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Saturday, December 1, 2007

331) Law of Attraction...Is it true?

Do you believe in law of attraction?! Can it be applied on our situation in Egypt, do we attract ka2aba coz we are not thinking positively?


It states that people experience physical and mental manifestations that correspond to their predominant thoughts, feelings, words, and actions and that people therefore have direct control over reality and their lives through thought alone. A person's thoughts (conscious and unconscious), emotions, beliefs and actions are said to attract corresponding positive and negative experiences, or "harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction".


Tamer Mokhtar said...

totally true tab3an :) but it's really hard to explain scientifically in my opinion.

but just a quick example football team can't win if they don't have this win attraction, or at least they won't lose badly as they were targeting to win and spent effort to achieve.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I couldn't finish the secret as I was too scared to believe that I have brought it to myself. All what I call my list of failures. the playboy, the circles and everything I hated about my life is something that some how I attracted.
But thinking positively didn't change anything :) I changed my prespective but things worked the same way :)
May be it unconsious, but if the law of attraction is true how can a person attract bad things to himself. I really can't see the point of negative thinking. But, may be they have their reasons.

It is scary but yet I guess it is true.

Though I am not the type of person who mixes religion into discussions but I guess this might be of relevance.
fi 7adeeth qodsey mesh fakra nasoh awy. bas rabena sob7anoh wata3ala bey2ool fih ana 3end zan 3abdy be, in kan khayer fa howa khayer wa en kan shar fa howa shar.
fa applying ma3na el 7adeeth el qodsey dah, ne2dar ne2ool en el ensan beygeboh le nafsoh. elly 7asen el zan bellah i.e. believes that God will do him good all the way. He attracts the good thing to himself as God will fulfil his expectations and vice versa.
kaman fi 7adeeth shareef bey2ool, tafa2olo bel khayer tagdooh.

So, we sure bring it to ourselves.

L.G. said...

ya LG nefsee tebatali el kalam el kebeer like niza3 fekry, there is no niza3, just we look at things from different points of view....and that is good as long as no one is pushing his thoughts on the other..

welcome back to the blog Mohaly
using ur owen words :)))
بما انك ومختار استخدمتم نفس التعليق في البوست بتاع التفكير الايجابي قلت آخد كلامك ماشي مع الموضوع بس لاحظت حاجة غريبة
أنك استخدمت كلمة نزاع بالانجليزية لوصف ردي مع مختار وفي نفس الوقت قلت نفسي تبطلي الكلام الكبير ده
كل ما فعلته أني وصفت النزاع معك بأنه فكري
هل فكري هو السبب
هل مسموح باستخدام كلمة كونفليكت بالانجليزية ولا يستخدم معناها الوزني بالعربية ؟؟؟
عجبا عجبا يا موهالي
عجبا عجبا
بالنسبة لموضوع الجاذبية
لا أصدقه مثلا امبارح مكنتش ناوية أكتب رأيي عندك تاني النهاردة مع اني كنت مقدمة على فيزا ومتوقعة تماما القبول جالي رفض ومع ذلك وجدتني برد على البوست ده
تحية كبيرة لشيماء لأنها عرضت الموضوع صح قالت الشئ ونقيضه وكأنها تفكر مع نفسها ولا تخاف من التناقض الفكري لديها ولكن لأنها تبحث عن الفكرة الصحيحة تضع كل الاحتمالات أمامها وتنقحها حتي تصل للحقيقة
كنت دائما أفكر في جملة أنا عند حسن ظن عبدي بي دائما وأقول هل لا أحسن الظن بالله!!
ولكن عندما وضعت شيماء الحوار كاملا أمامي الآن وجدت الاجابة
كلامك الأول صحيح في رأيي يا شيماء القانون ليس صحيح لأنه ما من انسان يتمنى الفشل أو يعشق الاكتئاب
وكمان كلامك الديني صحيح ولكن ما برق في عقلي أنه كل ما يقدره الله لنا خير قد يكون الخير لي ألا أسافر أراه أنا شئ سيئ ولكنه خير ولأني أثق بالله يجب أن أثق أن ما أراه وحش يمكن يكون حلو والاستبشار أنه حتى في المصائب تكمن منفعة الله أعلم
لذا لا تعارض في تفكيرك في النهاية
وعسى أن تكرهوا شيئاً وخير لكم وعسى أن تحبوا شيئاً وهو شر لكم
اجمالا مبشغلش بالي بصراحة في جميع الأحوال بعمل اللي عليا وبحكم ضميري وخلاص جت جون جت أوت مش مهم دي أقدار
يا مختار لو بذلت جهد وتمنيت النجاح ساعتها مش مهم نجحت ولا لأ زي ما قلت انت بذلت جهد يعني حتى لو نجحت بعد توفيق الله انت عملت اللي عليك لم تتمناه فقط
يمكن القانون صحيح
يمكن القانون غلط
مش فارقة كتير
محمد علي رجع للحكم

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Thanks ya gam3a for sharing this 7adeth, gives me more understanding of how i should be more positive.

but i have to say that i'm not expecting anyone to get totally convinced through a discussion at any blog, but at least take some points into consideration.

Gypo said...

On the contrary ya I.G, the law of attraction accords totally with the hadith, just think about it a bit more longer.
It's not about staying in your room thinking deeply and positively about getting the visa that will grant you the visa.
It's about thinking positively about the outcome, that will push you forward in another direction where you can find success in what you previously failed.
Sorry but don't think that Dr. John Demartini is that shallow minded to the extent that we can just discard his opinion immediately.
"القانون ليس صحيح لأنه ما من انسان يتمنى الفشل أو يعشق الاكتئاب".
No one actually wishes for failure, but lots will expect it more than they hope for success, and these people will always fail. Refer to this part again and compare(ana 3end zan 3abdy be), ya3ny eza tawakka3ty el fashal (even if you don't like or wish for it) ezan fa ennek la tathekeen fee qodrat allah 3ala nosratek(ana 3end zan 3abdy be, in kan khayer fa howa khayer wa en kan shar fa howa shar).

Mohaly said...

I am glad to see this discussion for such an important subject. I found hard time in the begbing to believe in the law of attraction, but when I started "testing" it, I found there are many fears that just exists in & only in my mind.

Shaimaa: yes it is scary but it is true.

LG: I think you enjoy this game of "you people" "english" "AUCians". So for the last time and infront of everyone I am telling you I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOU WRITING YOU OPINIONS ON MY BLOG, YOU ARE MOST WELOCME. Actually, it enriches the discussions with your different views, but what I really hope for that you forget this "you, and me" and talk as US. This blog is for human and community development and the community means different people with different backgrounds and levels but living together and have the same ambitions and hopes for their country.

Tamer: keep the spirit, you are the positive icon :)) Happy Birthday.

Gypo: Twin mind! No comment. See you soon.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I mentioned the 7adeeth to prove the law right not to prove it wrong.
Yes it is scary to believe that we bring it to ourselves. It is more than just a visa or a test the one could fail. According to the law of attraction we attract a pattern of life to ourselves. What one of my friends calls "the circles". It is when you keep working and always in vain for instance while others do the same things and works well for them.
I am sure that no one could ever say that he thinks negatively about something but unconsiously sometimes we lose our belief. Our belief that everything happens for the best and that there is always a way when there is a will.

Believe me it is too scary. But I guess it might be true. And even if it isn't. It is not bad after all to have a motive to push you to be positive. To believe that you can change the face of the world.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i experienced that... and it was true

the 7adith that shimaa mentioned are totally right, and since i start applying them in my life.. things are changing

it is not that we love depression and failure... it is that deep inside we dont have enough faith in the good that god can give

if deep inside we beleive, not just by assuring words... things will go fine, and the sun will always be rising in our lives

my warmest regards

Sohad said...

The law is very true & it works like magic, yet not that simple or easy. Energetically the transformation happens when the positive thoughts & perceptions is deeply inhibited in the subconscious . " when you breath it in, only the transformation begin". From my perspective what perfectly explains the law " إنما الأعمال بالنيات وإنما لكل امريء ما نوي" ..positive clear intention is very important & positive perception.مر الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام علي رجل عجوز مريض به حمي فقال له " هي طهور، فرد الرجل: بل هي حمي تفور علي شيخ وقور لتورده القبور.. فقال الرسول فهي إذن.
االمعني ازاي بنفسر الحدث اللي بيمر بينا مش انه ميمرش يعني مش التوقع انه ميحصلناش حاجة مش عجبانا ولا مش عاوزنها لكن هنتعامل معاها ازاي؟ هنفسرها ونشوفها ازاي؟ لو بطريقة إيجابية بتلقائية طبيعية هنشوف الفرصة الكويسة في الحدث، علشان بقي " عسي أن تحبوا شيئا وهو خير لكم وعسي أن تكرهوا شيئاً وهو شر لكم واالله يعلم وانتم لا تعلمون" لأننا بنفسر الأحداث بعلمنا المحدود وبالتالي تظهر أهمية الحديث القدسي " انا عند ظن عبدي بي فليظن عبدي ماشاء"
فإذا ظني بالله خير عن يقين وثقة بانه مش هيجيبلي غير الخير لي هزعل ليه؟ هقول بس انا مش فاهمة أو مخي مش قادر يستوعب الحدث... إحنا كل حاجة بتمر علينا في حياتنا مهما كان تفسيرنا ليها بتطلع من جوانا حاجة كويسة.

Sohad said...

Life rewards action, so when we perceive the situation positively, we behave in a different manner according to our perception, talk, operate and respond to the universe in a positive different way, hence get different results:)) positive energy is contagious and spread like magic..

Mohaly said...

yeah positive energy does ..

and talking about energy I added you to the group I admin Al Kella Al Modassa on FB :)

Sohad said...

Yule, saw that:)) an honor ya fandem