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Thursday, September 10, 2009

602) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Felous El 7okoma!

It is always the same case; what the government gives to the people with the right hand, it takes back (sometimes even before it gives it) with the left hand..!
El Fazoura: Why does the government give the money in the first place, why the hassle?!



Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Just to make us feel more miserable :D

And i have a little comment: it's always that we are given money from the right and we are over charged from the left. So actually you are paying more than what u are getting.

Irony is the word to use when it comes to our government and the Treasury sector.

amina said...

impressive photo :)

Tamer Timberlake said...

don't ask us or our govt.

i suggest you as the real powers that be, the imf and the world bank. why do they take with the left what they handover with the right. our govt is one of many 'emerging mkt' nations subjugated by those 2 entities.

sadly the avge masry thinks it's his govt taking his money!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Because it is the government's job :)
Government is supposed to provide services and someone have to pay :)

Sara said...

just for the fun of it!
Today is my first class :D

MariannE_N said...

OMG ... The post is really hialrious and the comments are hilarious too. I got impressed by the powers to be idea. I really can't stop laughing. And that would be my answer le7al el loghz

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if you are expecting a serious answer... but as someone who was once in that kitchen, it is because the gov. realises that if it didn't bother give people money nothing would get done. They need some sort of carrot to go with the ever present stick. So they pay salaries and subsidies and incentives, confident in their ability to get the money back (with interest) through other channels :)

farouk said...

@inji can't quite grasp your logic?

since when do people work for free? granted the iconic egyptian 'mewazaf' treks to work just to sign in and his daily tasks are at best nominal, but so is his pay!

so i don't see where your carrot/stick postulate would apply!

if someone bothered to retrain these poor souls for the 21ist century, they wouldn't need subsidies and would probably create a surplus for the govt instead of a deficit!

I also second tamer on his imf/who theory!

farouk said...

sorry meant world bank!

E N G Y said...

3alashan t2aleb 7abet floos in the giving process and 7abba tanyeen in the taking process.
That's of course besides what it takes!!

Mohaly said...

I can see many different and good replies ranging from sarcasm to serious ones.

I think Timberlake and Injis got the
most convincing answers, wala eih :)

Mohaly said...

welcome to Ze2red Hanem, Tamer Timberlake, Sara, and Farouk :)

Sara: Congratulations :)

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Thank youu :)

First visit with first comment, was impressive even for me. i'm waiting for a new fazora btw.

Anonymous said...

thanks mohaly! you run a very engaging blog!

Tamer Timberlake said...

you are very gracious mohaly! been reading you for a while, but finally gave in and posted.

I also believe that Inji's conjecturing is on point!

Farouk, retraining an entire lower middle class entails changing a mindset and that takes generations!

the call centers and the IT sector of bangalore took decades to make. they stem from mohandes k gandhi's war illiteracy.

only the 'elite' are tapped into the global mrkt in our country. pedigreed, insular graduates of private schools, armed with degrees from exclusive universities. usually foreign (lse,nyu,columbia) or local (auc.) have the ability and the access to procure a job upon graduation. (don't get into a hissy i'm guilty as charged.)

not until our public education is ramped up will we see that surplus farouk!

so forget the saying 'le howa ana hindee' because 'mahassalnash hatta el hinood!' because the joke's on us this time!

Fareed Elsherbeny said...

OMG. It's an interesting Fazoora. I guess Government just plays this role for its international reputation. What actually happens is that Egypt declared almost everywhere about its 7% annual salary increase and post it everywhere, but it does not actually go into telling us how much it would help people since inflation rate is almost 45%.

Deh esmaha le3b we de7k 3ala eldeoon

Wala Eih

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks! Flattered.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the premise, ya reit fazoura every day :)

Mohaly said...

thanks Timber, u gotta comment more, u really have thoughtful ones.

Thank Anon (who are you)

Injis, I wish I can write everyday but there are many oblgations in life, every other day fazoura is good bardo :)