lot.
  • They wont change no matter what.
  • They need our love and care at this stage as much as we need it from them or even more.
Hence, I guess the way out is:

  • To give them extreme care and love, all the time.
  • Avoid debating about minor stuff that will just waste energy and time.
  • Talk with them about one topic at a time without revealing differences as much as pointing out similarities.
  • Focusing on end results -that may be common- rather than the process -that may be controversial.
  • Make them feel that we still need them a lot and they can count on us at the same time..
  • If you can afford, move out till you get married (if you will ever do).
God bless our mothers, and give us the patience to keep them satisfied..


Saturday, June 1, 2013

853) Life = Time !

With such picture, I don't think I need to write much ...
These men-of-ice are representing us in life ... Everyday passing melts part of us, till at a point in time, we are unable to hold ourselves and collapse. If we sit still doing nothing, it is just a matter of time and no matter how nice we look, we will just melt.
Life is simply the accumulation of TIME, so we would rather pay attention to what we are doing with it before we melt and vaporize.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

852) I just wanna Leave !

I just wanna leave ...

Leave What? I don't know ..
To where? I don't know ..
By when? I don't know ..
And How? I don't know ..

I just wanna leave ..

Life or Place .. I don't know
Sooner or Later .. I don't know
Near or Far .. I don't know
Easy or Hard .. I don't know

I just wanna leave ...


Saturday, May 18, 2013

851) Life and its Ends !!

and then his life comes to an end ...
but is it an end or just another beginning?  ...
is life just one life, or different phases each one takes you to the other? ...
is it about when, or about how it will end?!
was he living in the first place? if so, how can he make sure that he is? ...
and then his life comes to an end ...


Saturday, May 4, 2013

850) FREEDOM ... A Gift and A Choice !

I have always thought highly of freedom, and I have always had it on the top of my personal values. 

Seriously, I do realize now that Freedom is the most precious gift God has given us, and we have to use it wisely in order to keep & preserve. Excessive use of freedom can make us risk loosing it, while not using it turns us into half-humans imprisoned within our own soles.

I have just witnessed -and still witnessing- such terrible experience of loosing freedom for someone very close to me, and the thought of loosing it is really scaring me to death. I can't even think clearly to write about it properly. I am sorry.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

849) ما أسخم من ........ إلا الخنزير !!

ذهب يهودي إلى الحاخام يشكو له حياته التي لا تطاق في غرفة وحيدة يسكنها هو وزوجته وأمه وأبوه وعشرة أبناء. استمع الحاخام إلى شكوى اليهودي إلى النهاية، ثم صمت قليلاً وكأنه ينتظر الوحي وأخيراً قال: الحل أن تربي خنزيراً معكم في الغرفة. 

دهش اليهودي وقال: عجباً يا سيدنا! أقول لك إن الحياة لا تطاق ، وأننا 14 شخصاً في غرفة، فتنصحني بأن أضيف إلى ساكني الغرفة خنزيراً!!؟ في هدوء وحزم قال الحاخام: اسمع الكلام يا رجل. ولأن اليهودي يعرف أن الحاخام يمتلك من الحكمة وبُعد النظر ما لا يتأتى لشخص من العامة مثله أن يدركه، فقد امتثل على الفور لأمر الحاخام. 

في المساء دخل اليهودي على أسرته المندهشة ومعه خنزير. وقبل أن يتم الخنزير أسبوعاً مع الأسرة البائسة كانت الحياة قد أصبحت لا تطاق، وصارت أسوأ بكثير مما كانت عليه سابقاً. أحدث الخنزير قدراً كبيراً من الفوضى في الغرفة، فكان يقلب الأثاث ويحطم الأطباق ويبرطع هائجاً في الغرفة، فضلاً عن فضلاته التي كان يخلفها وراءه في كل مكان. باختصار: أصبحت الحياة جحيماً بكل معنى الكلمة في وجود الخنزير. 

ذهب اليهودي إلى الحاخام وحكى له عن مأساته التي تفاقمت بعد أن نفذ فتواه. نظر إليه الحاخام وقال له في بساطة: الآن حان الوقت للتخلص من الخنزير. تخلص من الخنزير يا بني ثم أخبرني بالنتيجة. في اليوم التالي ذهب اليهودي إلى الحاخام وقال له في ارتياح شديد: صدقت يا سيدنا... الحياة أصبحت الآن أفضل بكثير بلا خنزير. أنت رائع يا سيدي الحاخام. 

أى تطابق بين القصة و الواقع الذى نعيشه ليست من قبيل المصادفة و لكنها مقصوده تماما. 

فى ضوء قراءتك للفقرة السابقة، أجب عن الأسئلة الاّتيه:
1. من المقصود بالخنزير فى هذه القصة؟
2. كيف نتخلص من الخنزير؟
3. ماذا بعد أن نتخلص من الخنزير؟ 

مع العلم إن التخلص من الخنزير ليس هو الهدف لإنه ليس حلا لأى من المشاكل الموجودة من قبل مجىء الخنزير.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

848) Do you Dare to Dream?!

This week I wanna share with you a video that can help you in understanding why many people -including you perhaps- are reacting the way they do, and sticking to their comfort zone.


Now after watching it, you should be doing the following:
1. Establish how your time is spent:
Look back through your diary or log-sheet to work out how you spend your time. If you have not done so, log your activities for a period of a month to see where your time is going. 

2. Determine your problem areas:

What is making you use your life inefficiently? Externally, and Internally.

3. Be clear on your objectives and priorities:

Agree your precise role, objectives and targets in your work and life so that everyone knows what is expected of you, and put this in writing.

4. Tackle the enemy within you:

By Planning your strategies, Prioritizing your actions, Delegating stuff that aren't that important anymore, Reviewing and evaluating yourself, and always allocating enough time to explore and play.

So do you dare to go to the Magic Zone?


Saturday, April 13, 2013

847) ثقافة الإمتحان و الصندوق !!

فى إعتقادى إن التركيز على صندوق الإنتخاب ما هو إلا إمتداد لثقافة التركيز على الإمتحان كهدف و ليس كأداة  تقييم، و التى كانت أحد الأسباب الرئيسية فى إنحراف منظمومة التعليم عن أهدافها و رسالتها. سي

 صندوق الإنتخاب ليس غاية و لا حتى وسيلة للديمقراطية... صندوق الإنتخاب ما هو إلا اّليه من اّليات الديمقراطية.. هدف أى حزب شريف و وطنى هو إحساس الناس بالفارق الإيجابى لوجوده بالحكم حتى لو كانوا معارضين لحكمه، و بهذا يستطيع أن يكسب أرضية و إحترام أكبر فى الإنتخابات
 للأسف الأجيال التى تربت على إعتبار إمتحان أخر السنة هو الهدف من الصعب إقناعها إن تحصيل العلم و التغيير الإيجابى فى شخصية المتعلم و قدرتة على توظيف العلم هى الغاية، و ليست هى النجاح فى الإمتحان حتى لو بحشر المعلومات أو بالغش. و هذا للأسف إنعكس على الممارسات الإنتخابية كإهتمام و مساعدة المواطنين لأيام أو أسابيع قبل الإنتخابات ، و المحاولة بكل الطرق المشروعة و غير المشروعة الفوز بها.
هذا الشبل من ذاك الأسد ..

Saturday, April 6, 2013

846) Miss Egypt ... Kaman we Kaman we Kaman !!

Why don't we take a break from politics and serious issues, and talk about one of the most popular yet trivial subjects in this blog; Miss Egypt. This is the picture of Miss Egypt in the latest contest that took place in China. I can see that Miss Egypt representation in the International Miss World Contests is getting more and more REVEALING.

Remember the famous post (585) I had here 4 years ago wondering "howa fee eih; what's wrong?" and then again with a video in post (685). I guess my question is still valid, and my lower jaw is still dropping ;)


Saturday, March 30, 2013

845) Got Money ... Got Life?!

Run after Money .... spend your whole youth piling it up ... over work, sacrifice time, relations, and anything to have more of it ..... why??! ... To enjoy your life when you are older and cant work ..... GIVE ME A BREAK.

Money is like drugs, it just gives an instant feeling of euphoria and owning the world, but no matter how much you have or get, you will always need more and your whole life will revolve around it. Do you think that keeping on possessing things will make you happy? Do you really think that if you own a yacht, a plane, 10 cars, ...etc will make you happy? ... I guess not, it will make you more worried about maintaining them and getting better ones. I'd rather earn enough money that makes me able to spend a week in a luxurious place twice a year than owning and worrying about it for the rest of the year.

This doesn't mean I hate making money, of course NOT. What I hate is making it a goal not a result. I work to make a difference, feel satisfied, and when I do that right, I should get money; sometimes a lot (Corporate), sometimes few (Academic), and sometimes none (Social Responsibility Work). But it only appears in my short term goals to maintain functioning properly, while life-time goals have no trace of it.

What really makes me happy is seeing a positive difference happening with people whether I took part in it or not. What makes me happy is seeing a talent recognized, an effort appreciated, and a passion respected. What makes me happy is freedom, justice, simplicity, and above all LOVE. This is a long lasting happiness money can't afford it.

Why do you lead a PENDING life running after a mirage while you can actually live it to the max with you already have? 


Saturday, March 23, 2013

844) ليه مقلوبة !!

!ليه القيم و الأخلاق فى بلدنا مقلوبة ؟

لو كنت صادق ودوغرى حيقولوا عليك عبيط وساذج ..
.. لو جيت فى ميعادك الناس حيقولوا عليك مدلوق
.. لو اعتذرت حيقولوا عليك ضعيف وخرع
.. لو كنت طموح حيقولوا عليك مغرور وعايش فى الدور

.. لو كنت كذاب وملاوع حيقولوا عليك جامد وحويط
.. لو كنت مكبر وهايف حيقولوا عليك روش طحن
.. لو كل يوم مع واحدة حيقولوا فتك و مسيطر
..لو كنت وصولى حيقولوا عليك شاطر

!ليه ؟