-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Monday, September 27, 2010

721) Arabs Money .... Down the Drain !!

Arabs should be entitled for the World Records in consumption, with distinction regarding how silly the fields of consumption are. I will just be mentioning selected numbers from the non-periodical reports of Arab World Consumptions, and briefly commenting..although sometimes I feel that there is no comment, but I will leave that to you to decide...

Outcome of monthly cellular SMS messages that appear on the bar at the bottom of the screen of Arab satellite channels in the downlink convergence (8) million dollars

The cost of producing video clips of Arab songs is (16) billion dollars per year

Total annual income of domestic servants is Arab (35) billion dollars ! or approximately (3) billion dollars a month!! 

Total spending by the Arab Women on beauty products in a single year is (2) billion dollars (1.5 billion share of Gulf women!

Total spending by all the Arab countries on scientific research is (1.7) billion dollars annually, representing (0.3%) only of the gross national product
For comparison: in France, 2.7%, Sweden 2.9%, Japan 3% (ie, 10 times as much Arab countries combined), In Israel, 4.7% according to figures from UNESCO for the year 2004)!

The number of illiterates in the Arab world is more than the (100) million,  this means that one of every 3 Arabs can not read or write!!!  And for those who spend their money on books: The average number of books read by an American per year (11) books, and European (7) BooksThe Arab in a single year does not exceed a quarter page 

P.S. Thank God that the report did not mention how much do Arabs spend on prostitutes and sex escorts.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

720) Being Positive ::: Yes We Can... Save Lives !

Accidents in Egypt specially Cairo has reached a scary limit. We are loosing thousands of lives each year most of which are young people. I lost my dear cousin in an accident, and some of my friends too.. May be it is not the first time I talk about this but it is dramatically increasing and I think we must be working in parallel with the government (if they do anything about it aslan) to size it down.

For example, the driving licence requires a test but it is a fake one. Why don't we make sure that we really can drive before driving not for the sake of issuing the license but for the sake of our and others safety.

Why don't we teach our younger siblings and kids to respect the ambulance and stop to the nearest right when we hear its alarm.

Why don't we exert some more effort and have some patience to cross the street from its intersections and when the traffic light is red (now the new monitored lights are really respected by cars).

Why don't we drive on the right when we are moving slowly so that we don't get hit by someone driving fast on the left lane?

Why don't we stop holding the mobile with one hand and driving with the other?

Why don't we place the children in the back seats?

And many other stuff that we can do without a need for regulation or law, even if this will make a 10% difference, it is enough to motivate us to do it, we are talking about lives here...

I still miss my cousin and I wanna be a reason for saving someone else's cousin..


Saturday, September 18, 2010

719) El E7sas El 3asry Lel Ensan El Masry !!

I am Egyptian ...

Ana Masry ...

What do you feel when you say that?

In other words Law Sa2ltak Enta Masry te2oli eih?

Do you feel Proud? ... Challenged? .... Frustrated? .... Worried?....or you simply don't care? or even worse you are Ashamed?

I am personally having a mix of all these feelings..
Proud of the ability to survive all these years and all these challenges
Challenged to make any difference
Frustrated coz I can't see any real development
Worried about the future and our kids
Don't care about the fictional democracy and meaningless speeches
and Ashamed of what we have become in &  to the world.

Am I being Pessimistic? or I am just as Realistic as it gets and dreaming of a major change coming soon !!


Monday, September 13, 2010

M.O.H.@.L.Y.I.©.S ::: Choose Your Topics !

I hope you had a nice time off in Eid.. :)

I am currently planning to continue the 5 Episodes Series "Challenging Yourself" that I have started before Ramadan, in addition to some of the suggestions I had from couple of the blog readers and followers.

I thought before doing that to take your opinion and know what you wanna read about..

So Would you kindly comment (in this post) stating the 3 topics you wanna discuss and read about during the coming period?

The topics should be within the scope of community and personal development (covering political, social (relationships), economic, technological and cultural aspects).


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

718) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Ruling Egypt !

We all know that President Mubarak was ruling Egypt in the turn of the 21st century & the 3rd Millennium.
El Fazoura: can you identify who was ruling Egypt in the turn of the last Century, and last Millennium?

-20th Century (1901)
- Turn of the Millennium (1001) 

Bonus: Who will be ruling in 2101 ;)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

717) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Peace Ya Man !

Ahhhh, 3amaleyet el salam, saba7 el fol !!!

El Fazoura: Can you spot the "differences" and "similarities" in these 2 photos of the peace process direct negotiations (in the 90s and 10s).

P.S> Tab3an one of the similarities doesn't change abadan ;)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

716) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Number C !

El Fazoura: Where does the letter "C" appear in the spelling of the numerical figures (One, Two, Three...etc)?