-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Monday, December 31, 2007

345) 2007 Milestone!

Everyone of us should sit with him/herself tonight for an hour or 2 and think about what did he/she achieve or miss in 2007 and what he/she wanna change/keep and achieve in 2008.

The best celebration is to know that your overall score in life is getting better not worse even if it is worse in some parts.The secret of satisfaction is that you should deeply believe that you are good but can be better. Balance your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional needs, and you will be granted happiness and satisfaction.

May Allah make our best days, our last days in our lives, and grant us all "a good closure" in donya, and "placement in heaven" in akhra.

Kol Sana Wentom game3an bekheer, and I love you all even if you don't :)


344) 2008 in Egypt!

Do you think that 2008 will be a turning point in Egypt, or will just be like any other year?


P.S. Mubarak will turn 80 -Allahom la 7asad- in 2008.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

343) 3 Million in 1 place!

In Tawaf El Wada3 I had to do 7 kilometers from the roof coz there were more than 500,000 person in the floor Sa7n!

Sob7an Allah


Saturday, December 29, 2007

342) Is it hard for us to have a Clean Hajj!

Other than the great feeling of satisfaction, and happiness in Hajj. There were some stuff that were really annoying. On the top of which comes the sanity & garbage problem.

I am just wondering if Hajj was an obligation on Europeans and organized by Germany, would it be that chaotic, messy, and dirty. Saudi organizers collected 15,000 TONS of garbage in the Eid days only, other than Arafat, Mecca, & Mozdalifa! In the last couple of days the smell of garbage in the paths of Menna were like the smell of pollution in Cairo! No wonder that most of us are sick when we are back or even before.

I hope that one day I can see a CLEAN and Human communication and attitude between Muslims specially in the Holy lands where we should be at our best!


Friday, December 28, 2007

341) Back from Hajj!

I am back from the best trip I have ever been to in my life. I miss you all :)

I very much recommend Hajj to anyone who has the ability and still thinking about it. I am coming back as another much better person on all levels (except weight gain as we ate a lot, but working on it).

P.S. Gypo, please call me, i cant reach u on ur int'l number.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

340) Mohaly in Hajj - BLOG BREAK!

Dear Blog Readers,

I am going to Hajj in couple of hours. The blog will not be updated for the coming 2 weeks (till Dec 27th) as I am taking a break from Life with no access to anything. However, You are welcome to raise any topic on this post comments or comment on the previous ones.

After I am back in-shaa-Allah, I will have more to say about the bright & dark sides of Egypt, Hajj experience, and a day by day report about
Moh@ly blog 1st field trip carried out by the TWIN MINDS late December!

Join us (Mohaly & Gypo) after 2 weeks... HAPPY EID & MERRY CHRISTMAS :)))

Will miss you all,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

339) FUN::: Egyptian Adabtability!

I like the great ability of our (Egyptian) people to adapt to any situation and know how to have fun under any circumstances!


Monday, December 10, 2007

338) The Challenge to Balance!

All of us are seeking happiness. No matter how old are you or what you do in life, you just want to be happy. The problem comes when you think that there is a specific thing that will make you happy and you start chasing it, then when you achieve it, you don’t get the feeling that you were looking for!

Why? because you lost a lot of other things on your way to achieving what you thought that it is your bridge to happiness. You lost YOUR LIFE BALANCE, which is the real bridge to happiness. I always say that:

Life is an ongoing challenge of balance between our real needs and desires in order to achieve happiness & satisfaction”. Mohamed Aly 2007.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

337) Are we serious?!

Today in Ahram, Salah Montasir was wondering about how serious are we in solving our major problems..

هل نحن جادون في حل مشكلة المرور والسحابة السوداء والقمامة والحفاظ علي نظافة مياه النيل؟ وهل نحن جادون في حل مشكلة البطالة والهجرة غير المشروعة‏,‏ ومشكلات التعليم بما يتناسب مع التطور العالمي‏,‏ ومشكلة أطفال الشوارع والحفاظ علي الرقعة الزراعية؟ وهل نحن جادون في محاربة الفساد خاصة في المحليات ومقاومة العشوائيات والتاكسيات القديمة في شوارع المحروسة؟ هل نحن جادون في محاربة الارتفاع الجنوني في الأسعار ومكافحة المخدرات واستغلال الطاقة الشمسية وتطوير نظام الري وترشيد استهلاك المياه وإزالة الغام الصحراء الغربية واستثمار المنطقة زراعيا وصناعيا؟

so the question is are we serious? my answer is I DONT THINK SO!
As long as everyone is waiting for others to start, as long as there are people who benefit from this situation, as long as there is no real vision, strategies, & actions... then WE WILL NEVER BE SERIOUS!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

336) What are you waiting for?

Political Maturity?
or Yourself?

What are you waiting for?!!!


Friday, December 7, 2007

335) Respect Others' Believes!

I totally believe that in order to live in peace, we should respect others believes even if it contradicts with ours. We are not in a place to judge others, this can only be done by God the Almighty.

There is a restaurant in Cairo that doesn't allow Mohajabat, and another one in Heliopolis (females only!!) that doesn't allow Christians. What the hell is going on?!

I am quoting one of my intellectual friends: "I have been trying to keep an eye on this phenomenon for the past 8-10 years to try and understand what is really going on, is it Muslims being angry at Christians for some reasons (that I do not get) and hence dealing with them as سافرات، كافرات، ليس لهم دين.... or is it Christians believing they are so much "motahadeen" and that they feel the only solution for this is to delete the other from their communities, work environments, etc.."

The Bush administration is playing the dirty game of crusades, and such actions indirectly helps them in their dirty mission of "collision of civilizations" instead of "integration of civilizations".


Thursday, December 6, 2007

334) Orga or Meca Wife?!

In the last post some of you said that one of the hidden and major reasons for divorce is sex. Japan has invented a new robot that resembles the human figure, voice, movements..etc and is promoting it as the alternative wife for EVERYTHING including sex!! What I heard lately in a TV show that they are producing a male version as well and going on with the development of more smooth and natural robots!

This reminds me of AI movie where people are classified into ORGA (organic) & MECA (mechanical)...but the question is, can really a robot replace a female (or male) in bed, & can a person have a normal sex life -with the wife or husband- simultaneously or will it create problems close to sole sex acts (like masturbation)?

We 3agabi!! 3eshna we shofna!


Sunday, December 2, 2007

333) The Dark Side of Egypt III - Divorce

One of the major drawbacks of our generation is the exponential increase in the divorce rate among couples in 20s and 30s. I really dont understand what is going on and why, specially there arent actually other options than marriage in our culture.

In one week:

- one my best friends who has been married after a long love story and beautiful kids, for many years now is getting divorced, for really no reasons.

- one of the family friends is getting divorced from her husband in Dubai because she "found out" her husband is not responsible.

- third couple are getting divorced after shar el 3asal, and they were almost living together before.

As you know I wanna get married but these stuff scare me, coz these are people I know and have a lot in common. The crisis is that it is increasing day after day till it reached a scary % ( 1 out of every 5 married couples gets divorced every year, and increasing!). This is in addition to "separated" couples who will double this percentage if added to the study; i.e. it is almost a 50-50 change to have a successful marriage.

What is wrong, and how can we avoid such waste of time, emotions, money, children,...Life!
and how can you make sure that its the right person since love, family ..etc are not a gurantee for happiness.


332) Personal ::: Weclome to 30s ya Tamer :)

Today is the birthday of one this blog stars, one of my very close friends, and flat-mate in hurghada during the past 4 years....the one whom you can run too when you feel down, and he can work his magic on you to get you up again... MR. TAMER MOKHTAR, Happy Birthday and Welcome to the 30s :)


P.S. you can see how much we agree on everything :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

331) Law of Attraction...Is it true?

Do you believe in law of attraction?! Can it be applied on our situation in Egypt, do we attract ka2aba coz we are not thinking positively?


It states that people experience physical and mental manifestations that correspond to their predominant thoughts, feelings, words, and actions and that people therefore have direct control over reality and their lives through thought alone. A person's thoughts (conscious and unconscious), emotions, beliefs and actions are said to attract corresponding positive and negative experiences, or "harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction".