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Sunday, April 6, 2008


TODAY is the 6th of APRIL where it will be a historical day or just like any other day depends on how focused and civilized people will react. I am still AGAINST not going to work, but I am FOR AND CALLING FOR BOYCOTTING BUYING ANY GOODS TODAY EVEN FOOD.

Here are some quick feedback so far:

A call for a general strike on Sunday has been circulating for more than a week on the Internet, via text messages and on the social networking site Facebook.

Egypt's government warned Saturday it will take firm action against anyone protesting or striking, in response to snowballing calls for a general strike the following day. The interior ministry threatened "immediate and firm measures against any attempt to demonstrate, disrupt road traffic or the running of public establishments and against all attempts to incite such acts".

The government has been scrambling to avert more unrest after being hit by an unprecedented wave of strikes and protests even from its own employees over soaring inflation and low pay.
The UN's World Food Programme said this month that average household expenditure in Egypt had risen by 50 percent since the start of the year.

International organisations in Cairo, including the United Nations, the French embassy and the American University in Cairo have issued warnings to staff to avoid the city centre on Sunday afternoon where a protest is planned and security is expected to be heavy.

Sky-rocketing food prices in Egypt since the start of the year have been matched in recent weeks by a rumbling wave of popular discontent and unprecedented strikes and demonstrations.

The funny thing is that Al-Ahram has posted that kolo tamam in its first edition last night even before the strike!!!!

انتظام العمل اليوم في جميع الأنشطة الخدمية والإنتاجية والدراسيةالداخلية تحذر من التظاهرات أو التحريض علي توقيف العمل



omar said...

tab ya3nee el strike succeeded or not!!

Radwa Abolazm said...

el masreyeen doul sha3b bo2.... begad nestahel kol elli yegralna ..... ana maro7tsh el shoghl we fakra el donia ma2louba mal2etsh wala 7atta kalb beyhaohao fil share3...

Gypo said...

Not even here. No strikes or demonstrations in front of the embassy. Bardo masr heyya ommy

Gypo said...


only love said...

wla 7asal ay haga asln, ana ro7t shoghly 3ady 3shan ana asln msh kont moktane3a en el shoghl yo2af bas o2lt msh hashtry haga. lakn el sob7 wna ra7a shoghly el donia fadyaaaaa. a2wl mara asln aro7 shoghly fy 5 min keda.
msh 3rfa leh 7asa en el 7owar dah kan eshteghala mn el 7okoma 3shan yeshofo akhr el nas eh ya3ny law fad behom wy keda keda el 7okoma kanet 3mla 7esabha bas a2lo yegarbo keda 3shan law la2o el sha3b latef yedo leh 3la dmagho aktr.

Anonymous said...

7asalet 7agat keteer .. bas el amn kan bymna3 ay tagamo3 .. makansh bykhali ay 7ad yetzaher .. kano man3een ay 7ad yetkalem w yefara2o el nas be ay taree2a .. el shabab kolo etgama3 2odam el neqabat .. it's not fair .. el nas ely bet2ol el masryeen bo2 .. they are not bo2 .. they tried bas el amn homa ely fara2o el nas w kano bygro wara ay 7ad byhtef 7ata .. kano ra3been el nas .. fain 7a2 en el wa7ed yetkalem ? mafish !!
bas the stirke neg7et el 7amdulilah .. balash el ahram wel garayed ely taba3 el 7okoma .. shofo el 7a2ee2a 3ala BBC