-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

715) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Monsieur Mubarak !

President Mubarak has started yesterday his 57th visit to France in 29 years, which means that he is visiting France on an average of 6 months since he came to power in 1981 (the average frequency is every 3 months in the last 3 years).

El Fazoura: Are we going to be part of France? If not, why does our "beloved" president visit France that frequent. If it is even for tourism kan zamano zehe2!!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

714) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Home Parking !

There are lots of weird stuff you can  see everyday in the Egyptian streets, but I don't think you can see this picture everyday..

EL Fazoura: 
1) How did this car get there?
2) Is it a new way of parking  (like in 5th element movie)?

Best Regards,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

713) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Bloggers & Marriage!

I have noticed (after some research) that many of the good bloggers in Egypt are not married, and this has nothing to do with age or gender. Many of them are busy and successful al-hamdullah and even well known (like Marwa Rakha, and Ghada Abdelall) ... What is it with Bloggers and Marriage in Egypt?!

El Fazoura: 
Why are the majority of the good Egyptian bloggers (men and women) not married yet?


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

712) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Politics and God !!!

I cant believe that the oldest Governor in Egypt who has been there for 20 years is saying that! Having Electricity and water cut-offs is a good thing because it increases Allah's forgivness in this holy month and it is a direct message to use them wisley!

تكرار انقطاع المياه وأزمات الكهرباء وارتفاع الأسعار، تضاعف من ثواب الصائم، وعفو الله على المواطنين، هكذا وصف المستشار عدلي حسين، محافظ القليوبية، ما يحدث للمواطنين في الفترة الأخيرة، معتبرًا أن أزمات المياه بأنها "إنذار إلهي للمصريين يستوجب ترشيد الاستهلاك في ظل خلافات دول حوض النيل، والتي تسعى للانتقاص من حصة مصر التي تكفي بالكاد".

What happened to our government, earlier this year, president mubarak said that whoever God choses to be his successor, he will be satisfied with that choice, and now a senior Governor says that what is happening with our infrastructure is a warning sign and road for forgiveness from God!!!

El Fazoura: I thought that this government didnt like to mix relegion with politics, and was fighting that everywhere. I am wondering if they are changing their mind, or they are mixing it now in the worst possible way to be a proof that mixing it won't be of a benefit !!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

711) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: The Stolen Painting?

A Van Gogh painting worth an estimated $55 million was stolen from a Cairo museum on Saturday and after reporting it had been recovered, the state news agency quoted a minister as saying it was still missing.

El Fazoura: Who stole it? & Why did they report finding it if they didn't?
(please don't tell me Karim Abdel Aziz and Maged El Kedwani stole it and it is hidden in Hanan Tork's Red Wedding dress ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

710) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: E.G.Y.P.T !

If EGYPT was an abbreviation, what would have it stood for?

E    for ....
G   for ....
Y   for ....
P   for ....
T   for ....


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

709) Fawazeer Ramadan - Kahraba !

Why do we have irregular electricity cut-off in Ramadan? and if it is necessary, why dont they schedule it instead of the daily loss of equipment and data?

Just a small paragraph about the only case when they cut off electricity in UK because the user didn't pay the bill, read and respect...

Cut-Off Process Information

The basic process is that if you don’t pay a bill, the electricity supplier will give you 28 days between sending a bill and sending a notice to disconnect you. They must then wait at least seven days before coming in to perform the cut-off. That basically gives you only five weeks between receiving a bill and being cut off.

In reality these dates are minimum figures and it's very rare that anyone would be cut off in that short a period of time. After all, the energy companies would rather have money coming in from a customer than a cut-off customer who then pays nothing. 

Compare this to what is said here in Egypt for people who fully pay their bills: Click Here

I really wanna know the answer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

708) Real Fawazeer; Living in Egypt !

Blog reader Reem was asking me about Fawazeer Ramadan that I used to post every year on Moh@lyics.
Actually I wasnt ready to start it yet, but I have read this on one of my very dear friends page, and thought it is a real fazoura in Egypt/

"We live in a Country Where Pizza reaches home faster than an Ambulance. Where U get a Car Loan @ 8% but an Education Loan @ 12%. Where Rice costs 40LE, but Sim cards cost nothing, Footwears that we wear, are sold in AC showrooms but vegetables that we eat are sold on the pavement..Where we make Lemon Juice with artificialflavours and dish washing fluids with pure lemon". Mohamed El Ammawy.

It is a real fazoura!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

707) A Day-Use in Moroor !

Yesterday I went to renew my car's lisence. Al Hamduallah, it just took... the whole morning, you can say I had a day-use !

I really dont know why the hell all this info is not saved as data in a pc and connected through network!!

- Why do I have to go to another place and suburb to get/pay my tickets?
- Why do I have to run in the street after someone called Alaa beih to get my plates?
- Why do I have to go to the cashier 3 times, why not pay everything once and for all?
- Why do I have to go to the head officer to fix wrong info after the license is issued? and they have a revision department!!

Anyway it is over, we Kol Sana wenta tayeb ya basha (as everyone used to tell me yesterday)...

P.S. I have to renew the ID next year :((((

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

706) Personal ::: Aslaha Betefre2 .. Lel2asaf !

For the last couple of weeks, the lyrics of Amr Diab's new single song Alsaha Betefre2 (It Makes such a difference) is sooooo much nagging into my mind... The song is about the need and difference made by the presence of a woman in a man's life. The last words I just cant forget...

Aslaha betefre2 men wa7da lewa7da
(it makes a difference from a woman to another) 
Fe Wa7hda betensaha bewa7da
(there is a woman whom you forget through another woman)
we Fe Wa7da Mabtetnseeh...
(and there is a woman whom you can't ever forget)

What happened to me, I thought I have passed this stage and deep need... It seems that I was fooling myself...mennak lelah ya Amr Diab!

(In Romantic Mode)

Monday, August 2, 2010

705) Bety we Bey2oul Betoh !!

I cant believe it has been already 20 years for the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait. I remember it very well, I was 15 years old then but was interested in politics. I do consider the 2nd of August 90 along with the 5th of June 76 the two main dates that contribute to the fall of the Arabs in contemporary history.

I categorize them with dates like the ivasion of Baghada by Mongols in the 13th century or the fall of the Anadlus in the 15th century...

Kuwait had heavily funded the 8-year-long Iraqi war against Iran. By the time the war ended, Iraq was not in a financial position to repay the $14 billion it borrowed from Kuwait to finance its war. Iraq argued that the war had prevented the rise of Iranian influence in the Arab World. However, Kuwait's reluctance to pardon the debt created strains in the relationship between the two Arab countries. During late 1989, several official meetings were held between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi leaders but they were unable to break the deadlock between the two.

Such day really brings bad memories, and it was a start of 10 years of me doughting the ideology of having one Arab World that ended up by forgetting about completely by year 2001.