-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Thursday, October 29, 2009

621) Queries about their "Excellencies"!

Why, and on what basis, are the ministers appointed?
Why, and on what basis, are the ministers impeached?
Why do the ministers resign? (actually the right form is: Does the ministers really resign?)
Who appoints the ministers?
What is the role of the Prime Minister in Egypt?
How are the ministers evaluated in Egypt?
What are the actions taken for or against ministers in Egypt?

What is common between all the previous questions?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

620) Sexual Frustration in Egypt!

You may expect a long post for such title, but I just have very quick related questions that may lead to much longer answers, and may be other parts of the post:

1. Are Egyptians (in general) sexually frustrated whether they are married or not?
2. Why?
3. What kind of effect this frustration (if yes) has on the quality of life in this country specially Cairo?


Saturday, October 24, 2009

619) What Women Wear !

Why does the whole society have an issue with what women wear?!!!
If women wear according to fashion, they are too fashionable and airheads.
If they wear sleeveless shirts or mini-skirts, they are provoking the men and unmarried youth.
If they almost don't wear anything (video-clips), they are simply "sluts".
If they wear pants, they look like men.
If they wear Hijab, they are not as good as they trying to show and it doesn't hinder them of doing what they want.
If they wear Niqab, they are terrorists and threatening the liberal potentials & security in Egypt.

Why is it so important to have all these articles, fights, programs, books,....etc about what women wear. They will never wear the same uniform, and even if they do, there will be people fighting to change it (e.g. Iran), and others just have it as a social obligation and that is it (e.g. Saudi)...At the end what I wanna say is that everyone knows what is right and what is wrong, and everyone should do what suits her without hurting others, we shouldn't spend -actually waste- so much time about women's wear, and it just leads not nothing except more problems and more time waste.

Er7amona ba2a,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

618) Being Yourself :: Episode 8: Being Clean!

Being a clean person is shirnking in this country to the extent that normal acts of cleanliness is now considered as part of the precautions of an pandemic! (see 570)
The problem is that many people I have seen myself -including me- are sometimes mocked at because they take an action against this anti-cleanliness campaign, and unfortunately some of them just can't be themselves and back-off.
Why? afraid from others, just don't want problem,...etc. Whatever the reason is. If you are a clean person, and you want to see your house, car, street, garden...etc clean.... JUST BE YOURSELF and do what you feel right about it even if people didnt agree or even mocked you. I did it once and went cleaning the middle sidewalk in the street, people were looking at me like an alien, SO WHAT, but by the end of the day, at least I am enjoying a clean middle sidewalk even if it lasts for couple of days, and those who know me and have seen me doing it, they didnt dare to make it dirty at least infront of me. Things don't get dirty by itself, but through those who throw stuff, and others who don't take an action or even object.



P.S. I am dedicating this post to someone who really deserves it the most; Blog Reader Maha Aly, thank you Maha for being clean and being proud of it even if annoys others.

Monday, October 19, 2009

617) Being Yourself :: Episode 7 - Eating !

I remember an Egyptian proverb saying: Kol eli ye3gebak we elbesh eli ye3geb el nas (although i see that elbes kaman eli ye3gebak), i.e eat what you want and wear what others will like.. so I wonder why people push others to eat stuff or quanitities that they don't want. What is wrong in saying sorry I am full or sorry I like to eat vegetables...etc. Why do some people (especially older ones) take it as an insult if we didnt taste every single plate on the table! Be Yourself, and only eat what you want with the quantity you feel adequate.

لماذا نأكل في كثير من الأحيان ليس بسبب الجوع أو الإحتياج إلي الطعام ولكن مجاملة للأخرين دون النظر إلي مدي الضرر الذي نسببه بأنفسنا لأنفسنا وأجسامنا وبالتالي يقع أثر الضرر علي حالتنا النفسية - واذكر هنا كلمة للإمام الشافعي رحمه الله " ما شبعت منذ ستة عشر سنة لأن الشبع يثقل البدن ويقسي القلب ويزيل الفطنة ويجلب النوم ويضعف صاحبه عن العبادة" فماذا جنينا أذن...!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

616) Being Yourself :: Episode 6 - Being a Woman!

This is some of the questions I got from a friend and a blog reader (R.M.) related to women being themselves. I though of having them on different posts, but then I decided to have them all in one post as they are all related to women and their freedom of expression and being themselves. I think the best way to comment on this episode is in points (1,2,3,4).

1لماذا يقوم بعض الأباء والأمهات بإجبار بناتهم علي ارتداء الحجاب - بينما يجبرهن البعض الأخر علي عدم إرتداء الزي الإسلامي - لماذا لم يتركوا لهم حرية الإختيار بعد تقديم النصيحة لهن لكي يبنع القرار من البنت عن وعي وادراك وحب بدلا من الاكراه والسخط والكره الذي يؤدي وحتما إلي خلع الحجاب آجلا أو عاجلا

2- لماذا يستعمل البعض كلمات وتعبيرات مبالغ فيها مثل وحشتينييييي مووووت .. يا قمرررر .. يا جميييل .. وكذا مع إنهم مش حاسين بكدا أصلا - بجد كم أمقت التعبيرات السخيفة المبالغ فيها الدارجة التي لا معني لها... وكم أحب التعبيرات الصادقة الصادرة من القلب القادرة علي الوصول كالسهم إلي القلب...!!!

3- لماذا تخجل البنت التي من الله عليها بنعمة تقدير قيمة الوقت أن تغلق سماعة التليفون في وجه صديقتها الثرثارة بدلا من أن تبكي ندما علي ساعة ضاعت من عمرها في النميمة واللغو والكلام الفارغ الذي لا جدوي منه

4- لماذا تحارب بعض النساء من أجل تحقيق مبدأ المساواه بينها وبين الرجل...! لماذا لا تستريح وتريح وترضي بما خلقها الله عليه - طب ما كان ربنا بقي خلقنا كلنا نوع واحد وخلاص.. كلنا رجالة أو كلنا بنات .. أو مثلا كنا بقينا في نهار من غير ليل - أو ليل من غير نهار ...!

Quick Translation for blog english-readers:
1. Why do some parents oblige their daughters to wear hijab while others oblige them not to, why don't they leave it to their personal choice.
2. Why do some people exaggerated welcoming words when meeting someone whom they really don't care that much about?
3. Why does the girl who understand the value of time accept on going on the phone for hours without apologizing to the caller and hanging up?
4. Why do some women fight for equality? why don't they accept the differences between genders, it is like the difference between day and night, both needed!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

615) Bright Side - Episode 3 ::: Egypt Car Poolers!

I know that I haven't added any new episodes in this series for more than a year but there weren't much to write about then. I was tempted to add a 3rd episode to this series when I found out about this good initiative and spirit. When I finish Being Yourself Series, I will try to add more episodes to the Bright Side of Egypt.. we need to see more of this side of the country...

I am glad that there are positive initiatives of young people (Hisham A.Wahab, Hind Rasid...)who made use of their brains and skills in trying to make a positive change in their society. We all know that the traffic problem in Cairo has reached a level that is beyond normal and abnormal tolerance. These young group has worked hard since summer 2008 to finally launch their website promoting Car pooling in Cairo that reduces both traffic and pollution.

I am quoting the initiator Hisham Abdel Wahab:

"For those of you who don’t know, www.egyptcarpoolers.com is Egypt’s first online carpooling community! The website aims to promote carpooling in Egypt by creating a forum where potential carpoolers can connect and coordinate rides.

Anything to reduce the traffic :)!!

Feel free to sign up and forward to friends. Your support would be greatly appreciated.



Thank You Hisham, Hind, and all your team. I am urging fellow Cairians to join or at least promote the idea (You can link this post in facebook or your blogs).


Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

613) & The Nobel goes to ........ !!

Obama wins Noble Prize for his "peace intentions"!
Then why not "Mubarak" as he had peace intentions since Obama was in elementary school..
Since we were kids, we were always hearing and reading that Mubarak was pushing the peace process (3amaleyet el salam, wel ra2s wel ensigam). Ma3lesh ya rayes, el baraka fe Jimmy ;)


Picture Caption: Mubarak is disappointed: "ba2a 2ana azo2 fel 3amaleya 30 sana, wenta teegi takolha wal3a, akhhh!"

P.S Seriously: I think they should have granted it to Obama in 2010 to give him time to implement.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

612) Being Yourself :: Episode 5 - Being Patriotic!

On the occasion of 6th October, I am asking all those who love Egypt unconditionally to speak up and not to be afraid of being mocked at. How did we reach this stage? How come people beacme afraid or ashamed of saying that they respect the national anthem or feel bad when they see a dirty or torn flag? How come they are hesitant to say that they love Egypt and are willing to give time, money, and effort for its sake?

How eih el 7asal, is being patriotic considered a crime now, or something to be ashamed of? May be coz the country is down? That should be even a bigger motivation coz true love is tested in down times not when everything is ok. If you love someone, he/she needs you more when he/she is down, wala eih?

To all those who still feel for their country, be proud and face everyone: Be Yourself .... Be Patriotic.


Monday, October 5, 2009

611) Being Yourself :: Episode 4 - Social Obligs!

I know that many people may attack me for this post, but that is my opinion, I have to be myself :)

One of the things that provokes me especially in the Arab Culture that people spend sooooooooooo much time in what they call "social obligations" where:
- they visit people they dont wanna visit or dont wanna visit now,
- eat something that they don't wanna eat (and sometimes say wow delecius!),
- sometimes travel to places they dont wanna go with people that they dont wanna travel with,
- inviting people that they dont wanna invite to their home, or even receiving them without prior notice and showing that you are ok!
- and many others (you name it) where you give this poker face (wesh gebs)!

Half of my quarrels with my family is because of "social obligations", look at the word OBLIGATION, 7aga mostafeza!! and everything is just FAKE, hugs, smiles, talk, everything EXCEPT the time passing that will never comeback :(

How can I wake up and decide upon the face I am gonna wear for today's event!!! Why can't I just be myself?!

What will happen if we decided to do what we feel comfortable with and be ourselves WITHOUT BEING RUDE? What will happen if I appoloiged to someone that I cant go out today or I cant recieve him/her in my home today, or that I can't eat heavy stuff, or , or , or.
Will they get mad at me? from my own personal experience, may be for a while, but then people will know that IT IS YOU, and that is who you are and how you wanna lead your life. Believe me, I tried it and people still like me, but without having to be -most the time- doing stuff that I don't wanna do.

Mesh keda bardo?!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

610) Being Yourself :: Episode 3 - It's Your Goal !

Q: Why do people lose interest -or the required enthusiam- in achieveing their goals?

A: I think the main reason is that many people write down what others need or expect from them not what they really want.

1. Those who want to live without the burdens of 9 to 5 job and they are talented enough to work as artists, writers, free lancers...etc but because the people around them are terrifying them from this life, they start un-dreaming their dreams!
2. Those who get hight scores in Thanawia Amma, and want to major in something they like, and end up majoring in Teb & Handasa to please their families!
3. The sweet couple who dream about their home, but family obligations change this dream to different goals.
4. Ha Meen Yezawed...

No matter how werid your dream or goal is, no one knows you better than yourself. Fight for your right to have and achive your own goals. Fight for your right to have enthiusiam in what you are doing. Have your path clear and be acctountable for your choices. Aboos Eidak Be Yourself !