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Saturday, November 3, 2007

316) USD Up, USD Down, Prices are always Up!

Do you remember the 80s movie "Tegebha Keda, Tegelha Keda, Heya Keda"?!

When the UDS vs. EGP increases, every single commodity increases (even beta3et el gargeer than is cultivated here!). In 2007, and specially in the last couple of months the USD lost almost 10% of its value and still everything is getting more and more expensive? Tab Ezay?!!


amina said...

this is the biggest proof that it is a matter of ZEMMMA not USD. Same like the Car dealers who sell you the old cars with the new year's prices although they paid the old taxes!

Mafeesh dameer wala 7esab le Rabena!!

Raghda M.A said...

actually Mahmoud sa3d said that in his program...but the one he was askin in the phone said that the prices of the imports increased by a persantage that is higher than the percentage of usd decrease...
bas el aham....eh da5l el gargeer felmawdoo3 :(

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

التغيرات العالمية فى طبق المهلبية والاستثمارات الخيالية والحاجات والمحتاجات اللولبيه

اى كلام

ليه الاسعار بتعلى ... عشان احنا نطاطى