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Saturday, April 26, 2008

393) I am not who you think I am!!

When someone tells you : I am not who you think I am!!
How scary could that be?! specially if you are in a relation..
You think you know someone, and then you findout that you know nothing...may be sometimes you dont know who you really are as well, and that would be more scary!

Monday, April 21, 2008

392) Honna Al Qahira - Part XX!

How the hell is this car functioning, and why is it left to "run" in Cairo streets?!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

391) Moh@lyics Weekly E11 !

Helwan: I understand that we need to divide Cairo to be able to manage it, but the logic says that it should be divided into Old Cairo and New Cairo, not Old Cairo and Helwan... From the culture, future, nature, distance..etc the new governorate should be covering the all the new areas in Cairo and be called "new Cairo" beacuse the future is there, and keep Helwan part of the old Cairo where it belongs.

Coptic Pope: What happened in London is definitely not acceptable. The Coptic Pope is a holy figure that should be treated with respect and shouldn’t be asked to pass through security gates. I am glad that Egypt had decided to treat British VIPs same way so that the know that VIPs are VIPs regardless of their nationalities.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

390) Community Satisfaction!

I was thinking about the equality of people and how hard it is to find someone who has everything all the time. Even the socio-economic classes are based on what? income, education, life style.. but what about happiness, satisfaction, love... isn't satisfaction the ultimate goal for each of us.

We need money to be able to fulfil our current and future needs...in order to be satisfied
We need education to be capable of playing a role in life (whether selfish or contributing to the society)... in order to be satisfied.
We need to build relations to give and get love in order to be satisfied.
What if you have this satisfaction, and you are down the socio-economic classification? doesn't that mean that you are up the ladder of life in general?!!

I wanna say that whatever criteria you classify people upon, the end overall result shoull be equal. We just sometimes focus on one aspect and start building our whole perception and communication upon ; e.g Rich & Poor, Educated & Illiterate, Moltazim & not Moltazim ( that one really provokes me).

At the end, for the community to be satified, we all need each other no matter how different they are, coz even different is a relative word as it means something today "different" that what it will mean for the same person tomorrow.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

389) Moh@ly Weekly- E10!

Mubarak Picture Down: Although I don't approve many things that is happening in Egypt, but I was really sad to see Egyptians in Mahala do what Iraqis did with Saddam exactly 5 years ago. Frankly, I got scared when I saw this video on You Tube. Rabena Youstor. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=dGFUAsjTtx4

Arab Actors: This decision by the Head of Actors Syndicate (Ashraf Zaki) regarding that the Arab actors should act in only 1 drama production/year is non-sense and unfair. Since when do we care about that nationality of the actor...in Arts it is not about who you are as much as about what creation do you get out and contribute...and this contribution is at the end of the day part of the Egyptian heritage (like Farid, Sabah, Naboulsi,.....etc movies).

Useless Money: I really don't know how these heroes of government employees can survive the month.... suddenly I feel that the minimum unit is 50 LE, any where I go even for coffee and water I pay 50 pounds...If I eat it jumps to almost 100 pounds...if eating and drinking are now forcing themselves as part of the upper class budget, what would the middle and lower classes do? We have to do something to save our fellow citizens at least to ensure that they have the basic food and drink guaranteed or else.....


Thursday, April 10, 2008

388) Dark Side of Egypt - V - Sexual Harassment!

Our friends, sisters, wives, and even mothers are sexually harassed on different levels; the most common one is Street Harassment (Mo3aksa). Although this is not a unique problem for Egypt but there are 2 questions to be raised:
1. Why did it increase DRAMATICALLY during the last couple of years.
2. How can we contain it? or at least stop it there before it becomes bigger & bigger problem.
Check out this report may be it help us answering...

Suggested by: Shaimaa

Sunday, April 6, 2008


TODAY is the 6th of APRIL where it will be a historical day or just like any other day depends on how focused and civilized people will react. I am still AGAINST not going to work, but I am FOR AND CALLING FOR BOYCOTTING BUYING ANY GOODS TODAY EVEN FOOD.

Here are some quick feedback so far:

A call for a general strike on Sunday has been circulating for more than a week on the Internet, via text messages and on the social networking site Facebook.

Egypt's government warned Saturday it will take firm action against anyone protesting or striking, in response to snowballing calls for a general strike the following day. The interior ministry threatened "immediate and firm measures against any attempt to demonstrate, disrupt road traffic or the running of public establishments and against all attempts to incite such acts".

The government has been scrambling to avert more unrest after being hit by an unprecedented wave of strikes and protests even from its own employees over soaring inflation and low pay.
The UN's World Food Programme said this month that average household expenditure in Egypt had risen by 50 percent since the start of the year.

International organisations in Cairo, including the United Nations, the French embassy and the American University in Cairo have issued warnings to staff to avoid the city centre on Sunday afternoon where a protest is planned and security is expected to be heavy.

Sky-rocketing food prices in Egypt since the start of the year have been matched in recent weeks by a rumbling wave of popular discontent and unprecedented strikes and demonstrations.

The funny thing is that Al-Ahram has posted that kolo tamam in its first edition last night even before the strike!!!!

انتظام العمل اليوم في جميع الأنشطة الخدمية والإنتاجية والدراسيةالداخلية تحذر من التظاهرات أو التحريض علي توقيف العمل


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Some of the blog readers has suggested that you (blog readers) send me some topics you want to raise or want me to talk about and we can discuss it together on the blog.

I am welcoming the idea, so if you have any topic/picture you want to share or want me to write about, please send me at mohaly.mail@gmail.com

Thank you,

P.S. I was sooo busy to think about April's fool! but in Egypt, anything can be true!!
Make a wish today is a geometrical sequence 02/04/08 :)