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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

475) Fawazeer Ramadan : Released, Released Not!!

Aslaha kanet na2sa kidnapping!!! Begad Ramadan this year, ew2a el real mosalsalat: Love, Kill, Disasters, Kidnapping, tab eih, ana khayef keda men el Eid!

I was watching BBC in the morning and was VERY sad when the anchor said that this will definitely have a negative effect on Egyptian reputation in tourism and then tab3an karro all the previous terrorist attacks, tab mal el terrorist attacks we el crimial attacks?!!

El mosseeeeeeba that our Foriegn minister said in NewYork ON AIR that they were released although they are not! Fe eih feedha akbar men keda! Fazoura: Are they released or not, and if not, how the hell he had the guts to say it, it is not el dewe2a!!

Masr di kanet bent gameela bas kol el donia eghtasabetha even its own people :(


P.S. El gahreeb geedan that at the same time there were kidnapped, I was so bored and open google earth, and surprisingly I left the whole world and explored the Big Gulf Area where they were kidnapped!!!!

Nineteen people kidnapped by a gang of masked men in the desert in southern Egypt are still being held despite reports by Egypt's foreign minister that they had been freed, it emerged on Tuesday. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism negotiations for the release of the eleven Europeans, including five Germans, five Italians and a Romanian, and eight Egyptian guides, are ongoing.Conflicting reports from local media said that a ransom between six and 15 million dollars (four - 10 million euros) had been demanded for their release.Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abdul Gheit was quoted during a trip to New York on Monday by Egyptian State news agency MENA as saying that the kidnapped tourists were freed and "in good shape."But foreign ministry spokesman Hussam Zaki said later that the minister was citing unconfirmed reports.


amina said...

although it is all happening in Sudan now but Egypt is where it has started and its taking all the negative spotlight
the mistake of the foreign minister was big but what is bigger is that no one really knows what is the real news about them!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Yes, lazem tekhaf mn el 3eed. First because of kol el masayeb elly bet7sal second le2noh gy ma3 the famous october celebrations, wenta 3aref ad eh el monasabat el qawemeya di kanet el wa2t el mofadal lel attacks.

As for the foriegn minister's comment and el e3traf enoh he was citing unconfirmed reports ... fa mesh 3arfa a2ool eh. lama seyadet el wazeer mesh mota2ked we may3rafsh what's happening beyfta7 bo2oh lieh? bas heya gat 3alieh.

Rabena yostor

next time you are bored explore ard el a3da2 plz :)