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Sunday, December 9, 2007

337) Are we serious?!

Today in Ahram, Salah Montasir was wondering about how serious are we in solving our major problems..

هل نحن جادون في حل مشكلة المرور والسحابة السوداء والقمامة والحفاظ علي نظافة مياه النيل؟ وهل نحن جادون في حل مشكلة البطالة والهجرة غير المشروعة‏,‏ ومشكلات التعليم بما يتناسب مع التطور العالمي‏,‏ ومشكلة أطفال الشوارع والحفاظ علي الرقعة الزراعية؟ وهل نحن جادون في محاربة الفساد خاصة في المحليات ومقاومة العشوائيات والتاكسيات القديمة في شوارع المحروسة؟ هل نحن جادون في محاربة الارتفاع الجنوني في الأسعار ومكافحة المخدرات واستغلال الطاقة الشمسية وتطوير نظام الري وترشيد استهلاك المياه وإزالة الغام الصحراء الغربية واستثمار المنطقة زراعيا وصناعيا؟

so the question is are we serious? my answer is I DONT THINK SO!
As long as everyone is waiting for others to start, as long as there are people who benefit from this situation, as long as there is no real vision, strategies, & actions... then WE WILL NEVER BE SERIOUS!



just a reader said...

i totally agree with you, we are not serious in anything, you can say that we r masheen bil baraka and Rabena satirha ma3ana. The wolrd is advancing from around us and we r standing still, relying on our 700000 years. we r leading our lives day by day not looking to the future. Each is concerned with means of gaining money and all say, " wana mali"
Rabena yostorha ma3ana

Raghda M.A said...

no i don't agree...i am serious, and u r, Moez Mas3od, Ehab Abdo, Yasmine el Refaee, Amr 7'aled, Same7 Moris, Raghda El-Ebrashi....
we are few but we are serious,
i agree that mama sozan we gozha are not...i don't trust our governement...mashy...bas at least now there are few ppl serious and working...
we should have high spirit to be able to continue

Mohaly said...

i know that we are serious, but if WE were really representing Egyptians it would have been different, most of the Egyptians are passive,a nd waiting for someone to solve their problems.

Gypo said...

For the first time ya Mohaly, we totally disagree.
Everyone's ready, it's the government which is not ready. All things mentioned in the article are not your responsibilty as an individual!! it's the governments responsibility but they try to blame someone else.
Unfortunately I can't explain my point at the moment, but it's like what I read in el masry el yom a couple of days ago.
"El 7okooma beto7kom wel sha3b howwa elly mesh rady yet7ekem!!!"

Mohaly said...

Gypo, actually we still agree :) how? because ana ramet tobet el 7okoma men zaman, and all my bets are on the people The ones who will make the change are the people. The government is in a parallel world, so there is no communication. You will be amazed how much many people complain a lot and when you ask them to take action they refuse or say if something happens they will join.

I totally agree with you that government is responsible for the major stuff, but sometimes I feel that with our (big part of the society)passivness, we deserve to have such government.

Sorry to be unusually harsh on Egyptians, but we need to start with ourselves and not wait for anyone EVEN the "parallel world" government.

Gypo said...

That's why I said that I couldn't explain my point of view.
You'll like it if you read it I know, but I'm in a real rush these days and can't find the time to think about anything.