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Friday, August 20, 2010

710) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: E.G.Y.P.T !

If EGYPT was an abbreviation, what would have it stood for?

E    for ....
G   for ....
Y   for ....
P   for ....
T   for ....



Anonymous said...

howa el lemby alha 7ekma

E: estehbal
G: Gaww 7aar rateb sayefan, w battalat el denya temmatar sheta2an
Y: yady el araf
P: Pardo mafeesh fayda

On a less cynical note,

E: Everlasting
G: Goodness
Y: You
P: Pretend
T: To-be-long-gone! :D

Anonymous said...

wow gjoez!
good one Mo
Miss X

Anonymous said...

Eradicating Goals Yields Passive Tennants

Mohaly said...

good one injis

el monafsa gamda so far

Sue said...

Trying :D lol

Nice fazoura...What do you think it stands for?

Mohaly said...

Thanks Sue..

I personally think that we should change the name of the country to be Masr and not Egypt. I am not convinced of this dual naming.