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Monday, November 19, 2007

325) City Stars ... Stay Safe!

After the City Stars fire, we need to be more cautious. I have got the following in my email this morning and thought of sharing it with you:

Early reports collected suggest thatthe use of oil-based paints were at least one of the reasons why the firecaught and spread so rapidly. Water-based paints of course are much safer than the oil-based variety. Another report suggested that some insulation in that area of the mall had been sealed by the use of a flammable tar mix. If so, perhaps this was not the best choice of materials.

Please be advised that most of the injuries were a result of two factors;smoke inhalation and panic.

1. If you are caught in a fire, stay low and make your way to the nearest exit. Stay low. Smoke rises because it is hotter than ambient air. If the opportunity presents itself, cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth.

2. Frightened patrons injured others in the mad dash to get out of the building. Remember that panic kills. Keep your head. Remain calm. Walk or crawl to the nearest exit. Do not use elevators in a fire.

Stay safe!



omar said...

eih da howa city stars et7ara2? emta da?

amina said...

oh my God. i was there and it was terrifying to see such amount of smoke. it was quickly contained thank God.