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Thursday, September 25, 2008

476) Wow: Nokia Morph!

Isn't that amazing!! This phone will be the man's best friend, it is everything mobile, computer, music, video, wear, camera, watch, and can be customized as well. This just in the reserach phase kaman.

This phone is a showcase for nanotechnology's ability to bring flexible materials, transparent electronics, and self-cleaning surfaces to mobile devices.With nanotechnology, Morph can take on any shape the user desires. 

The world is moving so fast, and I am afraid that we will be users and only users, not intiators, not developers, not even using it for the right things at the right times. Ya Rab give us the strength to change and make it to the 21st century that we are already 8 years late!



omar said...

amazing! anyone knows when it wuill be commerical?

Mai Fouad said...

Ohh great!! although I don't like mobiles as it always makes me reachable but this is not an ordinary mobile

I am also just like you looking for the day we will be creators I get bored being just user

I wanna be one of those who develop things for others