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Thursday, September 17, 2009

605) Fawazeer Ramadan .... The Losers win!

This is a Taza fazoura, just happened yesterday!

The Government decided to give 1 month bonus for all the public sector INCLUDING-we khali balak awi men including- the LOSING COMPANIES!

El Fazoura: If you are a manager, why do you give your losing employees a bonus? and even if you give them, what is the message you are delivering if you are giving them the same amount as the achievers?!!!

وافق الدكتور محمود محيي الدين وزير الاستثمار علي صرف أجر شهر منحة لجميع العاملين بشركات قطاع الأعمال العام‏,‏ بما فيها الشركات الخاسرة,‏ ويبدأ صرف المنحة اعتبارا من اليوم‏,‏ ويستمر حتي منتصف شهر أكتوبر المقبل‏.‏
Ahram 16 Sept 2009


Maha Aly said...

dee akeed nokta .. Bonus for losers?! What for ? For not achieving targets? begad 7aga ten2et !
If i have to give them something it won't be a bonus for sure & the msg men elakher keda, ely eshtaghal zay ely mashtaghalsh, losers & winners are all equal, so motivating besara7a.

Mai said...

Excuse me bas "بشركات قطاع الأعمال العام‏" ely heya eh fe baladna ya3ny (shy face)

Mohaly said...

Mai: Another form of "reforming" el keta3 el 3am, zaman kan Atef Ebeid el wazeer baeta3ha before being the prime minister.


God Anobis said...

Ha! Way to go for providing the right incentives.. But one must remember this is also a political decision, that really is not tied to performance. A lot of he public sector workers are those who vote for the government. So it makes sense to keep your constituents happy.

But absolutely perverse incentives and the wrong message being sent out. I suspect the government needn't be in those industries, and should just be out of that market anyway.

Pax Machina said...

political or not, this phenomenon is global. where we celebrate mediocrity along side excellence.

if we look at the US one will see the top echelon (senior vp's and managing directors) at merrill lynch, citibank, countrywide on and on...being celebrated for burning down the house!

at least we compensate everyone! they only compensate the ones that created this global mess!

so i say if we are going to break the bank celebrating a few under-performers, then lets celebrate all!

gjoe said...

Yemken 7add areeboh beysht3'al fe sherka 7'asrana :D

Marwa said...

Yalla Ba2a Begemlet :(((((

Shimaa Gamal said...

Ya Mohaly di zakat el feter :) or maybe zakat el mal, or yemken sada2a 3ashan e7na fi mossem khier

rabena yegazehom 3ala ad ma bey3melo, 2oolo ameen :)

MariannE_N said...

I would say like Shaimaa "Zakat El Fetr" tab3an lol

Bas seriously, I stopped believing anything men kalam el garaid, though I was supposed to be a journalist.

Hmmm let me add something to Shaimaa's answer, maybe lerf3 ro7ohm el ma3nawaya

M@YO said...

Ok, Thank You Mohy for the link

although I don't trust our government at all, also their economical statistics and I am not economical analyst.

but I wanna say that I found the public sector companies working in different sectors and within ‘el2adzma el3alamaya’ we expect that some business gain other lose

I thought about General Motors being losers doesn't mean they are not working

wa allaho a3lam bel nawaya

P.S Gjoe I like your comment :)
Mohy don't forget Fazoret lelt el2adr this year

Mohaly said...

Eih el ebda3 dah :)

Begad it is confusing this time to know who is the winner, but I guess that GOD ANOBIS is the best one so far :))

Mohaly said...

Pax Machina: Welcome, and thank you for adding an extra prespective to it with such comparison. Yes it is an irony!!!

Maha: 7amela 3ala El Salama :)

Shaimaa & Gjoe: heheh, ento betgeebo el afkar di menen?

M@yo: but it doesnt mean that losers get a bonus, it reminds me of our national players, and what they call mokaf2et egada although even if they didnt win!!...and 7ader, I won't.

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Wow, i was just having this conversation with a couple of friends yesterday, because it happens that we were looking at the payment sheets and how things were unfair when u go through it -el tale7 zay el sale7-.

And the only thing we reached is "ne3od fel beet w bardoo we will get paid" because there are still people with awaken conciseness out there in the world who will do their work and ours and we will both get paid for it, even bonuses :) -- baldna deeh gamda awy, mat7ebsh tez3al 7ad, asl el nas dool ghalba ya 7aram --

H.A.W. said...

they never did or said anything with logic, responsibility or even curtesay.
why are you surprised from this "decision"?
everything against logic, responsible and reasonable is to be expected.
think of yesterday's event keda.

Ola said...

This is exactly why they are getting down! people there are loosing any motive. Bonus now is turned into a personal right! You work for few months then you get your bonus regardless how good or bad you were. Our marketing consultant used to say that people working in sharekat el keta3 el 3am work with one main life principle: al tawagod bel gothah!! w salemli 3ala el ta2meem w 3abd el Nasser 7abebna:)
happy eid