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Saturday, October 24, 2009

619) What Women Wear !

Why does the whole society have an issue with what women wear?!!!
If women wear according to fashion, they are too fashionable and airheads.
If they wear sleeveless shirts or mini-skirts, they are provoking the men and unmarried youth.
If they almost don't wear anything (video-clips), they are simply "sluts".
If they wear pants, they look like men.
If they wear Hijab, they are not as good as they trying to show and it doesn't hinder them of doing what they want.
If they wear Niqab, they are terrorists and threatening the liberal potentials & security in Egypt.

Why is it so important to have all these articles, fights, programs, books,....etc about what women wear. They will never wear the same uniform, and even if they do, there will be people fighting to change it (e.g. Iran), and others just have it as a social obligation and that is it (e.g. Saudi)...At the end what I wanna say is that everyone knows what is right and what is wrong, and everyone should do what suits her without hurting others, we shouldn't spend -actually waste- so much time about women's wear, and it just leads not nothing except more problems and more time waste.

Er7amona ba2a,


Hicham said...

Hicham is among those who are fed up from the whole controversial on the clothes. I do not know when will we cross this? Fi El-MeshMesh walla eah?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Ana adom sotey le sotak, fe3lan er7amona ba2a :(
everything about women is controversial as if women dol 7aga gedeeda lessa nazla el soo2 taza and no one knows el manual bey2ool eh.
And I don't think we will ever cross it ya Hicham, what women wear is an issue in Egypt mn ayam ma kan el dress code el bro2o3 wel yashmak (Which are turkish btw 3ashan hayeegy wa7ed mn betoo3 el niqab ye2ool maho el masryat kano monqabat aho)
Almost a century of debating what should women wear, lw kona nawyeen to cross it a couple of yrs of debating kano kefaya mesh 100 yrs we lessa bentkhane2

gjoe said...

Tas2eefa omaaaaal!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Good question. And why don't we ever care what men wear, since men are also supposed to be modest. But when a man wears right clothes no one cares.

I'll never forget the way some men were dressed during Umrah. They were pretty much half-naked, walking around Masjid al-Haram. Yeeeeaaaah.

ahmed said...

cool pic, yes hicham and shaimaa

cairo, lusaka: I dont get what u mean

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

I mean that in Islam men and women are both supposed to be modestly dressed. But for some reason no one makes a big deal out of a man that is not modestly dressed, whereas when a woman is not modest it's a scandal.

And I was giving the example of when I did Umrah and saw a lot of men not dressed modestly at all.

Anonymous said...

'If women dress according to fashion, they are too fashionable and airheads.'

i think it's the fact that we 'prejudge people' is the root cause of our problem especially women.

WE have WOMEN 'sizing women up' and we have men 'sizing women up.' so if everyone minds his/her own bees wax i think we would not have to deal with such inanities.

as mohaly said erhamoona!

merhan said...

I really don't get why should anyone care what women wear, it is kind of personal freedom (7oreya sha7'sia)and we should not JUDGE others.
totally agree with Pax Machina that everyone either male or female is checking the other gender or even his own and if it is offending or outrageous simply donot look .

Maha Aly said...

Well, I totally agree that it's a personal choice, but at the same time we have to consider that we are not living alone ... other ppl have to be considered.
In order not to offend others, i have to respect others, i don't mean i have to wear as they like, bas some consideration won't hurt.
I am not a judgemental person, but i respect others' feelings and at the same time i wear what i like to wear. :)

Welcome back ya meesha ;)

Reem A.Z said...

I was once listening to Dr Abla el Kahlawi , who's a decent Islamic promoter , she was on this show complaining on how most of the females coming to her for questions about Islam's rules and how we apply them , ask her about Islam's jurisdiction in EYEBROWS ! , and she was like "Come on you people , so with all the drawbacks and the conflictions we have in our society , controversials and millions of things to learn about in Islam , you're asking about Eyebrows !!, and I remember her saying with this really cute angerness – because she's a very calm and a got-it-together person – " Khalass ? Mafeesh 3andena Mashakel 3'eir el 7awageb !! " .

So this issue of What women wear that has consumed a lot of energy and space in our society is much like the issue of Eyebrows . So if we're done tackling Politics , Media , Transportation , Education , Football , Industry , Pollution and Conspiracies and we're down to Morals and all we can think about is what Women Wear , then we're really not getting anywhere with this country and that type of thinking .

H.A.W. said...

almost same words of Dr. abla, were said by dr. Tareq el Swaidan in his program "3alamtny el Hayah" in ramadan, adressing his students and all muslims to stop discussing such shallow issues and focus on what's more important for our Arab world.he also said we shouldnt even focus long on islamic issues, but rather on arabic issues and see where we are heading and how everyone of us can contribute in "Nahdet el Omma".
my personal opinion is to just ignore such disucssion. when none really cares, it will die of its own.
and lets focus on something useful....

BaTaBeeT said...

nefsy begad yer7amoooona !!!

you are too young to wear hijab... u r too old u should wear hijab ...

this is too tight.... this is tooo wide !

mali yelbes 7aga yelbes'ha !!

Maha Aly said...

There is another point i would like to ask about.
Why do some men ask their wives ... no, let me put it this way, Some men ORDER their wives to wear Hijab & they should obey them, otherwise ... !!!!
And Also, i know a friend of mine who wants to wear Hijab & her husband is refusing by all means, don't know why is that ?!!!
ya3ny mesh kefaya ppl are judging other ppl, kaman controlling ?!

merhan said...

Merci ya maha:))
hijab subject should come from yourself not an order from a husband or otherwise but we live in a society where there are all sort of people with different cultures thats y some guys think they can either force their women to cover up or even wear less than a bikini........weird ,personally i know a guy who ordered his girlfriend to wear it,and another who refuses to go out with his wife because she wore it so that he wouldnot be seen in public with her wearing a hijab....at the end it is HORREYA SHA7'SIA.

Anonymous said...

Great article!