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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

707) A Day-Use in Moroor !

Yesterday I went to renew my car's lisence. Al Hamduallah, it just took... the whole morning, you can say I had a day-use !

I really dont know why the hell all this info is not saved as data in a pc and connected through network!!

- Why do I have to go to another place and suburb to get/pay my tickets?
- Why do I have to run in the street after someone called Alaa beih to get my plates?
- Why do I have to go to the cashier 3 times, why not pay everything once and for all?
- Why do I have to go to the head officer to fix wrong info after the license is issued? and they have a revision department!!

Anyway it is over, we Kol Sana wenta tayeb ya basha (as everyone used to tell me yesterday)...

P.S. I have to renew the ID next year :((((


Shabib said...

If why needs an answer so the answer is because we are in Egypt?

that is their mentality and humiliation in Egypt the most common trend ...

kont olly ennak 3awez tera5sha a3raf wa7ed ba2a esmo Habib beh "...wenta fe betak ro5set 3arabeetak tegeelak :D

Mohaly said...

Thanks Sara, but I dont beleive in wasta. I want to do it myself, and do it right..

Shabib said...

I'm sure that you are ... just trying to cheer you up ...and remove the frustration ...

and for the ID let me tell you that 2 month ago i went there to change my Marital status i got kol el wara2 el 7komy elly tala3too fe 7ayaty including tab3an "2aseemet el gawaz" ...and they didn't agree to finish the papers caz my husband wasn't with me to certify and swear that i'm his wife and i live with him !!!

and it was so clear enno be 20 EGP kol haykon zaii el foll bas ana ba2a gebto ma3aya 2nd time so to me kano 2 days use :D

nasee7a ..law frustrated matro7sh or get all papers ,certificates , bills, kol 7aga 3ashan matedfa3sh 20 LE Rashwa ...this is the way it works here?

E N G Y said...

I have to renew mine too..it's already expired a week ago and am in el shahr el mohla:((

Really can't stand for a whole day bahdala, friend told me that I can make a delegation for someone and he go to do it on my behalf..yet, going to el shahr el 3akary is not less humiliating!:/

Sara said...

Yaaah enta 7amel ham el ID beta3 el sanna elly gayah :)) bas 3andak 7a2 Anything related to moroor & traffic in Egypt is so bad :( I discovered that my dad still hasn't received his license since he went there a couple of days ago because he couldn't stay a whole day there. And I had a car accident yesterday, it was not only because of the man who was responsible for it and disappeared leaving behind 5 cars involved but also because of the wrong design of the bridge:( bas Rabena howa elly bystor...

All you are able to do is to hope things will be better by next year InshaaAllah :)!

Mohaly said...

Wow, I guess we can have a book of more than a volume about our experiences in Moroor..

Share please..

Anonymous said...


Why didn't you use the online service? It is fast and very good.

For the ID, the ministry of interior has offices in some social clubs like Seid that can do the whole process in 10 minutes and in a very good atmosphere. I tried it this year myself.


Mohaly said...

What is the URL noha?

Asmaa_a said...

In Romania we have the same problem, they send you in seven places to solve one problem, first you go to that lady, then you go to the nice gentleman over there who turns out to be an ogre, then you come back to the lady, oh my God if you are not patient enough you either start screaming at them or go and pay someone to do all that bureaucracy work for you. And the reason why they keep all those people according to them is to make things easy for population, when the actual truth is, everyone is relative with everyone and if the niece of someone comes asking for a job they will invent a new job just for her. Anyway good luck to you guys, and hopefully someday things will work better.

Anonymous said...


feen el fawazir :)

kol sana wenta tayb

Anonymous said...


feen el fawazir :)

kol sana wenta tayb


Mohaly said...

Wenti Tayeba Reem..

Trying but mesh 2ader..

May be I can do couple of them soon ..