-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

510) Good Bye 2008 !

2008 is leaving tonight. Help me in listing the top 10 good and bad events in Egypt in 2008. I have written 5 good and 7 bad so far. I will update the post with the stuff you will add in comments till we have our (blog team) own list.

Top Events in 2008:

1. Terminal 3 in the Airport is inaugurated (at last we have a real airport)
2. Rate of Growth has increased to 7%
3. Egypt & Ahly Won African Cups.
4. Bush is finally leaving :)
5. Mostafa El Sayed won a prestigious International Science Award.


1. Death of many prominent intellectual and cultural figures (who died in 2008 = who died in the last 4 years all together!)
2. Many incidents of landmark and properties burning (Shura, National Theatre,..etc)
3. Democracy has deteriorated and freedom of speech has lost its meaning.
4. Global financial crisis and its effect on Egypt.
5. Ahly lost all matches in World cup.
6. We came up with only 1 bronze medal in the Olympics after 5 medals in 2004.
7. Prices has increased more than 30% (inflation rate sky rocketing).


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

508) EgyTalks ... Zehe2t!

Is it only me who is feeling that, or the Egyptian talk-shows became extremely boring and repetitive. 10pm need lubrication, 90 mins needs less of the Moatazic show, Qahira Al Youm needs some seriousness, and el-beit beitak needs innovation, and all of them need less ads. I suggest having it twice a week instead of everyday.

"El beit betkom", you are invited at "el-3ashera msaa2an" lemodet "tes3een de2ee2a" 3ashan netfarrag 3ala "El Kahira El Youm" :)


Sunday, December 21, 2008

507) Killing Me Hardly!

The killing incidents in 2008 -the public cases in specific- are increasing, and I am fed up with their coverage specially Heba/Nadeen case. Tooooo much talks and bla bla. I don't know if it really deserves all this or it is just a distraction from Talaat Mostafa's case?!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

506) Please Stop the Music !!

I like "please don't stop the music" song a lot, but everytime I hear it, it keeps sticking in my head for days.. any help?!


Monday, December 15, 2008

505) The Good-Bye Shoe!

President George W. Bush ducked a pair of shoes hurled at his head — one shoe after the other — in the middle of a news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Both shoes narrowly missed their target and thumped loudly against the wall behind the leaders.

I have never seen or read about a president who had all of these accidents in his lifetime not only in 8 years. This man was stupid enough to unite the whole world against him. By the end of his term his party lost its presidential candidate, senate, and house, his country and world entered a severe financial and economic crisis, his army is facing trouble everywhere, and he is finally having his farewell kiss by an Iraqi shoe!!

Well done and deserved Mr.W!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

504) When the Sun Rises!

When I watch the sunrise everyday, I remember that the sequence of dark and light is part of the universal system, and hence life. I tell myself that no matter there is darkness in life, sunrise is coming, and when it comes, I enjoy it till the last minute.


Friday, December 5, 2008

503) Vacation Ahhhh at last :)

Begad this Eid Vacation comes at the right time, I really need a good vacation after this loooooong year of working and al-hamullah success..

I wish you all a happy and non-stressful vacation, and you can check 451,452,&453 for tips about optimum usage of vacation.

Yalla Let's enjoy it to the max. :))))


Thursday, December 4, 2008

502) Egyptians' Dignity in Arabia!

What is happening to Egyptians in Saudi Arabia is really unacceptable. I am not only talking about the 2 physicians but Egyptians in general starting from this un-human "Kafeel" system till marrying low class girls and having them as their families servants.

I will not talk about the ex-glory of Egypt and how we reached such stage, but what I wanna say is if we really are looking forward to have dignity (which is the threshold of glory), then we have to reconsider our attitude towards Khalijis in general inside and outside Egypt. I am saying this because the way we treat them in Egypt (beggars attitude) encourages them to treat us like that in their country.

Even if the Saudi's are totally wrong, I won't blame them for now... We have to work on ourselves first, because then we can stand on a solid ground and talk head-to-head with dignity. 

Please don't tell me it is all about the money! there are many poor countries in the world but they still have dignity. We are just letting go of our diginity in Egypt so inturn we are loosing it abroad!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

501) Happy Birthday Tamer :)

Today marks the 31st birthday of a very dear friend: TAMER MOKHTAR (Titi)

I wish you titi all the best and to keep your enthusiasm and happiness as you were always :)


Sunday, November 30, 2008

500) Tribute to .... My unknown family!!

Every 100 post, I tribute the post to someone ...

I was so confused whom I should dedicate this post to, specially after dedicating the last one (400) to my late father!! Then I found out that I want to dedicate it to people whom I have been longing sooo much for ... the only people who have enough impact to change my busy life ... some of the very few people that I can put as a priority in my life even before myself ... people who make me enjoy giving ... people who make me enjoy life.. (ya3nee at least so far...)

I am dedicating this post to my lovely wife and beautiful kids!!

May Allah bless my wife wherever she is (if someone knows, please tell me ;), and the yet un-born kids..


Monday, November 24, 2008

499) Egyptains & Food !

Last week, the Egyptian government released a study stating that Egyptians -on average- are spending 45% of their monthly income on food. 

I was just wondering: Is such a high percentage of expenditure because Egyptians eat too much? or because the income is too low that almost half of it is spent on people's most basic need, Food?!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

498) The Soul-Mate; Is it a Myth?!

Why are we always in a search for our "soul-mate"? Did God create us this way so that we don't rest unless we find each other, or is it just a big myth?!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

497) Ben Affleck & Arabs!

Interesting, & respected point of view. I hope that we can think the same about "the others".

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

495) Will Egyptians accept it?!

I’ve just realized that the percentage of African Americans in the US is almost equal to the percentage of Copts in Egypt... so the question is: Will Egyptians ever have (or accept) a Coptic President after the US has elected/accepted an African American from Muslim roots?


Saturday, November 8, 2008

494) The Two-way Mirror: Watch-out !

Some interesting info I thought of sharing with you especially that the majority of blog audience are females.



When we visit toilets, bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing rooms, etc., how many of you know for sure that the seemingly ordinary mirror hanging on the wall is a real mirror, r actually a 2-way mirror i.e., they cansee you, but you can't see them). There have been many cases of people installing 2-way mirrors in female changing rooms or bathroom or bedrooms. It is very difficult to positively identify the surface by just looking at it. So, how do we determine with any amount of certainty what type of mirror we are looking at?


Place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between your fingernail and the image of the nail, then it is a GENUINE mirror. However, if your fingernail DIRECTLY TOUCHES the image of your nail, then BEWARE, IT IS A 2-WAY MIRROR! (there is someone  seeing you from the other side). So remember, every time you see a mirror, do the "fingernail test." It doesn't cost you anything. It is simple to do. This is a really good thing to do. The reason there is a gap on a real mirror, is because the silver is on the back of the mirror UNDER the glass. Whereas with a two-way mirror, the silver is on the Surface. Keep it in mind! Make sure and check every time you enter in hotel rooms. May be someone is making a film on you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

493) Obama: The Dream & Reality !

I am not dreaming that US president will care about us, coz it is all about benefits in politics. But I am really happy that Obama won the presidency because he is a symbol of someone who challenged everyone, came over taboos and granted stuff, and was persistent enough to plan and reach his goals.

I respect the American people who had the guts to know that they were wrong for the last 8 years and it is about time to fix their mistake (67% of states voted for change)!

Obama is really an international president, born in Hawaii, has african father, had his childhood in Asia, and is an American citizen.... black father, white mother.... Muslim father, secular mother, and Christian child... it is rare to find all these stuff in one person.

I dream one day I can see in Egypt competing candidates from different parties, among which are women and coptic candidates as well.

Sobort we Nelot ya Obama we 3o2bal 3andena :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

492) Disappointing!

It is really disappointing when you realize that the elements that people considered the essence of your success are the same elements that people take against you after you help them reaching what they want!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

491) Swingers in Cairo!

I was shocked when I read that the police has discovered a swinging club in Cairo where 40 couples (Egyptians and Arabs) are members in swapping their wives and "enjoying" each other's spouses!!

The rate of moral deterioration is really beyond expectations!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

490) The Fatal HomeWork !!!

What happened to the people, I can't beleive that teachers are killing their students specially Children!

I consider my students in masters/dipolma as my younger brothers and sisters and although age difference is less than 10 years but I feel responsible about them as long as they are in my class. How come when these students are children who really need? love, protection, and a role model, how come they get killed by their teacher because they didnt do their homework!!!!

I am really very Sad & Sorry for Islam (pic to the left) who was killed couple of days ago by his teacher!!

There must be a law/by-law against this attitude.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

489) Fe Shebr Mayah!

Is it believable that the greatest city in Middle East and Africa gets paralized every time it rains?!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

488) The Flying Egyptians!

Shocking statistics...

since mid 60s till 2003, 4 million Egyptians are living abroad, and from 2003-2008, 7 million Egyptian are living abroad; ya3nee the Egyptians who left Egypt in the last 5 years is equal to the ones who left it since October 73 war!!

ya tara leih? :( and what will the future bring?!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

487) The MicroSoft Bus!

On 29th Sep 2008, and because of the traffic Jams Microsoft started bus service for employees & Employees can start work from the bus itself and their office hours counts from the time they start work in the bus.

That is what I call Time Optimization!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

485) The Perfect School !

The sign reads:
Clean ..... 
Beautiful ...
Developed ...
Productive ....

1. Can anyone tell me HOW?!!
2. What is this loose Tennis Net doing over the gate?

Monday, October 13, 2008

486) Zaman Wana Soghayar!

I dont know why, but this song is overwhelming me these days.... 
begad yaretni fedelt soghayar!
Mohaly (in the Mid 1970s)

زماااان وانا صغير كنت بحلم ابقى كبير
تعب القلب واتحير مالدنيا ومالمشاوير
القلب كان برىء مليان بالوعود والحلم كان جميل مفروش بالورود
ولما كبرت قولت ياريت ما كنت حلمت ولا اتمنيت ....قولت يارتنى فضلت صغير زى زمان
انا من صغر سنى حاسس بشىء جوايا وحلمت زمان اغنى والكون يسمع غنايا
غنيت غنيت وفوسط الغنوة بكيت ....ولقيت الكون كلة بيتغير قولت يا رتنى فضلت صغير.
وحلمت زمان ببيت و بقلب يكون معايا ومالاحلام صحيت على جرح مالوش نهاية
وداريت وداريت الجرح فقلبى داريت و لقيت العمر يا دنيا قصير قولت يا رتنى فضلت صغير

Sunday, October 12, 2008

485) The 21st Century-Less!

Our telephone - Cordless

Our cooking - Fireless

Our youth - Jobless

Our food - Fatless

Our conduct - Worthless

Our Women - Topless

Our relation - Loveless
 Our attitude - Careless
 Our feelings - Heartless

 Our politics - Visionless

 Our education - Valueless

Our follies - Countless

Our arguments - Pointless

Our labour - Effortless

Our Salary - Useless

Our Future - Hopeless!

So UNLESS we do something about it, our only hope will be GOD BLESS!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

484) The Prespective!

It is all about prespective! Earth can be the huge place that you can never explore it all, and it can be a tiny -almost unseen- point in comparison to the sun: a medium sized star in a galaxy that is one of the million galaxies in the "Samaa El Donya"!
All our fights, worries, plans, love, hate, money, birth, death,...etc is nothing when you see it in the right prespective...but our nature tends to always forget the bigger picture.

Sob7an Allah,

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

483) The Bright Side of Women!

Women have strengths that amaze men.  
They bear hardships and they carry burdens,  
but they hold happiness, love and joy.  

They smile when they want to scream.  
They sing when they want to cry.  
They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.  
They stand up to injustice.  
They don't take "no" for an answer  
when they believe there is a better solution.  
They go without so their family can have.  
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.  

They love unconditionally.  
They cry when their children excel  
and cheer when their friends get awards.  
They are happy when they hear about  
a birth or a wedding.  
Their hearts break when a friend dies.  
They grieve at the loss of a family member,  
yet they are strong when they  
think there is no strength left.  
They know that a hug and a kiss  
can heal a broken heart.  

Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  
They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you  
to show how much they care about you.  
The heart of a woman is what makes the world keep turning.  

They bring joy, hope and love.  
They have the compassion and ideas.  
They give moral support to their  
family and friends.  

Women have vital things to say  
and everything to give.

Monday, October 6, 2008

482) The Egyptian Pride of October!

6th of October deserves more respect. It is not just a vacation or Show. We should really be proud and celebrate it as all other countries do with their national holidays.

A question: When will we be able to see a great movie about 6th of October like the tens of great movies about Worldwar II and even Nam War in early 70s?

Most of us were either just born or about to get born (my generation of 70s), and more than half of the Egyptian population was born after the 70s! which means that we really don't know what happened except from some simple and silly movies where the war was just something on the side of the story (except El 3omr La7za but this was before the war).


Sunday, October 5, 2008

481) The Global Financial Crisis - Simply... !

I find this story a clever simple way to explain the current financial crisis specially in the USA..

يعيش "سعيد أبو الحزن" مع عائلته في شقة مستأجرة وراتبه ينتهي دائما قبل نهاية الشهر. حلم سعيد أن يمتلك بيتاً في "أمرستان"، ويتخلص من الشقة التي يستأجرها بمبلغ 700 دولار شهرياً. ذات يوم فوجئ سعيد بأن زميله في العمل، نبهان السَهيان، اشترى بيتاً بالتقسيط. ما فاجأ سعيد هو أن راتبه الشهري هو راتب نبهان نفسه، وكلاهما لا يمكنهما بأي شكل من الأشكال شراء سيارة مستعملة بالتقسيط، فكيف ببيت؟ لم يستطع سعيد أن يكتم مفاجأته فصارح نبهان بالأمر، فأخبره نبهان أنه يمكنه هو أيضاً أن يشتري بيتا مثله، وأعطاه رقم تلفون المكتب العقاري الذي اشترى البيت عن طريقه
لم يصدق سعيد كلام نبهان، لكن رغبته في تملك بيت حرمته النوم تلك الليلة، وكان أول ما قام به في اليوم التالي هو الاتصال بالمكتب العقاري للتأكد من كلام نبهان، ففوجئ بالاهتمام الشديد، وبإصرار الموظفة "سهام نصابين" على أن يقوم هو وزوجته بزيارة المكتب بأسرع وقت ممكن. وشرحت سهام لسعيد أنه لا يمكنه الحصول على أي قرض من أي بنك بسبب انخفاض راتبه من جهة، ولأنه لا يملك من متاع الدنيا شيئا ليرهنه من جهة أخرى. ولكنها ستساعده على الحصول على قرض، ولكن بمعدلات فائدة عالية
ولأن سهام تحب مساعدة "العمال والكادحين" أمثال سعيد فإنها ستساعده أكثر عن طريق تخفيض أسعار الفائدة في الفترة الأولى حتى يقف سعيد على رجليه.. كل هذه التفاصيل لم تكن مهمة لسعيد. المهم ألا تتجاوز الدفعات 700 دولار شهريا

باختصار، اشترى سعيد بيتاً في شارع "البؤساء" دفعاته الشهرية تساوي ما كان يدفعه إيجاراً للشقة. كان سعيد يرقص فرحاً عندما يتحدث عن هذا الحدث العظيم في حياته.. فكل دفعة شهرية تعني أنه يتملك جزءا من البيت، وهذه الدفعة هي التي كان يدفعها إيجارا في الماضي. أما البنك، بنك التسليف الشعبي، فقد وافق على إعطائه أسعار فائدة منخفضة، دعما منه "لحصول كل مواطن على بيت"، وهي العبارة التي ذكرها رئيس البلد، نايم بن صاحي، في خطابه السنوي في مجلس رؤساء العشائر
مع استمرار أسعار البيوت في الارتفاع، ازدادت فرحة سعيد، فسعر بيته الآن أعلى من الثمن الذي دفعه، ويمكنه الآن بيع البيت وتحقيق أرباح مجزية. وتأكد سعيد من هذا عندما اتصل ابن عمه سحلول ليخبره بأنه نظرا لارتفاع قيمة بيته بمقدار عشرة آلاف دولار فقد استطاع الحصول على قرض قدره 30 ألف دولار من البنك مقابل رهن جزء من البيت. وأخبره أنه سينفق المبلغ على الإجازة التي كان يحلم بها في جزر الواق واق، وسيجري بعض التصليحات في البيت. أما الباقي فإنه سيستخدمه كدفعة أولية لشراء سيارة جديدة

إلا أن صاحبنا سعيد أبو الحزن وزميله نبهان السهيان لم يقرآ العقد والكلام الصغير المطبوع في أسفل الصفحات. فهناك فقرة تقول إن أسعار الفائدة متغيرة وليست ثابتة. هذه الأسعار تكون منخفضة في البداية ثم ترتفع مع الزمن. وهناك فقرة تقول إن أسعار الفائدة سترتفع كلما رفع البنك المركزي أسعار الفائدة
وهناك فقرة أخرى تقول إنه إذا تأخر عن دفع أي دفعة فإن أسعار الفائدة تتضاعف بنحو ثلاث مرات
والأهم من ذلك فقرة أخرى تقول إن المدفوعات الشهرية خلال السنوات الثلاث الأولى تذهب كلها لسداد الفوائد. هذا يعني أن المدفوعات لا تذهب إلى ملكية جزء من البيت، إلا بعد مرور ثلاث سنوات
بعد أشهر رفع البنك المركزي أسعار الفائدة فارتفعت الدفعات الشهرية ثم ارتفعت مرة أخرى بعد مرور عام كما نص العقد. وعندما وصل المبلغ إلى 950 دولاراً تأخر سعيد في دفع الدفعة الشهرية، فارتفعت الدفعات مباشرة إلى 1200 دولار شهريا. ولأنه لا يستطيع دفعها تراكمت عقوبات إضافية وفوائد على التأخير وأصبح سعيد بين خيارين، إما إطعام عائلته وإما دفع الدفعات الشهرية، فاختار الأول، وتوقف عن الدفع
في العمل اكتشف سعيد أن زميله نبهان قد طُرد من بيته وعاد ليعيش مع أمه مؤقتا، واكتشف أيضاً أن قصته هي قصة عديد من زملائه فقرر أن يبقى في البيت حتى تأتي الشرطة بأمر الإخلاء. مئات الألوف من "أمرستان" عانوا المشكلة نفسها، التي أدت في النهاية إلى انهيار أسواق العقار

أرباح البنك.. الذي قدم قرضا لسعيد.. يجب أن تقتصر على صافي الفوائد التي يحققها من هذا القرض، ولكن الأمور لم تتوقف عند هذا الحد. قام البنك ببيع القرض على شكل سندات لمستثمرين، بعضهم من دول الخليج، وأخذ عمولة ورسوم خدمات منهم. هذا يعني أن البنك كسب كل ما يمكن أن يحصل عليه من عمولات وحول المخاطرة إلى المستثمرين
المستثمرون الآن يملكون سندات مدعومة بعقارات، ويحصلون على عوائد مصدرها مدفوعات سعيد ونبهان الشهرية. هذا يعني أنه لو أفلس سعيد أو نبهان فإنه يمكن أخذ البيت وبيعه لدعم السندات. ولكن هؤلاء المستثمرين رهنوا هذه السندات، على اعتبار أنها أصول، مقابل ديون جديدة للاستثمار في شراء مزيد من السندات
نعم، استخدموا ديونا للحصول على مزيد من الديون! المشكلة أن البنوك تساهلت كثيرا في الأمر لدرجة أنه يمكن استدانة 30 ضعف كمية الرهن
باختصار، سعيد يعتقد أن البيت بيته، والبنك يرى أن البيت ملكه أيضاً. المستثمرون يرون أن البيت نفسه ملكهم هم لأنهم يملكون السندات. وبما أنهم رهنوا السندات، فإن البنك الذي قدم لهم القروض، بنك "عماير جبل الجن"، يعتقد أن هناك بيتا في مكان ما يغطي قيمة هذه السندات، إلا أن كمية الديون تبلغ نحو 30 ضعف قيمة البيت

أما سحلول، ابن عم سعيد، فقد أنفق جزءا من القرض على إجازته وإصلاح بيته، ثم حصل على سيارة جديدة عن طريق وضع دفعة أولية قدرها ألفا دولار، وقام بنك "فار سيتي" بتمويل الباقي. قام البنك بتحويل الدين إلى سندات وباعها إلى بنك استثماري اسمه "لا لي ولا لغيري"، الذي احتفظ بجزء منها، وقام ببيع الباقي إلى صناديق تحوط وصناديق سيادية في أنحاء العالم كافة. سحلول يعتقد أنه يمتلك السيارة، وبنك "فار سيتي" يعتقد أنه يملك السيارة، وبنك "لالي ولا لغيري" يعتقد أنه يمتلك السيارة، والمستثمرون يعتقدون أنهم يملكون سندات لها قيمة لأن هناك سيارة في مكان ما تدعمها. المشكلة أن كل هذا حصل بسبب ارتفاع قيمة بيت سحلول، وللقارئ أن يتصور ما يمكن أن يحصل عندما تنخفض قيمة البيت، ويطرد سحلول من عمله

القصة لم تنته بعد
بما أن قيمة السندات السوقية وعوائدها تعتمد على تقييم شركات التقييم هذه السندات بناء على قدرة المديون على الوفاء، وبما أنه ليس كل من اشترى البيوت له القدرة نفسها على الوفاء، فإنه ليست كل السندات سواسية. فالسندات التي تم التأكد من أن قدرة الوفاء فيها ستكون فيها أكيدة ستكسب تقدير "أ"، وهناك سندات أخرى ستحصل على "ب" وبعضها سيصنف على أنه لا قيمة له بسبب العجز عن الوفاء
لتلافي هذه المشكلة قامت البنوك بتعزيز مراكز السندات عن طريق اختراع طرق جديدة للتأمين بحيث يقوم حامل السند بدفع رسوم تأمين شهرية كي تضمن له شركة التأمين سداد قيمة السند إذا أفلس البنك أو صاحب البيت، الأمر الذي شجع المستثمرين في أنحاء العالم كافة على اقتناء مزيد من هذه السندات. وهكذا أصبح سعيد ونبهان وسحلول أبطال الاقتصاد العالمي
في النهاية، توقف سعيد عن سداد الأقساط، وكذلك فعل نبهان وسحلول وغيرهم، ففقدت السندات قيمتها، وأفلست البنوك الاستثمارية وصناديق الاستثمار المختلفة.. أما الذين اشتروا تأمينا على سنداتهم فإنهم حصلوا على قيمتها كاملة، فنتج عن ذلك إفلاس شركة التأمين أي آي جي
عمليات الإفلاس أجبرت البنوك على تخفيف المخاطر عن طريق التخفيض من عمليات الإقراض، الأمر الذي أثر في كثير من الشركات الصناعية وغيرها التي تحتاج إلى سيولة لإتمام عملياتها اليومية، وبدأت بوادر الكساد الكبير بالظهور، الأمر الذي أجبر حكومة أمرستان على زيادة السيولة عن طريق ضخ كميات هائلة لإنعاش الاقتصاد الذي بدأ يترنح تحت ضغط الديون للاستثمار في الديون
-د.أنس بن فيصل الحجي-
أكاديمي وخبير في شؤون المال النفط

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

480) Ahlan Bel 3eed :)))

Just Wishing You All a Happy Eid :)))

Rabena Ye3adeeh 3ala kheir, we really need a break after all the incidents in Ramadan...

I really miss the old Eid with all the Fun and Satisfaction, we Safaa Aboul Se3oud :)

See you next Sunday after Eid vacation in-shaa-Allah :)


Monday, September 29, 2008

479) Fawazeer Ramadan: When is Laylat Al Qadr?!

I will solve the Last Fazoura myself :)

I waited till the last single night in last 10 nights of Ramadan to post this so that I don't affect anyone's prayers. Laylat Al Qadr this year (1429) was the night of the 25th (last Tuesday/Wednesday night). The Sun and clouds in the 2 pictures (taken both at 6am the following mornings) on the 25th and the 27th can tell you the difference as the Sun is clearly seen as a pie without clouds on the 25th (below) while you can see the clouds and Sun Rays on the 27th (above).
Rabena Yatakabal Mena Gamee3an...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

478) Disasters Acceleration - Part II !

I didn't imagine that when I worte Post 469 that the acceleation will keep going on and on in a faster pace! What is happening for 6 succssive weeks:

1st week: Shura Mega Fire
2nd Week: Kindapping Egyptian Ship in Somalia  + Egyptians drown in a boat in Mid-Sea
3rd Week: Talaat-Tamim Case
4th Week: Dewe2a Misery
5th Week: Kidnapping the Tourists + Dewe2a 2
6th Week: National Theatre Fire

Mosh 2oltelko ana khayef men el Eid!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

476) Wow: Nokia Morph!

Isn't that amazing!! This phone will be the man's best friend, it is everything mobile, computer, music, video, wear, camera, watch, and can be customized as well. This just in the reserach phase kaman.

This phone is a showcase for nanotechnology's ability to bring flexible materials, transparent electronics, and self-cleaning surfaces to mobile devices.With nanotechnology, Morph can take on any shape the user desires. 

The world is moving so fast, and I am afraid that we will be users and only users, not intiators, not developers, not even using it for the right things at the right times. Ya Rab give us the strength to change and make it to the 21st century that we are already 8 years late!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

475) Fawazeer Ramadan : Released, Released Not!!

Aslaha kanet na2sa kidnapping!!! Begad Ramadan this year, ew2a el real mosalsalat: Love, Kill, Disasters, Kidnapping, tab eih, ana khayef keda men el Eid!

I was watching BBC in the morning and was VERY sad when the anchor said that this will definitely have a negative effect on Egyptian reputation in tourism and then tab3an karro all the previous terrorist attacks, tab mal el terrorist attacks we el crimial attacks?!!

El mosseeeeeeba that our Foriegn minister said in NewYork ON AIR that they were released although they are not! Fe eih feedha akbar men keda! Fazoura: Are they released or not, and if not, how the hell he had the guts to say it, it is not el dewe2a!!

Masr di kanet bent gameela bas kol el donia eghtasabetha even its own people :(


P.S. El gahreeb geedan that at the same time there were kidnapped, I was so bored and open google earth, and surprisingly I left the whole world and explored the Big Gulf Area where they were kidnapped!!!!

Nineteen people kidnapped by a gang of masked men in the desert in southern Egypt are still being held despite reports by Egypt's foreign minister that they had been freed, it emerged on Tuesday. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism negotiations for the release of the eleven Europeans, including five Germans, five Italians and a Romanian, and eight Egyptian guides, are ongoing.Conflicting reports from local media said that a ransom between six and 15 million dollars (four - 10 million euros) had been demanded for their release.Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abdul Gheit was quoted during a trip to New York on Monday by Egyptian State news agency MENA as saying that the kidnapped tourists were freed and "in good shape."But foreign ministry spokesman Hussam Zaki said later that the minister was citing unconfirmed reports.

Monday, September 22, 2008

474) Maaaaaaaaaaa !!

I started getting tired from fasting in summer. Water is really a HUGE issue for me. I cant imagine next year when it is in the Cruel August. 
I generally hate the summer (except for the long daytime), and today is the LAST day in the summer :)))


Saturday, September 20, 2008

473) Fawazeer Ramadan: Cairo Traffic?

Fazoura: After 50 days of applying the new law, do you think it is really the solution for our chronic traffic problems?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

471) Fawazeer Ramadan - The 5 pounds!

Fazoura: What is the difference between the 2 announcements!!

It reminds me of Ahmed Helmy's new Movie: Rakam Khamza bedahakak!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

469) Fawazeer Ramadan : Disasters Acceleration!

Fazoura Begad!

Why does the acceleration of natural and man-made disasters dramatically increase in Egypt during the last couple of months?


Natural: Death of great Egyptian Intellecutals and honorable people (Mahana, Badawi, Nakkash, Younan, Messiri, Chahine, AbuGhazala,..etc.
Man-Made: Tremendous inflation, Darayeb Akaria, Thanawia Amma Cheating, Shura Fire, Talaat-Tamim, Deweaa (yes man-made), Hijacking our ships, Prison Riots, .... etc.
Yaah, dol keteer begad!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

468) Fawazeer Ramadan : 9/11 !

I can't believe that there are some people who do really celebrate Sept. 11th, greeting each other, and even writing that on MSN and Facebook!!

No matter what Bush does to the world, we should never mix that with our sympathy for those who lost their loved ones in that horrible day that changed the world to a much worse place to live.

El Fazoura: Why should anyone be happy because of 9/11?!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

467) Fawazeer Ramadan - The Proof ?!

There are 2 statements that I always read and hear to the extent they are dealt with as known facts:

1. The Egyptians are the most relegious people.
2. The Egyptian Kids are the smartest in the world.

I really want to know what is the proof? This question has turned into a real fazoura coz What I see and experience myself is almost the total oppoiste!


Monday, September 8, 2008

466) Help Deweaa's People!

It is Ramadan and the spiritual feeling are higher than any month. In this disaster (not natural one as it results from careless attitue of government and people), we should be giving a hand in saving these fellow Egyptians (muslims and non-muslims). If you want to help, please find the info below:

(Thanks for Sanaa Tobah)

1. El Bedaya is accepting in-kind donations at its premises in Ezbit Bekhit behind the Sheikh Kassem Mosque which is on the main road along the railway. We are at the Community Center (Markaz El Khadamat), 1 Kama'en St, last floor. You can call any of these numbers for assistance in delivery or pickup of donations Sanaa 012 216 0332Ashraf 011 2727789Shefa 012 8684425Mohamed 012 8401476 Needs include: bottled water (0.5 liter and 1.5 liter), 200ml and 500ml containers/boxes of milk, 200ml containers of juiceclothing for children and adults (galabeyas for men and women)floor mats (plastic or straw) 200 pcs neededdry or canned food El Bedaya has also started a relief fund for immediate needs, but also to refurbish new homes for those families who have lost absolutely everything they own. The account number is: Bank Misr, Mouski Branch, El Bedaya Association for Education, account no: 103/1/28910.

2. ADEW (the Association for Development and Enhancement of Women) headed by Dr. Iman Bibars are accepting inkind and cash donations at their offices at 8/10 El Mathaf St., 5th floor, apt 12, El Manial You can call Magda, Sanaa or Nermine on 016 551 8588 or Magda on 010 154 0486 The needs list for inkind contributions is the same as El Bedaya's (above)

3. Sama for Development (23 Sakr Koreish St., Masakin Sheraton across from Oriental Weavers; call Khaled 010 111 3461) are delivering prepared meals including beverages. You can deliver unprepared or prepared food. They also need manpower to help package and deliver food(i.e. use your own car or pay for a pickup) to the site. Also check out their group on facebook : Ramadan Mo خtalef

4. The Food Bank is also delivering prepared meals but they are covered for the next 10 days. They are accepting donations in all major banks account number 888777. You can also call 16060. In the short-term they will be delivering food to relocated families who have lost their homes and belongings. I have to say, everyone, that the ineptness of the 'system' in the rescue effort is shameful and has caused a lot of anger in the community; but the tireless efforts of local youth and NGO members who have gathered to help gives me hope for this country yet. They are really quite impressive.

May Allah bless all who died, and cure those who are still in hospitals, and us all thawab el mosa3ada.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

464) Fawazeer Ramadan: Talaat - Tamim, Why?!!

Of course the series that everybody is watching in Ramadan is the Hisham Talaat & Suzan Tamim story which is a new season in a long series since 90s including many businessmen!

Tab3an if this incident was in Egypt with an Egyptian singer, the whole thing would have been buried, but you can tell the power of Dubai here that obliged Egypt to sacrifice one of the most prominent business figures here in order not to loose Dubai.

El mohem, the question that really bothers me and I consider it Fazooret Ramadan 2008: Why the hell such successful person would plan to kill a semi-known singer? Whatever she did, why did he want to kill her?!


Monday, September 1, 2008

463) Ramadan Kareem.... & Balanced :)

I wish you all a very happy Ramadan. It is the best time in the year to balance our lives between work, family, health, and religion (Mind, Heart, Body, & Soul) so don't miss the chance.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

462) Political Olympics & Masturbation!!

With the wonderful race taking place between the Democrats and Republicans, I am overwhelmed with 2 thoughts:

1. The Olympics is not over, may be on the sports side, but there is definitely a "Political Olympics" taking place in the US where some Olympic records will be scored (African President, Female Ms. America vice-president nominee, ...etc).

2. Watching this race for Egyptians is like watching a porno movie while you are a single teenager, you get aroused but you can't turn it into satisfactory action (having real sex), and probably end up masturbating!
Can say that in Egypt we are watching the "Hot" American Race and "masturbating"?!


P.S. I wanna VOOOOOOOTE ;)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

461) The Chinese Century!

I really want to express my deep appreciation for the Chinese people who taught the world a BIG lesson in dedication, discipline, and persistence.

Who on earth just 10 years ago could have believed that China will be able to beat the US and Russia who has been winning all the games since 50 years? The Chinese did, and made it true.

2008 Olympics will be a milestone, and it is just the threshold for the coming Chinese century.

I advise you to start reading about China because by the time our kids are in Junior High, China will be the key player along with Europe.

Will we learn from this people ANYTHING, ever?!


P.S. Sorry I wasnt in town and didnt have access last week.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

460) Egypt is On Fire not only Shura Council !

I am really sad to see part of our history gone within hours....

I can see the fire blaze that has eaten up the Egyptian upper house of Parliament as a symbol of the Egyptian scene:

1. No Precautions.
2. No Planning.
3. Silly Chaotic Reactions from officials and people.
4. No Corrective / Preventive Attitude.

The whole of Egypt is on fire not only the Shura council, we don't learn from our mistakes, and tomorrow there will be another, and another, and another disasters...

We didn't learn from Opera House, or Cultural Center, or the Train...etc, We didn't learn from El 3abara or Zelzal...and will never learn as long as we are behaving this way.

We need to stop and think:

1. What went wrong?
2. How can we make it right?
3. How to maintain and develop.

Without answering these questions and TAKING actions, Egypt may soon be on fire like in Jan 1952!! and I really don't want to live and see that day!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

459) The Forbidden Pizza !!

Couple of days ago an Arab friend asked me where to go eat in Zamalek after mid-night, I told him of course Maison Thomas it is 24/7 since it was opened. El Mohem he went there at 2:20 am and asked for the Menu, and surprizingly the waiter told them that they wont be able to serve the menu inside the restaurant, but they can take "to-go" or take-away as we say in Egypt. When my friend asked for the reason, they told him that there is a high profile official who moved to the neighborhood and hence for security reasons they cant have people in the restaurant after 2am till 7am!!!
Tab3an it didn't take much guessing from hime to know that this official is Mr.Gamal Mubarak. But the things I don't get till now:
1. How does my friend's Margareta affect the security of Gamal Mubarak?
2. Why is it safe for Gamal Mubarak to eat Pizza in-Thomas @12:30am and not @2:30am, what is the difference?
3. Is this applicable to all kind of pizza, ya3nee if my friend wanted SeaFood Pizza, would it have make any difference?

If someone knows the answers to my questions about the "POLITICAL PIZZA", please let me know!!!!!!!!

Ana go3t 3ala seeret el pizza, bas etsadet nefsee mesh 3aref leeh ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

457) The Gumus (Noor) Mania !

I usually don't judge stuff before experiencing it, and hence, I didn't want to write about Gumus or Noor Soap Opera before at least watching an episode which I finally did, and I even couldnt finish it.

I have nothing against the series itself, although I find it VERY boarding (Bold & the Beautiful style), but what I really don't like about it the insanity and the way Arab people dealing with it. I can simply say I HATE it because of: (from least important to most important)

1. It is taking much more area in our lives and discussions than it deserves. "Eshal" Noor on TV, magazine, newspapers, talks, ads, video clips,...etc...Just too much.
2. It makes girls look silly with their un-justified mania about Mehmet (Mohannad in the Arabic version of the series; although it means Mohamed in Turkish!). Nice romantic model, so what, not the first, not the last!
3. It encourages the Arabs to show the "Safah" part in our culture; e.g. Kuwati business man decided to have his wedding in the Villa Mohannad and Noor are living in and invited the audience (including tickets from and back to Kuwait).
4. Egypt lost a lot of cash coming from Arab Tourism that shifted to Turkey this summer (actually I blame the zillion Egyptian TV productions here coz they couldn't attract Arabs as Turkish Noor did).
5. It caused A LOT of problems and broke up families (3 divorces and counting)!

I can't -and I don't have the right - to say Stop Noor and Boycott Noor as Saudi's did, but we should:
1. Study why did it succeed to that extent.
2. Make use of that in empowering our productions.
3. Dig into the real causes of the problems (in relations, tourism,...etc).
4. Put it in its real size, we kefaya Noor ba2a, coz I am afraid someday I open the fridge and find Noor Ad!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

456) Mauritania : Gat El 7azina Terfa7 !!

I really cant find better than this colloquial proverb to describe democracy in the Arab World. After we considered Mauritania a new promising democratic model and the Arab India of democracy, a sever and fatal drop happened after going back to the military actions!

I think the only happy people are the non-Democratic Arab leaders who will consider it a proof that "el democratia matenfa3sh ma3 el 3arab"!

we kol enkilab wentom taybeen :(


Monday, August 11, 2008

455) Nazif's log on the Blog!

The head of the Egyptian Government has confirmed commenting online on a blog, being the 2nd Arab official after King Abdullah of Jordan to enter the blog world himself...

بدا مدونون مصريون غير مصدقين وهم يعقبون على مشاركة نادرة قام بها رئيس مجلس الوزراء المصري الدكتور أحمد نظيف، في مدونة ذات توجه يساري تدعى "على اسم مصر" للمدون مصطفى محمود، وفقا لتقرير نشرته صحيفة "الشرق الأوسط اللندنية السبت 9-8-2008. وأكد نظيف لصحف محلية لاحقا أنه صاحب الرد، وهو ما تزامن مع مطالبة ناشطين بالإفراج عما قالوا إنهم مدونون معتقلون.

ورد الدكتور نظيف على انتقادات حادة حول توجهات حكومته الاقتصادية، وبخاصة تجاه التعليم، بثتها مدونة يسارية متشددة ترفع أعلاما لأحزاب وحركات شيوعية، قائلاً في مشاركته: "أعبر عن خالص تقديري للحوار البناء عبر المدونات، وأنا سعيد بحيوية الشباب المصري في التعبير الحر عن آرائه بشأن القضايا الاجتماعية والسياسية التي تواجه مجتمعنا وتستحق منا كل الاهتمام. وأحسب أن الآراء المطروحة في المدونات يمكن أن تفيد في توجيه السياسات العامة للدولة. وهذا ما دفعني إلى متابعة الحوار الدائر بالمدونات، فأنت وزملاؤك من المدونين، تشكلون واجهة مشرقة لمستقبل واعد بمزيد من الديمقراطية"

.وبدت لغة رئيس مجلس الوزراء، وسط سيل من تعليقات مكتوبة بلا تحفظ، مثيرة لانتباه مشاركين في المدونة، وخاصة أن نظيف ذكر -في رده على اتهامات المدونة لحكومته بأنها منحازة لرجال الأعمال- أرقاماً محددة عن زيادة موازنة دعم التعليم في السنوات الأخيرة، وتحدث بلسان رجل اقتصاد ليبرالي لا يريد التخلي عن الفقراء، وهي سمات بدت لعديد من المدونين قريبة الشبه بتوجهات الحكومة المصرية بقيادته، ولا سيما ختامه لكلمته التي قال فيها على المدونة: "جُملة القول، إن ما نحتاج إليه حاليا لتحقيق هذا الهدف (تطوير التعليم) هو زيادة وتنويع مصادر التمويل المتاح، وتحقيق كفاءة التمويل، وتفعيل المشاركة المجتمعية، وتطبيق مبادئ الحوكمة، وصولاً إلى تأسيس البنية الأساسية اللازمة لإنتاج ونشر المعرفة لصالح كل الثروة البشرية التي تمتلكها مصر على مختلف المستويات الاجتماعية"

.تعقيب رئيس الوزراء المصري لم يمنع بعض المشاركين على المدونة من التشكيك في الأمر، مستبعدين أن يكون نظيف لديه وقت للدخول على الإنترنت، فعلَّق من يطلق على نفسه "جبهة التهييس (الهبل) الشعبية" بقوله: «هههه.. ده أحمد نظيف رئيس الوزراء بجد؟ طب يدينا أمارة (أية علامة). ويذكر أن الجبهة المذكورة هي اسم مدونة تكتبها نوارة فؤاد نجم، ابنة الشاعر الشهير أحمد فؤاد نجم.ورجح مشارك آخر، لم يذكر اسمه، أن يكون المتفاعل مع المدونة هو رئيس الوزراء ذاته، بقوله: "والله جايز.. ليه لأ؟ خصوصاً إن الكلام رسمي وشبه كلام الوزراء في التليفزيون، ليه نستبعد إن ده كلام نظيف؟ ماعتقدش يا جماعة إنها متفبركة، وبعدين مين هيجي على باله فكرة زي دي؟ وتفتكروا إيه مصلحته؟ أنا شايف إنها بداية كويسة إن صوتنا يتسمع في المدونات والحوار بينا وبين الحكومة يبقى مباشر؟ يمكن فعلاً يبقى عندنا ديمقراطية"

يشار إلى أن مركز المعلومات ودعم اتخاذ القرار بمجلس الوزراء المصري وصف في تقرير له أصدره أخيراً، المدونات بأنها أدوات مهمة في تشكيل مجتمع معلومات قائم على الديمقراطية، لكنه قال أيضاً، إن عدم وجود رقابة على المدونات، يعد من مواطن قوة المدونات وضعفها أيضاً.وذكر التقرير، أن عدد المدونات المصرية بلغ 160 ألف مدونة حتى شهر إبريل/ نيسان الماضي، بنسبة 30.7% من المدونات العربية، و0.2% من إجمالي المدونات على المستوى العالمي.

Source: Bloger Times

Friday, August 8, 2008

454) Eight, Eight, Eight!!

This is the 8th second, of the 8th minute, of the 8th hour, on the 8th day, of the 8th month, of the 8th year!!

Make your wish, and start changing something important within you NOW. It is a lucky chance that you should think of grasping. I myself loves 7, but likes 8, so I am already doing it, so why don't you join me :)

N.B. This is the real 8/8/2008 not 8pm coz pm is 20:00.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

453) Manage Your Vacation - Eps. 3 - How?!

How to enjoy your vacation?

Some of us really know how to get the best of their vacations, while many are not!

To make the best use of your vacation, you should:

1. Know why are you taking it and plan it based on it (see post 451.
2. Know what are the right place to go in the right time and plan based on it (see post 452.
3. Do NOT work during your vacation (a working vacation is a complete schizophrenia)!
4. Plan for the vacation as if it is work, there nothing called I will be happy if I did nothing. This is against human nature.
5. Avoid getting boared, this can be achieved by doing stuff that you are not used to do in your working days; e.g sports, painting, visiting different or new places in your city, knowing new/old people...etc.
6. Avoid the PVS (Post Vacation Syndrome ; bravo ya Shaimaa) by:
a. Preparing the first day after return from work on the last day before you take your vacation. Make sure that you consider your state as well so don't take meetings or set deadlines on that day.
b. returning home at least 1 complete day before you are back to work, and use this day in preparing for work (like 7ogret mo3adelt el daght).


N.B. For my dear readers, these episodes are parts of my book (the forgotten wealth) so kindly if your want to copy or send them, please refer to me. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

452) Manage Your Vacation - Eps.2 - When?!

When to take a vacation?

In such hectic world, planning your vacation is not an option anymore. If you don't plan your vacation ahead (I mean long vacation not 1 or 2 days), you will be at risk of not being able to make it.

Remember that most of the people especially in Egypt are not organized, so the more you are, and the more you have planned time, the more they will plan based on what you have already planned.

Another common mistake is that we prefer to take the vacation all at once (1 month for example) and that is totally wrong. Too much of a vacation leads to same effect of no vacation. You should have at least 2 vacations per year ( 3 is the best).

So when you plan a vacation, be smart and plan it so that you insure minimal interruption in order to have the optimum output:

1. It has to be a down timing or a time that there aren't major need for your presence at work so that you will not be interrupted during the vacation.

2. If you are going with family or friends; make sure that the timing you choose is suitable for all.
3. If you are travelling abroad, make sure that that is the best timing in your destination, and give enough time for the VISA, bookings...etc.

4. Last and not least, if you are travelling for example 7 days, you should take a 9 days vacation so that you have 1 day or preparing for and getting into the mode of vacation, and 1 day for preparing and getting into the mode of work in order to avoid the PVS..

What is the PVS? ... In the next and final episode about How to enjoy your vacation..


Sunday, August 3, 2008

451) Manage Your Vacation - Eps. 1- Why?!

Why should you have a vacation?

Many of us just take the vacation either for granted or by default, and this is one of the main reasons we do not enjoy it to the full or may be do not enjoy it aslan.

Vacations are like work, they have goals and things to do but different than work in nature and not the importance.

Vacations are taken for 3 main reasons that can contain sub-reasons as well:

1. To have a passive rest of doing nothing and discharge mind and body (i.e. Sleeping, eating, resting; i.e. Antakha)

2. To explore different worlds that the default or the routine you are used to (travelling, doing difference/crazy stuff, i.e Entelak)

3. To get out the energy (playing, gym, sports,...etc).

The problem comes when we take a vacation without knowing which of these reasons is the real reason for the vacation, even if a mix of the reasons. So it ends up doing something different and not feel the needed satisfaction, or even feel worse. E.g.: you travel and have fun while you need to rest, when you are back, you be happy about the fun and change, but will still be tired and want to rest in order to regain the strength needed for work, and vice-versa.

So when do what? that is our next episode in-shaa-Allah...


Friday, August 1, 2008

450) Manage Your Vacation Series Intro !

AUGUST is here, it is the month of vacation for almost everyone whether a student, employee, or even doing nothing!
But did you ever stop and think about Why do you need vacation, When you need it, and What kind of vacation I need most now?

This short series about Vacation Management (3 episodes: Why, When, and What/How) running during the 1st week of August, will be discussing this very important issue specially Egyptians who don't know how to really get the best out of their vacations.

Anyway, I hope it will help you if you are having a vacation whether in August or even next year.


P.S. As promised in post 432 I will start the What Women Want - Male perspective series, but I found that talking about managing our vacations is more relative to August. I will start What Women Want and finish it in August before Ramadan.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

449) Explore the world within !

Break your routine, and start thinking about new resolutions, and things you wanna do and achieve after the summer. Don't wait till the end of the vacation to decide, DO IT NOW!

As Americans say: "To discover new oceans you need the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Sometime we are too afraid to let go of what we have wether it is good or bad coz we don't have the guts to lose the sight of the shore. We have to realize that there are bigger and better shores, but in order to see it and feel safe again, we need to leave the current one.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

448) Good Bye Great Egyptians !

It seems that 2008 is the year of loosing our great Egyptian figures. After Gamal Badawy, Younan Rizk, Abdel Wahab El Mesery, Magdy Mahana, today (27-7) we lost the Great Youssef Chahine, one of the cinema landmarks not only in Egypt, but in the whole Middle East & Arab World.

10 years ago in 1998 we also lost many great intellectuals, and Amr Diab then has sung "Ana mahma kebert soghayar". It seems that it is a cycle every decade. A whole generation (between world wars generation) is almost gone. A generation that produced the last breed of the great men in this country.

Kan nefse ye3molo film men ta2leef Naguib Mahfouz, we beteloet omar el sharif, we ekhrag youssef shahin :(

God Bless Youssef Chahine, and grant Egypt new intellectuals to fill-up all these empty spots in our cultural and social life.

P.S We were born on the same day but with a 50 years difference, and we met in Zurich in 2001!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

447) The Seven Areas of Masculinity !

Janet Saltzman Chafetz describes seven areas of masculinity in general culture:
  1. Physical : virile, athletic, strong, brave. Unconcerned about appearance and aging.
  2. Functional : provider for family, defender of family from physical threat.
  3. Sexual : sexually aggressive, experienced. Single status acceptable.
  4. Emotional : unemotional, stoic, never crying.
  5. Intellectual : logical, intellectual, rational, objective, practical.
  6. Interpersonal : leader, dominating; disciplinarian; independent, free, individualistic; demanding.
  7. Other Personal Characteristics: success-oriented, ambitious, aggressive, proud, egotistical, moral, trustworthy; decisive, competitive, uninhibited, adventurous.

Hmmm, What do you think?


Thursday, July 24, 2008

446) Mr. Omar Soliman !

Will Omar Soliman be the fifth president of Egypt when Mubarak term ends, or at least the vice-president after his powerful role in Regional political scene?

I don't know and I guess no one has the answer to that question (may by President Mubarak). I personally see some pros and cons:

- The EIC (mokhabarat) is still one of the reputable and most respected entities in Egypt, and this directly is reflected on its Chief.
- The Military will be supporting because of his military background.
- Well known and respected in the Arab Region, Europe, & the US.
- Too old to start a presidency (72 now, 75 when Mubarak term ends in 2011).
- I don't think there is an agenda for a breakthrough change to solve the current problems.
- He has been working with Mubarak regime for too long and never objected.

"Although many have voiced that these rumors are true due to many factors including power, respect amongst Arab leaders and Israel, neither Suleiman nor the National Democratic Party spoke of this or commented on any future political role for Suleiman." The Atlantic


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

445) 1952 Revolution - The 1st communiqué !

Egypt has passed through a critical period in her recent history characterized by bribery, mischief, and the absence of governmental stability. All of these were factors that had a large influence on the army. Those who accepted bribes and were thus influenced caused our defeat in the Palestine War [1948]. As for the period following the war, the mischief-making elements have been assisting one another, and traitors have been commanding the army. They appointed a commander who is either ignorant or corrupt. Egypt has reached the point, therefore, of having no army to defend it. Accordingly, we have undertaken to clean ourselves up and have appointed to command us men from within the army whom we trust in their ability, their character, and their patriotism. It is certain that all Egypt will meet this news with enthusiasm and will welcome it. As for those whose arrest we saw fit from among men formerly associated with the army, we will not deal harshly with them, but will release them at the appropriate time. I assure the Egyptian people that the entire army today has become capable of operating in the national interest and under the rule of the constitution apart from any interests of its own. I take this opportunity to request that the people never permit any traitors to take refuge in deeds of destruction or violence because these are not in the interest of Egypt. Should anyone behave in such ways, he will be dealt with forcefully in a manner such as has not been seen before and his deeds will meet immediately the reward for treason. The army will take charge with the assistance of the police. I assure our foreign brothers that their interests, their personal safety [lit. "their souls"], and their property are safe, and that the army considers itself responsible for them. May God grant us success [lit. "God is the guardian of success].

How far are we from such situation?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

444) Standard of Living in Egypt......We ba3den?

El denya ba2et ghalia awy! Begad, prces are going crazy!! Egypt used to be a cheap or even moderate place, now it is really getting expensive. Try eating out in a fast food restaurant, you will pay about 10 dollars, go for a real restaurant you will pay around 30 dollars, go to a fancy one, then not less than 100 dollars.

Same thing for clothes, car stuff, entertainment,....etc. I spent the last 10 days alone, and had to buy every single thing, and realized that it is becoming harder and harder to JUST KEEP within the standards I am used to, ya3nee the goal now became to MAINTAIN, where DEVELOP is kind of a luxury with such dramatic increases!

Goodbye to the Single House Dream!

P.S> Still believing that we gonna be better, just don't ask me how!

Monday, July 21, 2008

443) Sex Education in Egypt - Again!

This is the tv program I was talking about in my last year article http://mohaly.blogspot.com/2007/03/sex-education-how-and-when.html

Again, I guess proper sex education should be embeded within related subjected like science, religion,..etc. as early as prep. school. People get wrong info and act accordingly leading to many men who have wrong info and many women who don't have info aslan, and this causes lots of problems before and after marriage.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

443) Hanan Tork !

You know what, I really do miss Hanan Tork in the cinema. It has been couple of years now, and no other actress has succeeded to fill her shoes. I believe that if that 33 yrs actress has continued, she would have been categorized with the great Egyptian actress like Shadia & Faten Hamama.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

441) Love & Loving !

- You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.

- Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give.

- Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes…just be an illusion.

- Age does not protect you from love, but love to some extent protects you from age.

- Only love let’s us see normal things In an extraordinary way.

- There’s always room for love; You just have to move a few things around.

- If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

- The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

439) The White Desert!

Do you know where this beautiful desert is?

Sob7an Allah...Amazing!!

It is called the white desert and it lies in a country that has enormous resources and tools for the travel industry but really lacks the right management to make the best use of it. I guess you know the country by now..Don't you?


Thursday, July 10, 2008

438) Hassan We Morcos, and the dual Nature!

Couple of days ago, I went to watch Hassan & Morcos for Omar El Sheirf & Adel Imam (Intentionally writing Omar first coz I wasn't convinced that Adel Imam should precede him in the credits as in the movie). '

Anyway, the movie was really nice and it tackled (didn't recommend solution) the problem of suppressed feelings between Muslims and Copts in Egypt.

The thing I liked most in the movie was a very honest part that is personalized in a short talk between two priests entering the event of national unity walking down to the Cairo Conference Center, complaining about the severe obstacles the government imposes on constructing churches and the near-lack of Coptic representation in both Parliament and Cabinet.
On the other hand, two Muslim clerics claim that Copts control the economy; that whenever they build a Mosque, the Christians insist on building a church in front of it; and that the Coptic calls for Eastern Christmas to be a national holiday have led to an influx of vacations. Then once inside the conference, the four men are shown holding each others' hands, and chanting “Yahia El-helal maa Al-saleeb” (Long live the crescent with the cross).

"The brilliance of the scene lies in the novelty of watching these widespread remarks uttered candidly on the silver screen, of the shock behind watching one of cinema’s primary taboos finally shattered for the first time." Critique.

I guess this is the main problem that we have this dual nature in many things, and one of the most serious is the religion. These conference should be a place where people get out all what they have, agree on the common ground, and respect each other's beliefs even if they disagree with. This way we can live in peace and fear no threat.

Anyway, it is a nice movie, and highly recommended specially with the smooth yet deep and classy acting of the super star Omar El Sharif.