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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

604) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Three Decades !

Suppose that you became the president of a relatively big but non-developed country for ... let's say 3 decades. El Fazoura: Will the country by the end of this period be better or worse?

P.S. Any resemblance between the fazoura and any actual facts that may go through your mind is a pure coincidence ;)


Anonymous said...

Experience has taught us that the outcome highly depends on who you are ;)

Tamer Timberlake said...

charlie rose says such a legacy becomes the history of one man/nation. i can't recall the guest's name but he fits the bill:)

*****transplant to mars*******

what if two warring martian nations, the green people and the baby blue, end their ‘millennial bloodshed’ with a landmark treaty under the egis of the red white and blue people. Regrettably, history takes a sad turn of events. the leader of the green people is assassinated by a dissident faction of toad people.

At the time all of mars, including the blue people, expected the greens to descend into anarchy or fall victim to a power grab by the belligerent frog faction. But, from the ashes rose a firm and steady handed ‘green guardian’ who shepherded the greens through a very tumultuous period, and I think you know the rest.

Fast-forward three decades-----the green people have a whole new generation of GREENIES who know nothing of war. Granted unemployment, corruption and social dystopia plague green society. But WAR is no longer part of the current collective consciousness of green society. a phenomenal feat imo!

And yes it does depend on WHO the person is. Some might call it a ‘cult of personality.' I personally see it as a blessing albeit a mixed one!

Kudos mohaly, great Q!

*sorry for the long comment...

ahmed said...

Go to Giza streets and you will know the answer to the fazoura.

gjoe said...

La2 ana 7assan ennak asedha! :P

In any case, i would quite if i ever got this opportunity

ahmed said...

what do you mean by quite if you got the opportunity?

amina said...

Timberlake Is that a book or article? what is its name?

Tamer Timberlake said...

lol neither, just a tenuous attempt at allegory!

H.A.W. said...

I would take this responsibility only for max. 5 years- which i think should be very enough to see some results of my tream's work. depending on it, i would decide to continue or not for another 5 years.conisdering of course the regular check and milestones.
10 years are more than enough for one person to rule. new blood is needed afterwards.
after those 10 years, i am positive there will be a good change-even if slightely noticeable.

if you insist on the 3 decades, then NO. the country will end up being in worse condition.

H.A.W. said...

history is a great teacher :)))

MariannE_N said...

I like what H.A.W said, I would do the same, just give myself 5 years and see what will happen.

Ohhhh I believe that resemblance between el fazoura and ehmmm any actual fact is PURE coincidence.

Anyways if it ever happens with a country that the president stays for 3 decades it will difinetly be worse.
Imagine it as a corporate with one man show and no career path, no development will happen, no motivation, no career path.

H.A.W. said...

no comment on your first words, just a wink and a wide smile :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
on last part, true. this will be a disaster for any corporation

ahmed said...


Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

are u serious about the fazoura, or am i feeling sarcasm in the air.

3amtan, the answer lies in the PS you wrote :)

Any thing that comes to mind is just pureeeeeeeeeeee coincidence ... is it really :D?!!

Mohaly said...

I am serious Ze2red Hanem..