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Thursday, November 29, 2007

330) Death, who are you?!

These days I am thinking a lot about why do we fear death?!
Is it because we dont know it, or because we are not sure, or because of expected pain, or sins, or or or ....



Raghda said...

when i thin about death...the only question is...did i achieve my goal in life or not yet...i think not yet...i'm sure i'm here for a perpose...and i'm trying hard to achieve it quickly 3ashan araya7 ba2a :)
by the way i'm happy u r back

L.G. said...

عوداً حميداً يا محمد على الأقل لو النزاع الفكري بيخليك ترجع تكتب وتفكر ده شئ طيب
يمكن تستغرب ولكني مبخافش قوي من الموت معرفش ليه لأني يمكن حاسة ان ان شاء الله حقابل هناك ناس أحسن حتبقى العيشة أحسن معرفش
لو خفت من الموت أخاف ليه
حاجة واحدة حقول يارب ياريت أديت الأمانة ولا لأ
الموت حق وتذكره دائماً يبقيك الى الله أقرب وهناك أحاديث كثيرة بأن الانسان يجب أن يكون في الدنيا كعابر سبيل
أكيد الجنة جميلة

Mohaly said...

Thanks Girls...
I like what u said ya Raghda about completing the mission...and same thing about amana with LG

ya LG nefsee tebatali el kalam el kebeer like niza3 fekry, there is no niza3, just we look at things from different points of view....and that is good as long as no one is pushing his thoughts on the other..

welcome back to the blog LG

nouwara said...

because of uncertainty...why do we fear exams? life is our biggest exam

Fadfadation said...

I guess it is beucase we as humans fear the unknown...

So imagine an unknown that will affect your after-life eternity!!

it is only natural to be scared... Allah yer7amna gamee3an

Shimaa Gamal said...

I fear death to the extent that I am phobic to a long list of things. I think that I fear death because I fear the unknown. I could never understand those you decide to take their own lives. How can they willingly die with no grants of what they are going to face. I fear death because I am not sure I am prepared. Sometimes I feel that life is the only test I failed. Death is my test results.
I remember my late grand mother in her last days. She was so ill and I was crying. She tried comforting me by saying that she is not afraid of death. She believes that God will forgive her. The only thing she fears was life because she doesn’t know if life is going to be good to me or not.
She was certain of death and that’s why she didn’t fear it. She was uncertain of life and that was the only thing she feared.

Gypo said...

Another good and successful one ya Mohaly.
Well I've been thinking about the subject for a very long time now, and figured out that death can only be painful to the living, not the dead.
And personally I don't fear death (in fact I'm welcoming it at any time), and I don't fear the unknown, I believe that "El 3omr wa7ed wel rabb wa7ed" as we all say, and actually every single success I achieved in my life started by an adventure of facing the unknown, then outcome analysis and rerouting my efforts afterwards.
Still about death, I beleive that it's like a race with no end line, everyone will run out of gas at some stage but noone will reach the end line, some people will be ahead of others however, and that's what I'm trying to do. Trying to advance as much as I can, professionally, personally and spiritually. Trying to get the best out of myself before I die on all three aspects (without being obssessed by either one of them though). Planning for the future as if I'm living forever, trying as hard as possible to "maghdebsh rabbena" in anyway, love everyone I know, forgive every mistreatment I had from anyone, stay in contact with all my family and friends(even the distant ones) so that I don't miss a thing when I die.
Only one thing I always asked god for,(can be silly but this is really how I feel), I always asked to be the last to die among everyone I know for one reason: that I can always bear the pain of departing with the loved ones, but I don't want other people to see me die.

"Sorry for being away for so long, but I've got shitloads of work to finish before I fly to Egypt"

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i dont fear death... cause it is destined... doesnt matter what i did, it is all maktub... and if god claimed my soul now... so be it

that is why everyday i am trying to be as good as i can... beleive in god's mercy deep inside is a source of comfort... god will never hurt me.. so why fear death

i am even excited to know what will happen to my soul :)

ps: i am not playing brave... i am just faithful