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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

598) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Wrong Number!

Why If you dial a wrong number or you pick a random number and dial it, you rarely -or never- get a busy signal and someone always answers?



H.A.W. said...

TRUE. but It happens often to be busy,and as i know the other party has 'waiting' feature,i know i dialled a wrong number. Never tried a random number.

H.A.W. said...

And when someone called by mistake or mo3aksah,our phone was free bardo!!!

ahmed said...

A man had his head shaved and was paraded through the streets of an Indian village for dialling a wrong number.


amina said...

I hate people who dial random numbers ma3andhomsh dam abadan

john said...

Have you ever counted how many times that you put up a phone slowly, dial the number carefully, wait to be answered devoutly, but finally hear a strange voice talking, be told you have dialed the wrong number, sometimes even receive some scolding as well, and then listen to the ‘du-du’ sound laughing at you? It is quite common to dial the wrong number or to receive a wrong call since people have to press many buttons to call someone, and they did not know who was calling while the scream of the telephone was occupying the whole room. Careless guys like me often fell into such conditions.

Mohaly said...

ya gama3a very interesting info about wrong numbers :) it seems it is gonna be a science !

feen ba2a 7al el fazoura?

we feen el 3M? (Maha, Mary, we Merhan)

Noblese said...

You didn't mention whether it was a classic phone apparatus or a mobile one.

Mohaly said...

The landline noblese :)

Maha Aly said...

I am here Mohaly :))
Never thought about the wrong #'s & as H.A.W, never dialed a random #.
But it could happen that you dial a wrong # & u find it busy!!

feen el fazoora mesh fahma !!!

Omar Rostom said...

wa7asheetna ya Maha!

el fazoura is sooo easy but tricky, it is asking WHY? so the answer is because.

My answer is that we never find a wrong number busy because we don't know that it is a wrong number until we talk with the person on the other line, mesh keda wala eih :)

Mohaly said...

Omar winning this time :)

Maha Aly said...

Hi Omar... Ramadan kareem
7elw awy "why / because" :))
Still i am not convinced with this Fazoora :)

Omar Rostom said...

why ya 7aga maha, mal nas kolaha radet and even 7atet link :p
enti bas ghayrana meni 3ashan 2ana el 3ereft el 7al

e3terfi enik bete7kedi 3alaya ya maha ;)

Maha Aly said...

Omar ... begad hamoot men el de7k of what u wrote :))
w ba3deen ya seedy law hayraya7ak a2olak eny ghayrana from ur answer ... mashy !!
But what i said that i am not convinced from the "FAZOURA" itself, aw ana ely ba2eet ghabo2a ba2a ... e7temal my brian got rusted in Ramadan !!!

Omar Rostom said...

I wont believe you then ya Maha coz this is ahyaf fazoura feehom, so how maha with the good brain cant see it?

it seems that your brain works at a certain level, el 7amdoullah that mohaly considers el nas eli ta7t zaynea with easy fawazeer.

Anyway the 1st and today's fazoura are very hard, enjoy it ba2a ;)