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Saturday, December 31, 2016

867) The Year of Contradictions .. !

I am writing this post to myself, and have no idea why I am publishing it.

I don't find it ironic to have my first post this year on its last day .. It has been the year of contradictions. That wasn't a year, that was a whole decade.
2016, my 40th year, the unprecedented year on all macro and micro levels..

The year I have been to more than 10 countries and 20 cities in Egypt and Abroad...where I lectured, networked, and mingled with more than a thousand person professionally, in museums, carnivals...etc, it should have ended up leaving me full of energy to give more..
BUT it was the year where I had a new record in romantic relationships that ended up leaving me in pain and wondering what's right and what's wrong, and sucked up all my energy to even go out from home.. and USD just killed my future travel plans where I used to get my energy from.

It was the year I represented Egypt in global conferences, lectured in London Business School, and had so much success on the professional level ..
BUT it was sucked up by losing more than half my income and savings in few weeks..

It is the year that I was at a point in time training as if I am entering Olympics with excellent health and shape ..
BUT the year that ended not moving out of my room except to work where I gained extra 8 kilos at the end of it!

It is a year that is full of everything in its 1st 8 months, and full of nothing in the last 4 months.

At the end of the 40th year, I am not surrendering, I am not giving up... I may not have the enough energy and encouragement / motivation, but I still have the believe that I still can ..
I still can make a difference with people, and fulfill my mission ..
I still can compensate for the money I lost, yes I am 10 years back in financial status but I am the one who made that money, and I will be the one regaining it ISA.
I still can find my long waited for partner, yes I am scarred, and exhausted, but I will continue searching for love till I find it even if I am 80 not 40.
I still can push myself again and re-engage in the healthy routine to keep my in good health and shape. I did it before, and can do it again..

I still believe in myself ... It is just getting much harder than before specially on my own without a partner or someone to share success and pain with .. but I have no regrets, and will work hard to stay so.

2017 .. I won't wait for you to be a happy new year .. I will work hard to keep you away of being an unhappy one.

Welcome 2017, you have been warned.



noha alii said...

Welcome back Dr. :))
Happy new year !!
IsA a year full of joy , happiness & success on all levels ;
Best of Luck

Anonymous said...

One day you will find her don't worry just keep searching


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