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Sunday, August 29, 2010

714) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Home Parking !

There are lots of weird stuff you can  see everyday in the Egyptian streets, but I don't think you can see this picture everyday..

EL Fazoura: 
1) How did this car get there?
2) Is it a new way of parking  (like in 5th element movie)?

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Sara said...

I dont think this is a full car .. that's just the back of a car, right?

Shabib said...

Nefsy a3raf betgeeb el 7agat de meneen :)

Mohaly said...

shabib: eli ye3esh yama yeshof ;)

شهد الكلمات said...

صورة جامدة

بس و الله الشعب المصري ده تتوقع منه اي حاجة احنا اصحاب شعار الجيش قالك اتصرف
و احنا اللي قولنا شد الحزام على وسطك غيره ما يفيدك لحد ما وسطنا اتقسم
و احنا اللي قولنا الشاطرة تغزل برجل حمار
و احنا اللي قولنا حمارتك العارجة تغنيك عن سؤال اللئيم
احنا بنتصرف و لو قولتلي ان واحد ركن عربيته على حبل غسيل مش بعيد اصدق

بس بالنسبة للصورة متهايقلي انها خلفية عربية محطوطة كاعلان لان المحل اللي تحت لتاجير السيارات و ده ان دل يدل على فزلكة صاحب المحل زيه زي باقي الشعب الجميل ده


Sue said...

loool :) Nice picture that one....Egyptians are so creative, aren't they!! If that's just the back part of the car put up there like shahd said, then it's really catchy and intelligent of the shop's owner....
If it's parking, though I think not cause there aren't any plates too, then that's a mind-nagging fazoura that still needs an answer:D

Hicham said...

Awesome indeed :) I agree with شهد الكلمات about placing this car for advertising the car rental agency but I wonder if this is a real car that was smashed in an accident not just a decor?! Anyway if this is a parking, then we've our 1st hybrid flying car :)

paxmachina said...

Mohaly I'm so sorry to go off topic, but the egyptian bloggosphere is abuzz with how the US and the world are conceding to a GM government.

Yet no one mentions how the global economy has trumped elections/Baradei/ and all that wonderful stuff everyone blogs about ad infinitum!

Yet all fail to mention that within the past 24 months Egyptian Bonds have become the darling of wallstreet and the western world! Yet no one other than a few elite economists in egypt is privy to that fact!

I'd love to see a Mohaly blog post on said issue. And just like 2008 put Obama in office the 'emerging market Bond Boom' will catapult Jimmy into office.

(Disclaimer I'm agnostic towards Jimmy!)

Thanks in advance Mohaly!

Mohaly said...

Pax: Thank you for the contribution. I was thinking to write another post about Baradie / Gamal but actually I was waiting to see what will happen in the parliament elections, and how will it be distributed.

If you have something you wanna share till then, you are most welcome to post it here or send it to me to post.

paxmachina said...

Tx a bunch Mohaly will do!

Lubna said...

If it is a real full car not just the back of one....I guess there must be a back street from which the driver came ...yet, it is a challenge coz to park the car by reverse in such small area needs excellent driver :)

Mohaly said...

yes it is a half car :)