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Thursday, September 11, 2008

468) Fawazeer Ramadan : 9/11 !

I can't believe that there are some people who do really celebrate Sept. 11th, greeting each other, and even writing that on MSN and Facebook!!

No matter what Bush does to the world, we should never mix that with our sympathy for those who lost their loved ones in that horrible day that changed the world to a much worse place to live.

El Fazoura: Why should anyone be happy because of 9/11?!



Mona said...

Well, again, I don't have an answer to your 9/11 puzzle as I was not shown the hearts and minds of the people who are happy about the 2001 Sept. 11 events. But this year it looks like the United States is actually taking an impressive positive attitude toward the anniversary of 9/11.

Barack Obama, in a statement, said that on Sept. 11, 2001, "Americans across our great country came together to stand with the families of the victims, to donate blood, to give to charity, and to say a prayer for our country. Let us renew that."

In another statement, Obama said that 9/11 showed "that here in America, we all have a stake in each other; I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper; and we rise and fall as one nation."

“Seven years after terrorist attacks plunged the United States into despair and then lifted it into unprecedented - if fleeting - unity, the nation is now entangled in an election that highlights the divisiveness that defines it. On Thursday, at Ground Zero, the presidential candidates will take a campaign-trail time-out to stand together. “We will put aside politics and come together to renew that unity,” Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain said in a joint statement reminding Americans that on Sept. 11, 2001, “we were united as one American family.”” (Quoting Atlanta Journal- Constitution)

Inspiring...that's all I have to say.

omar said...

yes indeed mona but those who are happy who think that america is al shaytan el akbar and they are the angels.

Mona said...

Omar, I don't know what to say. For some reason I thought that all of us people were human beings. But maybe some of us got mixed up on that part.

Shimaa Gamal said...

elly shemto fi 9/11 back then shemto fi the US governement el fetewa elly bey7aded maseer sokan el 3alam. I believe en fi nas keteer shemtet fihom, not only the arabs.
As for sympathizing with the victims, mesh kol el nas te2dar to sympathize ma3ahom, coz u know fi 3arab keteer kano beymooto bel ta2yeed wel 7emaya el american. wel nas elly beymotolna dol civilians bardo, as innocent as those who died in 9/11 weymken kaman more innocent. fa akeed kan fi lazem nas mesh hatata3ataf. we tabee3y en fi nas teshmat, we fi a7san el zoroof el 7adtha kolaha mesh hatfre2 ma3 nas keteer.
ama ba2a elly 7asal ba3d 9/11, and the US reaction, wel talteesh wel tadbeesh akeed lafat nazar nas makanetsh mohtama we damet-hom le saf nas shamtana.
After 7 yrs, besara7a ana shayfa en fi 7ad lazem ye2ool lel ekhwa el american yenzelo mn 3ala el masra7 ba2a we kefaya tamseel or yeego yakhdo course fi el 3alam el 3araby ezay tetawy da7ayak we tanzor lel most2abal.
kaman el nas elly lessa shamtana ba3d 7 yrs el mafrood yenadafo 2olbhom shewaya. le2n el shamta mesh hatfeed be7aga.
nas malhash zanb matet, zay nas keteer betmoot malhash zanb, wel hamdullah america akhdet betarhom. 2atlet odam kol wa7ed 100 fi el 3era2 we afghanstan, dah 3'ier elly beymoto tabee3y fi palestine welly mato fi lebanon. 2atalet bardo nas malhash zanb 3'ier enaha shabah elly bey2olo enohom 3amlo el 3amla el soda di. ba2a kol 3araby we kol muslim motaham wageb fih tanfeez 7okm el e3dam.

Mona said...


"After 7 yrs, ... or yeego yakhdo course fi el 3alam el 3araby ezay tetawy da7ayak we tanzor lel most2abal."

I am not sure I am getting the point about the course on the Arab World thing that you are suggesting and I really would like to learn more about what you mean by that. Thanks for you help.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mona :)
I mean that here in the Arab world we are used to sacrifice innocents and keep on our lives.
For instance, the children killed by the Israeli in Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon. No one kept mourning them for 7 yrs or even for less (sometimes occasionally Aljazeera will remember some of them to fill some idle time). Not because they don’t worth the mourning but because the Arabs learnt the hard lesson that innocents might get killed and life is to keep going on because there will always be an innocent to mourn. (Remember Mohamed El Dura, the kid who got killed and inspired a new intifada? His death was that big to inspire thousands of Arabs to protest the Israeli occupation and he was forgotten the same way the whole Palestine issue was forgotten)
But unlike the Americans most of the Arabs won’t even dare dreaming of revenge. Look how many innocents died in return for those who died in 9/11. And in 7 yrs, those who died in 9/11 are still remembered and those who were killed in the US implementation of “an eye for an eye” are just past.
I believe that the 9/11 is highly affecting the US politics in the time it should not. It turned the United States into a monster, Bush’s administration sought blood everywhere but the right place. They killed innocents, gained hate and achieved nothing. I think Mr. Obama’s speech is both inspiring and commercial. These types of speeches were described by the Egyptian famous writer Mahmood El Sa3dany as “7angooreya”. He used that misery and some sound words to appear like the new knight, typical politics. If the US is really serious about taking a positive attitude towards the 9/11 Americans should mourn all those who died because of that day. And start a new era, and start mending what Bush and his 9/11 politics ruined.

Mai Fouad said...

about me wa ba3d 7 yrs mosh 2arda
a7eded ana ma3 or aganist 11/9
sa7e7 ely mato abraya2 bas mat adohom 100 mara fe felisten wa
3'erha teftekry ely nazamo 11/9 kano bey7awlo ye7aseso elamricans bely el3arab kol yom bey7esoh(ely bey7eso menhom ya3ny) wa beyshofoh fel News kol yom fa elnas
te3amelna ka bashar ba2a mosh bugs beymawtoha wala elamricans 1st class wa e7na mosh moshkela

ahh ely 7asal ba3d 11 sep taltesh bas teftekro ely 7asal dah fe Iraq wa 3'erha makansh haye7sal lawla 11/9

11/9 mosh aktar min sharara wa forsa gatlohom 3ala taba2 min dahab 3alshan ye7a2a2o 7elmohom fe emtalak el3alam homa kda kda kano haye3melo keda fe 11/9 aw la2 kano hayla2o ay tare2a kano hayzabatoha homa 12/9 aw 13/9 :))... lol

kda kda homa abl 11/9 kano ya3ny saybena fe 7alna ma kolena 3arfen en ely Isra2el bete3melo fel Middle east min senen ta7t re3ayet America

bas ely me7ayarny bardo e7na nestahel kda wala la2 ya3ny felestine ba2alhom kam sana kda da law kol 10 mesko yahody 2ataloh kano 7'elso min senen ba3den shofna ba2a elseba2 3al solta I feel enohom mostamte3en wa
montafe3en bel e7telal

zayena kd fe masr mo7talen bas
da7'leyan elmalek wa welado beyedona 3ala afana kol yom ;)

fe 7aga 3'areba wa tabalod fel masha3er wa nas maba2etsh nas hona 3ala nafsena fa hona 3al 3alam kolo

ely ana shyfah en elyahod homa ely bey7arako eldonya kolaha min 7'alal tafker monazam min senen wa dah 7elmohom "El7elm Elyahody" kolo yomot even Amrica wa tefdal Israel

ya rab emla 2olobna karama wa 3eza da e7na ahlaha ya rab