-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

609) Being Yourself ::: Episode 2 - Part 2 !

This is the 2nd part of last post. Ref: 608

Dear Mohaly,
how far would you -males- go against your society and family and be yourself, when it comes to loving a girl who has "unusual" conditions?
with unusual conditions i mean mainly 2 areas:
2. a girl who has been raped?
would you go against your society and family and marry a girl who has been raped?
out of love and respect and trust - not out of pitty or a heroic temp feeling?
only at a certain phase you would know this truth about her. would you believe her word, or she has to provide some proof?
would you be able to completely forget this fact and start a normal life with such a girl, keeping in mind that she is human, or unconscios influence of society would interfere here?
do you think she has the right to marry somone of her choice, up to her standards and maybe love- or te7med rabena that she finds soemone to marry aslan?
would you be yourself and prefer that she tells before marriage or keeps it hidden through any channel? correct the "mistake" and just keep her mouth shut?
would you be yourself and really work on making it up to her becuase she is just the same girl you know well enough to ask her to share your life? or would tradition interfere and you prefer to stay away and enough that you would keep her secret?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

608) Being Yourself ::: Episode 2 - Part 1 !

As I mentioned before Ramadan that I will have "Being Yourself" as a new series in this blog but this time with your contribution as well. The first contribution I got from one of the blog readers who asked me not to reveal the name. It is a direct question addressing blog readers specially men. This message is divided into 2 parts where I am showing 1st part now and 2nd part in another post.

Dear Mohaly,
How far would you -males- go against your society and family and be yourself, when it comes to loving a girl who has "unusual" conditions?
with unusual conditions i mean mainly 2 areas:

1. older than you:
would you accpet it? i am addressing a generation living in 21st century, educated, open minded and already changed many old norms. but this concept is still not accpeted from many and not tolerated from many families.
what is the point?
- its not 7aram (our prophet & Khadija),
- its legal -no law agaisnt it,
- no statistics show that older age of a woman could be one of divorce's reasons.
- no moral objections to the concept.
- no medical objections to the concept. never heard that an older wife could be the reason of an unhealthy child.
why do we still look at it as a strange marriage? why do mothers go agaisnt it and see their sons as "etda7ak 3aleih"?
is it bad? is it wrong?
why do we still look at the girl in such a case as "shatra" because she convinced him of accepting her?
howa is she THAT bad, just because she is older?

would you guys stand for your right of choosing your wife according to your norms and not to your society and family? go agaisnt your mothers and stand to your wife-to-be?
is it hard? unacceptable? bad? wrong?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

607) The Certainty about Virginity!

I find the way we handle the issue of virginity in our society a pure sort of hypocrisy and double standards. How come we are entering the 2nd decade of the 21st century, and a vast majority of us are still valuing and classifying women according to z-sometimes only according to- physical virginity?

I am not calling for having an open pre-marital sexual relations (although I still believe that it is totally a personal choice, and something that is hard to judge as it is All mighty God's not us who can judge, and punish- unless publically witnessed by 4 which is practically almost impossible ...etc.).

For the Hypocrisy part, we all know that now it is very easy for any girl to do what she wants and keep her virginity:

1. Either by going through all the steps the last step (you know what I mean).

2. Having an operation.

3. And now the latest Chinese -why am I not surprized- invention below!

So are we fooling ourselves or what?

For the Double Standards, I can't understand how come it is relatively acceptable -sometimes "desirable"- for men to have pre-marital sexual relations while women are always to be blamed and judged! I personally see virginity as an attitude and respect before being a physical test to prove it, whether you are a man or a woman!

Last and not least, why I do I feel that China understands us more than ourselves? They know that the Arab Culture is generally pro being satisfied if everything in public or on paper is fine, even if it is actually not!


القاهرة - قالت تقارير صحفية ان الاسوق السورية استقبلت في الايام الاخيرة "أغشية بكارة صناعية" مستوردة من الصين.

واشار تقرير لوكالة انباء دي برس السورية ان غشاء بكارة الصينى يباع في العاصمة السورية دمشق مقابل 15 دولار.

ونقلت الوكالة نص الإعلان الشائع في شوارع المدن الصينية الذي يقول "استعيدي عذريتك في خمس دقائق ، المنتج التكنولوجي الراقي.. سرك المفزع يختفي للأبد ، استعيدي عذريتك بخمسة عشر دولارا ، بلا جراحة، ولا حقن، ولا أدوية ولا آثار جانبية بخمسة عشر دولارا فقط".

Saturday, September 19, 2009

606) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: First Post !

This is the last fazoura, and I will make it 2 in 1 (as I do repeat both every year, & coz the 2nd one may not be of interest to many, so there is an option :)

1st Fazoura: What was the first post that attracted you to this blog? & What was the first post to add your comment on?
the answers sometimes surprize me. Some people take sometime (even a year) to start writing their first comment :)

2nd Fazoura: Did you check-out Laylat El Qadr this year, if yes, which night did you feel the most?


I really enjoyed the Fawazeer with you & your comments this year, and will continue next year inShaa Allah law kan fel 3omr ba2ea.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

605) Fawazeer Ramadan .... The Losers win!

This is a Taza fazoura, just happened yesterday!

The Government decided to give 1 month bonus for all the public sector INCLUDING-we khali balak awi men including- the LOSING COMPANIES!

El Fazoura: If you are a manager, why do you give your losing employees a bonus? and even if you give them, what is the message you are delivering if you are giving them the same amount as the achievers?!!!

وافق الدكتور محمود محيي الدين وزير الاستثمار علي صرف أجر شهر منحة لجميع العاملين بشركات قطاع الأعمال العام‏,‏ بما فيها الشركات الخاسرة,‏ ويبدأ صرف المنحة اعتبارا من اليوم‏,‏ ويستمر حتي منتصف شهر أكتوبر المقبل‏.‏
Ahram 16 Sept 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

604) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Three Decades !

Suppose that you became the president of a relatively big but non-developed country for ... let's say 3 decades. El Fazoura: Will the country by the end of this period be better or worse?

P.S. Any resemblance between the fazoura and any actual facts that may go through your mind is a pure coincidence ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

602) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Felous El 7okoma!

It is always the same case; what the government gives to the people with the right hand, it takes back (sometimes even before it gives it) with the left hand..!
El Fazoura: Why does the government give the money in the first place, why the hassle?!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

600) Tribute to Life & Death; Tooti & Didi !

For those who joined the blog after the 500th post, I do dedicate every 100 post to someone.

This time I am dedicating it to 2 people who are very much related but have never seen each other. Actually one of them has just arrived right after the other left. I am dedicating this post to my grandma "mama didi" who left us in 2009 to a better world, and to my lovely niece "tooti" (nour) who arrived in 2009 too.

Didi and Nour are very close to me, and I have been wondering about the timing of their leaving and arrival. Is it a message from God to tell us that there will always be compensation someway, somehow, or it is just pure coincidence?!

In all cases I am always remembering my grandma, and LOVING the feeling of the uncle. Nour is a VERY fussy baby who needs 25 hours attention per day. Her father now is in Saudi, so I am her "Acting Father" now, and that is a new experience for me especially with such a young age. The good thing that I am the one whom she smile to the most, and we already have our song and dance :) I treat her as if she is 1 year old and she is less than 2 months old!

God Bless Nour and Rest Didi's soul in Heaven.


P.S. in the picture, I was so tired from pampering Noor all day on weekend, so we spontaneously took a nap together, and my sister couldn't pass the moment without capturing it :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

599) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: SomeOne !

Someone who knows you deep inside, may be closer than your friends, but not a friend. Someone who may be with you in the same room at anytime of the day, but he is not your relative or flat-mate. Someone who may make a difference in your life?!

Tip: The idea of this fazoura is based on an inquiry from someone I respect ;)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

598) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Wrong Number!

Why If you dial a wrong number or you pick a random number and dial it, you rarely -or never- get a busy signal and someone always answers?