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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

390) Community Satisfaction!

I was thinking about the equality of people and how hard it is to find someone who has everything all the time. Even the socio-economic classes are based on what? income, education, life style.. but what about happiness, satisfaction, love... isn't satisfaction the ultimate goal for each of us.

We need money to be able to fulfil our current and future needs...in order to be satisfied
We need education to be capable of playing a role in life (whether selfish or contributing to the society)... in order to be satisfied.
We need to build relations to give and get love in order to be satisfied.
What if you have this satisfaction, and you are down the socio-economic classification? doesn't that mean that you are up the ladder of life in general?!!

I wanna say that whatever criteria you classify people upon, the end overall result shoull be equal. We just sometimes focus on one aspect and start building our whole perception and communication upon ; e.g Rich & Poor, Educated & Illiterate, Moltazim & not Moltazim ( that one really provokes me).

At the end, for the community to be satified, we all need each other no matter how different they are, coz even different is a relative word as it means something today "different" that what it will mean for the same person tomorrow.



omar said...

el kalam da yas3ob 3ala amthaly fehmo :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

The thing is, even satisfaction is a relative term. It is a dynamic term too. The combination that leads to satisfaction at one point won’t lead to satisfaction at different points. But maybe this true on the personal level. Complementing each other might be a sort of community satisfaction or it is the only way the community could reach the point of accomplishment which is my only definition of success but yet again who said success can be measured and who said that success is satisfying.
Really interesting post Mohaly