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Saturday, September 19, 2009

606) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: First Post !

This is the last fazoura, and I will make it 2 in 1 (as I do repeat both every year, & coz the 2nd one may not be of interest to many, so there is an option :)

1st Fazoura: What was the first post that attracted you to this blog? & What was the first post to add your comment on?
the answers sometimes surprize me. Some people take sometime (even a year) to start writing their first comment :)

2nd Fazoura: Did you check-out Laylat El Qadr this year, if yes, which night did you feel the most?


I really enjoyed the Fawazeer with you & your comments this year, and will continue next year inShaa Allah law kan fel 3omr ba2ea.



M@YO said...

Happy eid to you too and all ur followers

Laylat El Qadr was in 27th wa allaho a3lan

E N G Y said...

The 1st question is difficult, of course it's hard to remember but for me was like 2 yrs ago and it took my more than a yr to leave a comment.

For the 2nd Q, I felt it the night of 23rd, it happens every yr for me, w Allah a3lam.

Kol sana wenta tayeb, happy eid:)

Anonymous said...

The first time I commented was the first time I visited I guess, it was here.

I've got to tell you, commenting on your posts was quite the experience, your space has variety, audience and interaction.

Keep up your posts, my hands needs to warm up after hibernation during Ramadan ;)

And Happy Feast mate, koll sana wenta tayeb :)

Basma said...

Hey ... happy eid everybody =) well about the first question yest. it was my first time 2 visit your blog bel sodfa .. and i really liked it =) w aktr w7da 3agabetni "Felous El 7okoma!"
keep it up.. wish you the best =)

about the 2nd Q ... i guess in 27th w alaho a3lam

Noly said...

Kol sana wenta tayb ya Mohaly w kol el nas taybeen :).Happy Eid to all of you :).

1st Q. My first post and comment was on
233)reason, season and lifetime.
Saturday, July 28, 2007
I remember this was the first one to attract me coz it was really touching , and since that date I'm following up whenever I can. yala ay 5edma adeny lesa fakra aho :D.yah a2wl mara a5od baly eny ba2aly kter keda hena :).Anyway keep it up ya Mohaly :).

2nd Q. I felt Laylet El Qadr in the 25th and I had that feeling last year as well. Bas alot said enha kant in 27th this year.Allah w a3lam ba2a.

Tamer Timberlake said...

a happy and a healthy one mohaly!

Noblese said...

Kol sana we enta and your family tayebeen, also to your readers.

I really don't remember when I came to your blog ... keep the good work going.

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

first of all Happy Eid.

about the 1st question, i'm a new follower, so the first post i read was Fawazeer Tamdan: Felos el 7ekoma, and surprisingly it was the first time to comment too :)

i knew about ur blog because u always commented at Gjoez, but never took the chance to jump in here and read. Till one day i got a notification on reader that it's a suggestion that i might enjoy -- and it was, and here i am ;)

H.A.W. said...

Happy and blessed eid to all of you, dear "freinds".
the first post i commented on was "How much is too much" i guess 577.
for leilat el qadr, i stopped trying to spot it years ago. i just pray and hope my prayers will be heard. but the night of 25 was the first night with no "fights" i heard of in family and friends. it was a real peacful night.

Omar Rostom said...

el fazoura begad is why did mubarak have "sudden" visit to carrefour?

tab3an my first post was your first post, i am one of the oldies like tamer, amina, and others.

happy eid for everyone

thank you mohaly

Mohaly said...

Thank You for the nice words and wishes :)

I am the real winner in this fazoura with all these beautiful comments :)

Engy Samir said...

Happy Eid to everyone :)

for the 1st question, fa it took me over a year before I decide to comment, that was about a month ago.

For laylat elqadr, fa I m confused between the 21st and 25th ...

Anonymous said...

Koll sanna wenta Tayyeb!

Found you through ibhog's blog, commented on the first post I read when I got here (Fazzoura about street signs).

May you have a sensational year :)

kochia said...

ازيك يا محمد
كل سنة وانت طيب ويارب تكون قضيت عيد سعيد
وعن البوست تقريبا او موضوع قريته وشدني عندك سلسلة
(What Men Want)
بس مش فاكرة اي حلقة منهم .. بس في الوسط كدة
وكملتهم قراءة من الاول للاخر طبعا ومازلت مابعة من يومها

اما ليلة القدر فوصلت عندي ليلة 29 رمضان
كل سنة وانت طيب وعقبال فوازير العام القادم

Anonymous said...

I remember your last year's post about laylet el qadr very vividly because I felt it was the 25th too! and you evidence of the sun was very overwhelming.. I remember this day I was able to walk from medan el ta7reer to mohandeseen because the weather was calm and the sun was not strikingly hot!

This year, I think it was either the 23rd or the 27th w Rabbena yetttaqabal ba2a isA :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't remember which post exactly made me follow here, but it was definitely tagged 'Relationships' or 'Men' :P

Noly said...

Ya gama3a tab howa aslan Laylet El Qadr changable wla fixed day ?

Soha said...

The first post that attracted me to your blog is "tahyees morakaz" :) it's the first one I read and I found it really spontaneous...Generally speaking, the thing I like the most about your blog is that it has got a variety of topics on different day-to-day issues and that's very interesting...
I think the first post I commented on is "Being yourself"...

About laylat el Qadr, I felt it was on the 25th...there was this serenity and holiness about it :) wAllah a3lam :)

Happy Eid Mohaly :)

Hicham said...

Eid Mubarak (Eid Saeed) for you, your family and the ones you love Mohaly.

Fafzorah #1: I came here on July 13th commenting on '568) Love & Signs !' and since then I am following your excellent blog!

Fafzorah #2: I felt like it was on the 27th of this Ramadan 1430/2009.

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