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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog .... What is the Answer?

This is my first blog ever.....I was keeping this till I launch mohaly.net..hmmm....Should I blog??!!


Geeee said...

I dunno but you can do both of them and I'm sure that they gonna be so great and full of cool info ;) good luck Mohaly and keep it up ;)

omar said...

i see u did a great job with your blog mohaly

keeep it on

MariannE_N said...

Ok ... it is Tues 28 August 2009and I am one of your students in HRD 59 .. 3 years are gonna answer your question now either to blog or not to blog.
Your blog created a community of 34 followers, opening discussions even between those who comment. I have my own blog and the biggest post with largest comments I ever had are (3) comments :-)))))
Keep it up, your blog (as I told one of my friends) is like elmasry el youm or any of these newspapers that keeps you aware of what is going on in a simple way

MariannE_N said...

it is NOT 28 August it is 18 ... ana mokhy ra7 feen

Mohaly said...

That a great comment Marianne :) Thanks a lot..

P.S. Today is Monday ;)