-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Saturday, July 27, 2013

855) Egyptians ::: The Dilemma of Co-Existence!

With all what happened and is still happening in Egypt during the past 30 months, I have almost reached a conviction that co-existence became something next to Impossible specially between Civil / Liberal and Theological streams.

I have written a long article about it, and was about to publish today, but after seeing all that blood shed, I just deleted the article. I still see that Ekhwan and Islamists were and are a major catalyst in splitting Egypt this way, and I have reached the following conclusion:

Co-Existence--: An imaginary word that is used by politicians in 3rd world countries regarding different ideologies living together and accepting each other, but doesn't have any meaning in reality.

Is there is still a chance to co-exist?!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

854) We, Mothers, and Others !!

If I asked you : Do you really love your mother? Most probably you gonna say: Of course, are you kidding me, who doesn't?! However, if I asked a lot of Egyptians who are in their 30s or even late 20s, and still living with their mothers about the obstacles they are facing or the people whom they cant really communicate with, you will find them answering: "Of course my mother, are you kidding me, who doesn't?" and here comes the dilemma :)

The problem is that at a certain age or stage of life, we start feeling that we and our mothers are living in the same place but in a different dimension where even words have different meaning and interpretation for each. The challenge or the inner fight comes because we do love our mothers so much for all what they did and still doing for us, but at the same time we feel the extreme need for independence and being in full control of our decision regardless of how other people will see it (and that is something mothers do care a lot about ... الناس هاتقول إيه).

Although I don't have a certain solution for such problem, but let's agree on some of the facts 
about Mothers:

  • They love us more than we love ourselves.
  • They are trying to do what they think will make us happy.
  • They rarely listen to us.
  • They do listen to others a lot.
  • They wont change no matter what.
  • They need our love and care at this stage as much as we need it from them or even more.
Hence, I guess the way out is:

  • To give them extreme care and love, all the time.
  • Avoid debating about minor stuff that will just waste energy and time.
  • Talk with them about one topic at a time without revealing differences as much as pointing out similarities.
  • Focusing on end results -that may be common- rather than the process -that may be controversial.
  • Make them feel that we still need them a lot and they can count on us at the same time..
  • If you can afford, move out till you get married (if you will ever do).
God bless our mothers, and give us the patience to keep them satisfied..


Saturday, June 1, 2013

853) Life = Time !

With such picture, I don't think I need to write much ...
These men-of-ice are representing us in life ... Everyday passing melts part of us, till at a point in time, we are unable to hold ourselves and collapse. If we sit still doing nothing, it is just a matter of time and no matter how nice we look, we will just melt.
Life is simply the accumulation of TIME, so we would rather pay attention to what we are doing with it before we melt and vaporize.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

852) I just wanna Leave !

I just wanna leave ...

Leave What? I don't know ..
To where? I don't know ..
By when? I don't know ..
And How? I don't know ..

I just wanna leave ..

Life or Place .. I don't know
Sooner or Later .. I don't know
Near or Far .. I don't know
Easy or Hard .. I don't know

I just wanna leave ...


Saturday, May 18, 2013

851) Life and its Ends !!

and then his life comes to an end ...
but is it an end or just another beginning?  ...
is life just one life, or different phases each one takes you to the other? ...
is it about when, or about how it will end?!
was he living in the first place? if so, how can he make sure that he is? ...
and then his life comes to an end ...


Saturday, May 4, 2013

850) FREEDOM ... A Gift and A Choice !

I have always thought highly of freedom, and I have always had it on the top of my personal values. 

Seriously, I do realize now that Freedom is the most precious gift God has given us, and we have to use it wisely in order to keep & preserve. Excessive use of freedom can make us risk loosing it, while not using it turns us into half-humans imprisoned within our own soles.

I have just witnessed -and still witnessing- such terrible experience of loosing freedom for someone very close to me, and the thought of loosing it is really scaring me to death. I can't even think clearly to write about it properly. I am sorry.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

849) ما أسخم من ........ إلا الخنزير !!

ذهب يهودي إلى الحاخام يشكو له حياته التي لا تطاق في غرفة وحيدة يسكنها هو وزوجته وأمه وأبوه وعشرة أبناء. استمع الحاخام إلى شكوى اليهودي إلى النهاية، ثم صمت قليلاً وكأنه ينتظر الوحي وأخيراً قال: الحل أن تربي خنزيراً معكم في الغرفة. 

دهش اليهودي وقال: عجباً يا سيدنا! أقول لك إن الحياة لا تطاق ، وأننا 14 شخصاً في غرفة، فتنصحني بأن أضيف إلى ساكني الغرفة خنزيراً!!؟ في هدوء وحزم قال الحاخام: اسمع الكلام يا رجل. ولأن اليهودي يعرف أن الحاخام يمتلك من الحكمة وبُعد النظر ما لا يتأتى لشخص من العامة مثله أن يدركه، فقد امتثل على الفور لأمر الحاخام. 

في المساء دخل اليهودي على أسرته المندهشة ومعه خنزير. وقبل أن يتم الخنزير أسبوعاً مع الأسرة البائسة كانت الحياة قد أصبحت لا تطاق، وصارت أسوأ بكثير مما كانت عليه سابقاً. أحدث الخنزير قدراً كبيراً من الفوضى في الغرفة، فكان يقلب الأثاث ويحطم الأطباق ويبرطع هائجاً في الغرفة، فضلاً عن فضلاته التي كان يخلفها وراءه في كل مكان. باختصار: أصبحت الحياة جحيماً بكل معنى الكلمة في وجود الخنزير. 

ذهب اليهودي إلى الحاخام وحكى له عن مأساته التي تفاقمت بعد أن نفذ فتواه. نظر إليه الحاخام وقال له في بساطة: الآن حان الوقت للتخلص من الخنزير. تخلص من الخنزير يا بني ثم أخبرني بالنتيجة. في اليوم التالي ذهب اليهودي إلى الحاخام وقال له في ارتياح شديد: صدقت يا سيدنا... الحياة أصبحت الآن أفضل بكثير بلا خنزير. أنت رائع يا سيدي الحاخام. 

أى تطابق بين القصة و الواقع الذى نعيشه ليست من قبيل المصادفة و لكنها مقصوده تماما. 

فى ضوء قراءتك للفقرة السابقة، أجب عن الأسئلة الاّتيه:
1. من المقصود بالخنزير فى هذه القصة؟
2. كيف نتخلص من الخنزير؟
3. ماذا بعد أن نتخلص من الخنزير؟ 

مع العلم إن التخلص من الخنزير ليس هو الهدف لإنه ليس حلا لأى من المشاكل الموجودة من قبل مجىء الخنزير.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

848) Do you Dare to Dream?!

This week I wanna share with you a video that can help you in understanding why many people -including you perhaps- are reacting the way they do, and sticking to their comfort zone.


Now after watching it, you should be doing the following:
1. Establish how your time is spent:
Look back through your diary or log-sheet to work out how you spend your time. If you have not done so, log your activities for a period of a month to see where your time is going. 

2. Determine your problem areas:

What is making you use your life inefficiently? Externally, and Internally.

3. Be clear on your objectives and priorities:

Agree your precise role, objectives and targets in your work and life so that everyone knows what is expected of you, and put this in writing.

4. Tackle the enemy within you:

By Planning your strategies, Prioritizing your actions, Delegating stuff that aren't that important anymore, Reviewing and evaluating yourself, and always allocating enough time to explore and play.

So do you dare to go to the Magic Zone?


Saturday, April 13, 2013

847) ثقافة الإمتحان و الصندوق !!

فى إعتقادى إن التركيز على صندوق الإنتخاب ما هو إلا إمتداد لثقافة التركيز على الإمتحان كهدف و ليس كأداة  تقييم، و التى كانت أحد الأسباب الرئيسية فى إنحراف منظمومة التعليم عن أهدافها و رسالتها. سي

 صندوق الإنتخاب ليس غاية و لا حتى وسيلة للديمقراطية... صندوق الإنتخاب ما هو إلا اّليه من اّليات الديمقراطية.. هدف أى حزب شريف و وطنى هو إحساس الناس بالفارق الإيجابى لوجوده بالحكم حتى لو كانوا معارضين لحكمه، و بهذا يستطيع أن يكسب أرضية و إحترام أكبر فى الإنتخابات
 للأسف الأجيال التى تربت على إعتبار إمتحان أخر السنة هو الهدف من الصعب إقناعها إن تحصيل العلم و التغيير الإيجابى فى شخصية المتعلم و قدرتة على توظيف العلم هى الغاية، و ليست هى النجاح فى الإمتحان حتى لو بحشر المعلومات أو بالغش. و هذا للأسف إنعكس على الممارسات الإنتخابية كإهتمام و مساعدة المواطنين لأيام أو أسابيع قبل الإنتخابات ، و المحاولة بكل الطرق المشروعة و غير المشروعة الفوز بها.
هذا الشبل من ذاك الأسد ..

Saturday, April 6, 2013

846) Miss Egypt ... Kaman we Kaman we Kaman !!

Why don't we take a break from politics and serious issues, and talk about one of the most popular yet trivial subjects in this blog; Miss Egypt. This is the picture of Miss Egypt in the latest contest that took place in China. I can see that Miss Egypt representation in the International Miss World Contests is getting more and more REVEALING.

Remember the famous post (585) I had here 4 years ago wondering "howa fee eih; what's wrong?" and then again with a video in post (685). I guess my question is still valid, and my lower jaw is still dropping ;)


Saturday, March 30, 2013

845) Got Money ... Got Life?!

Run after Money .... spend your whole youth piling it up ... over work, sacrifice time, relations, and anything to have more of it ..... why??! ... To enjoy your life when you are older and cant work ..... GIVE ME A BREAK.

Money is like drugs, it just gives an instant feeling of euphoria and owning the world, but no matter how much you have or get, you will always need more and your whole life will revolve around it. Do you think that keeping on possessing things will make you happy? Do you really think that if you own a yacht, a plane, 10 cars, ...etc will make you happy? ... I guess not, it will make you more worried about maintaining them and getting better ones. I'd rather earn enough money that makes me able to spend a week in a luxurious place twice a year than owning and worrying about it for the rest of the year.

This doesn't mean I hate making money, of course NOT. What I hate is making it a goal not a result. I work to make a difference, feel satisfied, and when I do that right, I should get money; sometimes a lot (Corporate), sometimes few (Academic), and sometimes none (Social Responsibility Work). But it only appears in my short term goals to maintain functioning properly, while life-time goals have no trace of it.

What really makes me happy is seeing a positive difference happening with people whether I took part in it or not. What makes me happy is seeing a talent recognized, an effort appreciated, and a passion respected. What makes me happy is freedom, justice, simplicity, and above all LOVE. This is a long lasting happiness money can't afford it.

Why do you lead a PENDING life running after a mirage while you can actually live it to the max with you already have? 


Saturday, March 23, 2013

844) ليه مقلوبة !!

!ليه القيم و الأخلاق فى بلدنا مقلوبة ؟

لو كنت صادق ودوغرى حيقولوا عليك عبيط وساذج ..
.. لو جيت فى ميعادك الناس حيقولوا عليك مدلوق
.. لو اعتذرت حيقولوا عليك ضعيف وخرع
.. لو كنت طموح حيقولوا عليك مغرور وعايش فى الدور

.. لو كنت كذاب وملاوع حيقولوا عليك جامد وحويط
.. لو كنت مكبر وهايف حيقولوا عليك روش طحن
.. لو كل يوم مع واحدة حيقولوا فتك و مسيطر
..لو كنت وصولى حيقولوا عليك شاطر

!ليه ؟


Saturday, March 16, 2013

843) كن بسيطا ... ترى الوجود بسيطا !

قديما قال إيليا أبو ماضى : "كن جميلا ترى الوجود جميلا" .. و الاّن إسمحوا لى أن أضيف : "كن بسيطا ترى الوجود بسيطا". 
الإنسان دائما يضع لنفسه صعوبات وعواقب ولا يلتفت إلى ما هو بسيط في حياته. فحياة الإنسان تكون بسيطة بالتفكير البسيط فيها وتكون صعبة  عندما يستصعب الإنسان الحياة.

القصة الاّتيه تعبر عن هذا المعنى بوضوح

أحد السجناء في عصر لويس الرابع عشر محكوم عليه بالإعدام ومسجون في جناح قلعة. هذا السجين لم يبق على موعد إعدامه سوى ليله واحده. ويروى عن لويس الرابع عشر ابتكاره لحيل وتصرفات غريبة.

وفي تلك الليلة فوجئ السجين بباب الزنزانة يفتح ولويس يدخل عليه مع حرسه ليقول له :أعطيك فرصة إن نجحت في استغلالها فبإمكانك إن تنجو ، هناك مخرج موجود في جناحك بدون حراسة إن تمكنت من العثور عليه يمكنك الخروج وان لم تتمكن فان الحراس سيأتون غدا مع شروق الشمس لأخذك لحكم الإعدام.

غادر الحراس الزنزانة مع الإمبراطوربعد أن فكوا سلاسله. وبدأت المحاولات وبدأ يفتش في الجناح الذي سجن فيه والذي يحتوي على عده غرف وزوايا ولاح له الأمل عندما اكتشف غطاء فتحة مغطاة بسجادة بالية على الأرض وما إن فتحها حتى وجدها تؤدّي إلى سلّم، نزل إلى سرداب سفلي ويليه سلم أخر يصعد مرة أخرى وظل يصعد إلى أن بدأ يحس بتسلل نسيم الهواء الخارجي مما بث في نفسه الأمل إلى أن وجد نفسه في النهاية في برج القلعة الشاهق والأرض لايكاد يراها

عاد أدراجه حزينا منهكا ولكنه واثق أن الامبراطور لايخدعه. وبينما هو ملقى على الأرض مهموم ومنهك ضرب بقدمه الحائط وإذابه يحس بالحجر الذي يضع عليه قدمه يتزحزح فقفز وبدأ يختبر الحجر فوجد بالإمكان تحريكه وما إن أزاحه وإذا به يجد سردابا ضيّقا لايكاد يتسع للزحف ، فبدأ يزحف الى ان بدأ يسمع صوت خرير مياه وأحس بالأمل لعلمه إن القلعة تطل على نهر لكنه في النهاية وجد نافذة مغلقة بالحديد أمكنه أن يرى النهر من خلالها

عاد يختبر كل حجر وبقعة في السجن ربما كان فيه مفتاح حجر آخر لكن كل محاولاته ضاعت سدى ، والليل يمضي واستمر يحاول ويفتش ، وفي كل مرة يكتشف أملا جديدا فمرة ينتهي إلى نافذة حديدية ومرة إلى سرداب طويل ذو تعرجات لا نهاية لها ليجد السرداب أعاده لنفس الزنزانة. وهكذا ظل طوال الليل يلهث في محاولات وبوادر أمل تلوح له مرة من هنا و مرة من هناك وكلها توحي له بالأمل في أول الأمر لكنها في النهاية تبوء بالفشل

وأخيرا انقضت ليلة السجين كلها ولاحت له الشمس من خلال النافذة ووجد وجه الإمبراطور يطل عليه من الباب
ويقول له : أراك لازلت هنا !!
قال السجين : كنت أتوقع انك صادق معي أيها الإمبراطور
قال له الإمبراطور : لقد كنت صادقا
سأله السجين : لم اترك بقعة في الجناح لم أحاول فيها ، فأين المخرج الذي قلت لي!!
قال له الإمبراطور : لقدكان باب الزنزانة مفتوحا وغير مغلق!!

إعرف أولوياتك و بسط الحياة فهى كما قال الشعراوى: " أهم من أن تنسى و لكنها أتفه من أن تكون غابة."


Saturday, March 2, 2013

841) Not Just A Blog ... !

It is that time of the year where I celebrate the anniversary of most precious companion "MOH@LYICS" that was "born" on February 27th 2007; i.e. it has just turned 6 !

This blog has played an important role in my life during the past 6 years, it is one of the reasons that I am still keeping my mental and psychological sanity -so far-. It has started after some major incidents on the personal and the professional level accompanied by lots of challenges that was either beaten or contributed to whom I am today.

Since then the blog has witnessed some of the major incidents in my life and in the country as well. It became like a wife that I haven't got married to, a son that I haven't had, a real best friend that I haven't got, and a psychiatrist that help me to get through life. It penetrated deep within me with all its discussions, genuine feelings, thoughts, guides, ...etc. It is ALIVE.

Although the number of posts are getting much less as I am only posting one a week (usually on Saturdays), but I can feel the amount of interaction, depth of conversation, and overall benefit is getting much deeper. This wouldn't have happened except with the great contribution of the blog FAMILY.

Many readers have joined and commented in the blog, and some of them had real impact on it; like Tamer Mokhtar who was the one who pushed me to publish my thoughts, Spot Local Team, Group 61 AUC, Lubna, Asmaa, Nermeen, Sarah, Ibrahim, Yasmine(s), Fatima, the unforgettable Mona, and many others who kept coming and going over the years. However, there is one reader whom I consider the 2nd Establisher of the Blog, someone who challenged me to get the best out of me, a reader whom without her I would have stopped writing in 2012; the year that witnessed my greatest depression ever and where I stopped writing for more than 3 months. I think it is not hard to guess who she is .... Maryam :)

Happy Anniversary my lovely blog family, and I am sorry that I thought of closing it one day..


P.S. Still Miss Egypt in Bikinis -posted in 2009- having by far the highest viewership ever ... Mafeesh fayda, you can't ever compete with a post with some nudity, no matter how important the other posts are about !

Saturday, February 23, 2013

840) مع البلطجية !!

فى يوم عيد الحب السنة ديه
كنت رايح فرح أعز أصدقاء ليّه
فرحان و بأغنى مع ثومة الأغنية
و الإشارة واقفة و الزحمة لا نهائية

طلعوا عليا فجأة البلطجية
فى عز الزحمة و ناويين أذية
واحد شمالى و عامل نفسه ضحية
و واحد قدامى قافل طريقى بسوء نية

مد إيده مابين الباب و الإزاز
و خطف موبايلى و شد الكوفية
قعد يشتم و يزعق عشان أنزل
و يخطف هو بسلامته العربية

سبحان من ثبتنى فى الليلة ديه
و كأن الكلام ده بيحصل لحد تانى مش ليّه
رجعت لورا .. و بسرعة تانى لقدام
و طوحت اللى قدامى بعصبية

جريت و معرفوش يلحقونى
و رجعت بيتنا أخد نَفَسى شوية
و حلفت إنى مش هأخاف من اللى حصل
و إن الليلة دى لسة مش منتهيه

وقفت الخط و غيرت الباسوردز
و فوّقت نفسى بسرعة  بشوية ميّة
نزلت الفرح و عديت على نفس الشارع
عشان أنسى اللى حصل فيّه

من الأخر خالى باكم و ماتقفوش أبدا
حتى لو دوستم حد بالعربية
دى ناس ضايعة و عن روحها مستغنيه
مايفرقش معاها إنت إبن ناس ..  و لا إبن جنّية

و على فكرة القصة دى حقيقية
فى الخليفة المأمون قُرب الإتحادية
الساعة تمانية و نص و شوية
 فى عيد الحب .. مع البلطجية


Saturday, February 16, 2013

839) فـــــاكِر؟ !

أول مرة مش زى أى مرة 
مهما كانت حلوة ... مهما كانت مرة

فاكر أول مرة نجحت؟
فاكر أول مرة سافرت؟
فاكر أول مرة عرفت ..
إن الناس من جوة غير من برة؟

فاكر أول يوم مدرسة؟
فاكر الدنيا و هى كويسه؟
فاكر صاحبك اللى حبك ..
و كان دايما حواليك و جنبك؟

فاكر ضحكة أول بنت عرفتها؟
أول وردة؟ أول رعشة لما لمستها؟
فاكر لما عملت بطاقة ..
و إفتكرت إنك خلاص بقيت حاجة؟

فاكر لما إتخرجت من الجامعة؟
 فاكر الفرحة؟ فاكر الدَمعَة؟
فاكر أول مرتب خدته ..
و إزاى فرحت و إنت بتعِده؟

فاكر لما إفتكرت إنك حبيت بجد
  و إنكسر قلبك و إتوجعت؟
فاكر لما من ربنا قربت ..
و تُبت و وقعت، و وقعت و تُبت؟

فاكر لما بقى ليك فى المجتمع مركز
 بس فضلت وحدتك هى اللى فى المركز؟
فاكر لما قررت إن الحياة لازم تتعاش ..
و طلّعت نفسك من غرفة الإنعاش؟

عارف إنت لسه فاكر ده كله ليه؟
و لا إنت مش فاكر إنت عايش ليه؟

13 / 2 / 13

Saturday, February 9, 2013

838) Do you Progress into Success ?!

A wise man once said: "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

Have you ever thought about how to you know that you are successful or not? or How can you feel satisfied about yourself and your life regardless what job you are doing? .... I find many people in Egypt having a perception that success is having a good position in a big company and getting a big salary !! I find people prisoners of this one track-minded success. Success is not a position, nor the name of the employer, nor the amount of money you make. Success is a state of mind and a life-style where we are in-tune with what we do, want, and have.

Whether you had or hadn't thought about it, let me introduce some guides and measures that I compiled -and added to from my personal journey and findings- that may help you through understanding SUCCESS.

You are successful If:

1. You have a mission of what you are doing and a vision of why you are doing it, and a strategy of how you will be achieving it. This will be your guideline and benchmark in any future plan, risk, or decision. "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success."
Swami Vivekananda 

2. You consider accomplishment a commitment not just a promise or a dream. You work hard, study, and try once, and twice till you reach what you want. "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome." Booker T. Washington 

3. You think about the solutions not the problem, and try always to find unconventional ways and ideas. Successful people turn problems into challenges, and challenges into opportunities and act upon them. "Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure." 
George Edward Woodberry 

4. You enjoy doing what you do and don't feel the time passing. I.e. you are inspired and motivated."Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." David Frost 

5. You take the lessons from the past, and use it to enjoy the present and realistically plan the future. "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
Winston Churchill 

6. You know what you say and when. "Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. "
Napoleon Hill 

7. You know what you are doing and assertive about it no matter what. Everybody is unique and has his own recipe of success.  "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. " Bruce Lee

8. You do help others and not expect help from them, and remember that you can't please them all.

9. You put yourself in others shoes and treat them the way you wanna be treated regardless of their level.

10. Last and not least, if you have solid values and are sticking to it. "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." Albert Einstein 

So how many have you got out of 10?


Saturday, February 2, 2013

837) Cairo Part-Timer !!

I am not gonna talk today about politics, love, relationships, life, or anything. This is one of the personal posts that I bother you with every now and then J

I finally took the decision that I have long waited for ; I am moving out of Cairo by the end of 2015 in-shaa-Allah. Before you say, that is still far away, I would like to tell you that it cant be sudden, and it has to be gradual in order to pull out slowly of the corporate business and establish another in the new destination, and handle how I will continue teaching at AUC as well, and do the Social work at Nahdet El Mahrousa. My Mission is the same, but I may need to change some strategies.
This will take at least 2 years to handle, but just taking the decision itself is a big relief. 

Although I loved Cairo a lot -when I was younger- that I have established a club in its name at AUC and other Egyptian and Foreign universities, but I really cant bare living there or being a full-timer in Cairo anymore. Cairo became a blood, mind, and soul sucking city with all its traffic, air, pollution, aggressiveness  and lost feeling of security. This is not only because of the aftermath of the revolution, I was actually thinking about it since 2006, but the revolution aftermath just came to push me to take the decision without regrets.

So what about Marriage? Ah, I won’t wait to get married and take the decision, that stage is over. I am where I am, and will be where I will be, and the woman who is gonna think about marrying me will know that from the beginning and it is her full choice to join me in such life or “enjoy” Cairo. In addition, I am more closer than ever now regarding not looking for an Egyptian wife with all my respect to Egyptian women.

The challenge is that I still have lots of ideas in development and corporate, that I cant still figure out how to handle while not always being in Cairo. I am sure that I will be able to handle it, specially that I wont completely move out, I will be a part timer being in Cairo 2 or 3 days every week or something of the sort.. The things I know for sure is that I don’t want Cairo to be my home anymore as I already don’t feel belonging there anymore.

Will I succeed in such new life challenge … I don’t know, but I know that I will do my best to take the challenge till the end J


Saturday, January 26, 2013

836) My Year of Extremes .. !

So, it is my birthday again (tomorrow the 27th) ... A whole year has passed with all its beautiful, hot, ugly, and sad moments. It deserves to be called the Year of Extremes ..

The year of hope, the year of despair ..
The year of love, the year of hate ..
The year of bonding, the year of break-up ..
The year of honor, the year of disgrace ..
The year of success, the year of failure ..
The year of courage, the year of fear ..
The year that changed me deep from within ..

That last year wasn't a year, it was many years combined ...
Another year is starting and challenging me with new goals, ideas, and resolutions..The good thing that I am starting my new year with feeling more like a mature man; confident, loving himself and others, and deeply believe that he still can make a difference.

So I am wishing myself a Happy Birthday :)


Saturday, January 19, 2013

835) Are You Beautiful?!

People struggle to make themselves look beautiful, while most of the time they just get themselves more and more ugly ... yes saddening but true ... Just a quick look to the amount of money spent yearly on plastic surgeries  diet physicians, cosmetics, fashionable clothes and accessories ..etc. tells you how big this issue really is. The interesting thing most of the most beautiful people (women or men) I have seen (and believe me I have seen a lot) are the ones glowing from within, the ones who charm you and make you follow them with their genuine smile, and uplifting spirit.

Yes, looks counts; we want the best of the best of the best ... but looks no matter how do you spend on perfecting it, just lasts for the the first impression. It is great for pictures, modeling, ..etc, but when it comes to true human communication and bonding, there are much more beyond the looks ...

God is beautiful and created man kind to crown His creation. He put part of His beauty in each one of us; some are beautiful because they are good looking, some are beautiful because they do really care, some are beautiful because they are genuine, some are beautiful because they are impressive, and some are beautiful because they make others beautiful.... Beauty comes from within as much as from outside or even more..

Can you consider that Marilyn Monroe more beautiful than Mother Teresa?.... 
Is Angelina beautiful because of how she looks or what she does with all the unfortunates in the world? 
Who is more beautiful, your father or George Clooney?  
The answer for all questions is all are beautiful each on his/her way..

So now, you need to really stop and think for a moment ... Where does your beauty lie? Is it in your looks, your way of talking, you voice, your heart, your mind, your manners....etc... Find it and make good use of it, and be sure that each of one us has his/her own beauty, and when he/she see it and believe in it, it will be reflected on the rest.

To all the people afraid from getting older ... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you enjoy your age to the maximum and make the best use of it.

To all the ladies struggling with losing weight .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you achieve your target, not because you will be thinner, but because you will be in control.

To all the girls who think they are ugly ... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you go fetch your source of beauty coz no one will see it unless you do first.

To all the men who think they are not good enough for any women ..... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful if you got the self-confidence and genuine caring that women can smell miles away.

To all the geeks who think they are aliens .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you reflect your brilliant mind on others, and use it to Connecting and Impressing them.

To anyone who thinks that he or she is not beautiful .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you believe that you really are..

To everyone who think he or she is BEAUTIFUL ... Help others to see their beauty in order to be more beautiful ..

I am beautiful ... Are you?


Saturday, January 12, 2013

834) إنسان - الجزء الثانى !


لم يعد جسدى هامدا

و لم تعد نفسى مُرة ..

القلب مازال دافئا

و الروح طليقة حرة

* * *

لست صنما

فإن الحجر لان ..

و لست وثنا

فقلبى ملئ بالإيمان

* * *

أدركت نفسى

قبل فوات الأوان ..

 أحببت نفسى

و فرحت بأنى إنسان


Saturday, January 5, 2013

833) إنسان ؟!!

ما زال قلبى دافئا 

و مازالت روحى حرة

فما بال جسدى هامدا 

و ما بال نفسى مُرة

* * *

يضحكنى طفل و تثيرنى إمرأة

و يقشعر بدنى للاَذان

و عندما أخلو لنفسى

أشعر بأنى بارداَ كالأوثان

* * *

أمازلت بشراَ أنا

أم أصبحت حجرا صوان؟

أبالحب أحيا و بالرغبة أنتشى

أم أنا صنماَ فى جسد إنسان؟
رأس السنة 2012-2013