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Saturday, April 26, 2008

393) I am not who you think I am!!

When someone tells you : I am not who you think I am!!
How scary could that be?! specially if you are in a relation..
You think you know someone, and then you findout that you know nothing...may be sometimes you dont know who you really are as well, and that would be more scary!


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mohaly
Next time when someone tells you he/ she isn’t what you think he/she is, ask them how they ever knew how you think they are. This phrase sounds too much of a cliché. It might imply so many things other than the simple meanings of the words.
As there is always two aspects of a person, the one people know and the one people think they know. Like the moon, people do have an unexplored side. That’s why even your parents sometimes surprise you with their actions/ reactions. We never know people, we always know enough. Or what we think is enough to deal with someone.
Even when the woman in my mirror says that she is nothing like what I think she is, I never get scared. There is always a room to have a re-introduction. Why do you thinks the word “Starts” is always preceded by the word “Fresh” :) :)

only love said...

hi ya mohaly, 3aml eh ya sadeky :)
bos ya mohaly ana yemkn klamy dah msh hayenfa3ak a2wy 3shan ana asln malesh a2wy fy el relationships wy msh b3rf a2ol ra2yey feha a2wy, bas kowayes enak 3rft en el 7ad dah msh zay manta fakr wenta lesa starting el relationship dy msh ba3d keda ba3d ma yekon khlas 3ada el wa2t. wy asln ana moktane3a by 7aga enak 3omrak ma hatefham 7ad 100% lazm hyb2a fy 7aga msh mafhoma.wy ba3den adena bn3rf elnas wy bnt3lm mn kol 7aga bno2a3 feha.
foooooooookkkkkkkk ba2a ya mohaly 3shan shaklk za3lan wy keda msh helw ;)
a2olak 3la haga , yla ba2a o2ly happyyyy birthday ya captain 3shan 3ed melady :D
wy bos ana isa ra7aa spain orayeb wy sm3a en elbanat henak zay el a2mar. hageb lek m3aya mn henak bnt gamda keda wy walad helw lya ana kman :D

Mohaly said...

hi shaimaa and only love..

there are 3 levels of who anyone actually is:
- how do people see you
- how do you want people to see you
- how you really are
in order to have a healthy realtionship specially with your partner he/she should know who you really are.

ya ONLY LOVE, ana mesh za3lan, ana kewayes :)
by the way in Spain you will find lots of hot girls but zillions of hot guys as well, so forget about me and enjoy the spanish hunks :) walahi ana khayef 3aleeki menhom, bas 3ala fekra keteer menhom mafeesh khof 3aleeky aw ay bent awy (if you know what i mean ;)