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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

467) Fawazeer Ramadan - The Proof ?!

There are 2 statements that I always read and hear to the extent they are dealt with as known facts:

1. The Egyptians are the most relegious people.
2. The Egyptian Kids are the smartest in the world.

I really want to know what is the proof? This question has turned into a real fazoura coz What I see and experience myself is almost the total oppoiste!



Shimaa Gamal said...

Both statements are completely relative, you can’t judge unless you have a standard to compare to.
For instance, the Egyptian kids are the smartest in the world is a rumor, wa7ed motafa2el keda 2alha fi yoom. They are smart bas we keep forget that intelligence is something affected by the environment. Intelligence is genetic, so initially all the kids around the world are born bearing the intelligence of their parents later this intelligence s affected by many factors. 7aram nezel el tefel el Japanese we ne2ool en el tefel el masry azka menoh.
As for the Egyptians being the most religious people, momken ne2ool en el masryeen betoo3 rabena, tadayon el masryeen tadayon fareed. Cocktail mn 7agat keteera awy, yemken bemakayees el tadayon el tanya el masryeen mesh motadyneen. As Muslims for instance, el masryeen sona be hawa shee3y, mo7tafzeen bel keteer mn el tokoos el wathanya … ya3ny on the scale of el tadayon el Islamy el masryeen mesh motdayneen. Laken 3ala mekyas el eman, el masryeen sha3b saboor, wel sabr aham 7aga fi el eman.

It is all relative

Yasmine said...

everything is nature and nurture.
i could be smart by nature, but i am not nurtured the right way to allow me to make the best out of my intelligence.

fa e7na el7amdolellah, the nurture part modammara tamaaaaman :D

mabenkhafsh gheir 3al akl, "da makalsh 7aga men el sob7!", "da taba2o lesa be7alo!", "lazem newadeeh le dr taghzeya la7san mesh byakol kwayes!", "el 7adana di 7elwa awi, bey2akelouhom wagbetein fel yom!"

mesh mohem el 3eyal marmeya oddam el TV all day, mesh mohem byetfarago 3ala eh, mesh mohem enohom sahraneen le7ad 2am, mesh mohem enohom mabeyro7oush el nady yegro we yel3abo, bas beyrou7o el cafe ma3a mama we baba, we beyshemmo dokhan shisha 2ad keda, mesh mohem el ta3leem bey3ally daraget el ghaba2, mesh mohem kol da...

ayy tefl fel donya 3ando potential zaka2... el mohem bene3mel eh bel potential da, bennameeh, wala bendamaroh!

amma el tadayon... yakfi eno masr feeha a3la mo3adalat mo3aksa yawmeya fel share3 :)
fe3lan daleel 3ala el tadayon el 3ameek!

e7na bas fal7in ne3ally el 2adan, we nehtam el naby 3aleh el salaty wal salam kan byeghsel senano men el shemal lel yemin, wala el 3aks (true story, da kan so2al fe bernameg deeny).
we nantaked folan we 3ellan 3ala solouko el gheir 7adary...

laken nebos 3ala nafsena wen7aseb nafsena? abadan! nebatal ghesh we rashwa we ellet nezam? Never! "ana kaman wa2ti mayesma7sh eni at3atal fe tawabir we egra2at we routine."

gameel awi el tadayon beta3na

gjoe said...

Egyptians? Religious? mesh 3arfa, sem3etah feen deh..

we have mazaher el religion, we say el7amdolellah, w insa Allah, w masha Allah, women wear hijab, bass teegy ba2a teshoof mo3amalat..ensa ya mohaly!

3ayez te3raf el nass religious walla la2a? shoof beyta3amloh ezzay bel feloos, and how they treat women.

Belnesba lel smart kids, i wont be amazed if every country had the same statistics, promoted by some proud parents

Mona said...

I am not aware of any complete research study that has been conducted to prove or disprove these statements, so I have to say that I don't have an answer to your puzzle. But nevertheless, I have an opinion on the topic.

I think it is ok for us Egyptians to take pride in ourselves and our abilities as long as we recognize and acknowledge our limitations. Pride and humility go hand in hand. We are who we are now and we have to accept that and not pretend to be something else that we are not. Only when we decide we are ready to change, we will make it happen. When there is a will, there is a way.

Elusive One said...

I guess these rumours keep some of the people feeling satisfied as prices rise and life around them gets more hopeless.

I've heard that the myth of Egyptians being the most religious is a misinterpretation from the Quran where Masr is mentioned, but in actual fact doesn't refer to Masr Egypt. I can't remember the verse - sorry.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Elusive One
Egypt (Masr) was mentioned more than once in Quran. It is also mentioned in the bible and torah. It was mentioned in the story of Mousses, Youssef.

ورد ذكر مصر في القران الكريم تصريحا منها:
وإذ قلتم يا موسى لن نصبر على طعام واحد فادع لنا ربك يخرج لنا مما تنبت الأرض من بقلها وقثائها وفومها وعدسها وبصلها قال أتستبدلون الذي هو أدنى بالذي هو خير اهبطوا مصرا فإن لكم ما سألتم وضربت عليهم الذلة والمسكنة وباؤوا بغضب من الله - البقرة 61
قال الذي اشتراه من مصر لامرأته أكرمي مثواه عسى أن ينفعنا أو نتخذه ولدا وكذلك مكنا ليوسف في الأرض ولنعلمه من تأويل الأحاديث والله غالب على أمره ولكن أكثر الناس لا يعلمون -يوسف 21

فلما دخلوا علي يوسف ءاوي اليه ابويه وقال ادخلوا مصر ان شاء الله امنين - يوسف99

ونادي فرعون في قومه قال يقوم اليس لي ملك مصر وهذه الانهار تجري من تحتي افلا تبصرون- الزخرف 51
واوحينا الي موسي واخيه ان تبوءا لقومكما بمصر بيوتا واجعلوا بيوتكم قبلة واقيموا الصلاة وبشر المؤمنين -- يونس 87
و ذكرت تلميحًا فى العديد من المواضع . كما ذكرت مصر فى الحديث النبوى الشريف
قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم
ستفتحون مصر وهي ارض يسمي فيها القيراط فاستوصوا باهلها خيرا فان لهم ذمة ورحمة

ان الله سيفتح عليكم بعدي بمصر فاستوصوا بقبطها خيرا لان لكم منهم صهرا وذمة

اذا فتح الله عليكم مصر فاتخذوا منها جندا كثيفا فذلك خير اجناد الارض لانهم في رباط الي يوم القيامة
صدق رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم

الخلط بين كلمة مصر و تعنى بلد و كلمة مصر و هى إسم بلد هو ما دفع بعض المفسرين بدفع أن المقصود فى بعض الأيات هو أى مصر و ليست مصر و لكن و إن صدقوا فتبقى باقى الأيات التى نشير صراحة إلى مصر أو تلك التى تشير تلميحًا إلى مصر .
But that doesn’t make the Egyptians religious. The same way the fact that the prophet lived in what’s known now as the Saudi Arabia doesn’t make the saudies religious people.

elusive one said...

Hello Shimaa,

I know there are places where Masr meaning Egypt is mentioned in all of the Holy books. It would be quite ignorant of me not to!

I'd have to check with the person who told me about this, but I was told by one that it says in the Quran that Egyptians (or the people of Masr) are or will be the most religious (oops or was it Hadith?). Hmm... maybe I'll just check before I continue. Anyway, this was followed by another person who said it was a misinterpretation. If I get the correct info I'll pop back in and let you know!

I don't read Arabic so I'm not sure what else you wrote. Sorry if there was something I should have replied to in there.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Elusive One
Only the verses were posted in Arabic :)
The Hadith didn't say that Egyptians will be the most religious, the prophet (pbuh) said they are the best soldiers in the world. "fi rebat illa yoom el qeyama".