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Monday, September 8, 2008

466) Help Deweaa's People!

It is Ramadan and the spiritual feeling are higher than any month. In this disaster (not natural one as it results from careless attitue of government and people), we should be giving a hand in saving these fellow Egyptians (muslims and non-muslims). If you want to help, please find the info below:

(Thanks for Sanaa Tobah)

1. El Bedaya is accepting in-kind donations at its premises in Ezbit Bekhit behind the Sheikh Kassem Mosque which is on the main road along the railway. We are at the Community Center (Markaz El Khadamat), 1 Kama'en St, last floor. You can call any of these numbers for assistance in delivery or pickup of donations Sanaa 012 216 0332Ashraf 011 2727789Shefa 012 8684425Mohamed 012 8401476 Needs include: bottled water (0.5 liter and 1.5 liter), 200ml and 500ml containers/boxes of milk, 200ml containers of juiceclothing for children and adults (galabeyas for men and women)floor mats (plastic or straw) 200 pcs neededdry or canned food El Bedaya has also started a relief fund for immediate needs, but also to refurbish new homes for those families who have lost absolutely everything they own. The account number is: Bank Misr, Mouski Branch, El Bedaya Association for Education, account no: 103/1/28910.

2. ADEW (the Association for Development and Enhancement of Women) headed by Dr. Iman Bibars are accepting inkind and cash donations at their offices at 8/10 El Mathaf St., 5th floor, apt 12, El Manial You can call Magda, Sanaa or Nermine on 016 551 8588 or Magda on 010 154 0486 The needs list for inkind contributions is the same as El Bedaya's (above)

3. Sama for Development (23 Sakr Koreish St., Masakin Sheraton across from Oriental Weavers; call Khaled 010 111 3461) are delivering prepared meals including beverages. You can deliver unprepared or prepared food. They also need manpower to help package and deliver food(i.e. use your own car or pay for a pickup) to the site. Also check out their group on facebook : Ramadan Mo خtalef

4. The Food Bank is also delivering prepared meals but they are covered for the next 10 days. They are accepting donations in all major banks account number 888777. You can also call 16060. In the short-term they will be delivering food to relocated families who have lost their homes and belongings. I have to say, everyone, that the ineptness of the 'system' in the rescue effort is shameful and has caused a lot of anger in the community; but the tireless efforts of local youth and NGO members who have gathered to help gives me hope for this country yet. They are really quite impressive.

May Allah bless all who died, and cure those who are still in hospitals, and us all thawab el mosa3ada.


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amina said...

thanks a lot mohaly for the info , rescue effort is shameful and has caused a lot of anger in the community, and we have to do it ourselves in order to rescue these peope.