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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Ex-Employee Culture ... Ex-Linkers!!

I don’t know why do we insist on treating our ex-companies or ex-employees as our enemy! Is it because your worst enemy is your ex-best friend...knowing too much about you, your weak points...etc.

hmm, I believe that the companies should be treating its ex-employees - especially the good ones- who were leaving on good terms as its ambassadors, and free word of mouth marketing. It is very weird not to make use of these employees who help in either building or developing their ex-companies.

I even think that companies should be doing something like the Alumni reunion in the universities where they make use of their "out-of-company" view in order to make sure that the company is doing the right thing from internal & external points of view. Definitely I don’t include the people working for the company competitors...that is only in Utopia :)

Since I know that the companies will not do that, let's start by ourselves...the greatest period of my professional career life was spent in LinkdotNet & MSN, and many of my current friends are the ones I met in LinkdotNet as I spent there 7 years from 1998 to 2005. I joined while the company working force is less that 20 and left when it was not very far from 1000 in Egypt and the Middle East. So imagine the no. of jobs, teams, and people i have dealt with.

To cut the long story short, since 2005 many of us has left LinkdotNet for one reason or another -that is not the issue- and there is almost a new team now specially in the products. The common thing between the old team members is being in LinkdotNet, then I think I have every right when I suggest to have an Ex-Linkers Community, even virtually.

This community WILL NOT be -by any mean- a tool for criticizing LinkdotNet or its management because this is a company we all had -at least me- a lot of good days and some bad ones, and leaving it was something that had to happen one day or another coz we develop and if our development doesn’t match with the company, then we wont be THE RIGHT PEOPLE in THE RIGHT PLACE at THE RIGHT TIME..right?

If you don’t wanna name it Ex-Linkers, we can be Ex-products, or even Ex-PDC, and in this case (Ex-PDC) it can include current members in Link who are not in PDC anymore as well.

So I am keeping the floor to you to tell me is this a good or bad Idea, and if good, what is the best way to implement it.


P.S. Generally addressing Ex-Linkers and specifically Ex-PDC members: Tamer Mokhtar, Yasmine Farahat, Amir Magdy, Mohamed El-Khateeb, Dina Ghanem...etc.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


On the 20th day of February, Mohaly has decided to end a 300 days of Female-Boycott.

I dunno what is happening, am I getting older and need a family? or is it something else..

I am 31 now, pursuing a good career and reputation, working on getting back in shape, and have good relations with everone....why i still feel as if i am eating tastless very good looking food? A perfect picture but with colors missing?



To Blog or Not to Blog .... What is the Answer?

This is my first blog ever.....I was keeping this till I launch mohaly.net..hmmm....Should I blog??!!