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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

720) Being Positive ::: Yes We Can... Save Lives !

Accidents in Egypt specially Cairo has reached a scary limit. We are loosing thousands of lives each year most of which are young people. I lost my dear cousin in an accident, and some of my friends too.. May be it is not the first time I talk about this but it is dramatically increasing and I think we must be working in parallel with the government (if they do anything about it aslan) to size it down.

For example, the driving licence requires a test but it is a fake one. Why don't we make sure that we really can drive before driving not for the sake of issuing the license but for the sake of our and others safety.

Why don't we teach our younger siblings and kids to respect the ambulance and stop to the nearest right when we hear its alarm.

Why don't we exert some more effort and have some patience to cross the street from its intersections and when the traffic light is red (now the new monitored lights are really respected by cars).

Why don't we drive on the right when we are moving slowly so that we don't get hit by someone driving fast on the left lane?

Why don't we stop holding the mobile with one hand and driving with the other?

Why don't we place the children in the back seats?

And many other stuff that we can do without a need for regulation or law, even if this will make a 10% difference, it is enough to motivate us to do it, we are talking about lives here...

I still miss my cousin and I wanna be a reason for saving someone else's cousin..



Zeyad Fay said...

we wont and will never do :(

Mohaly said...

Why Ziad?

Rawanies said...
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Mohaly said...

it seems that u had a special relation Rawanies.. Allah yer7amo..

what else can be done ya gama3a?

May said...

أظهرت أرقام رسمية في مصر أن حوادث السير في هذا البلد قتلت العام الماضي 6486 شخصا، وعوّقت 35 ألفا، وسجلت زيادة بـ8.9% عن عام 2008، وكان نصيب الطرق السريعة من مجمل الحوادث نحو 22%.

وجاءت الأرقام في نشرة إحصائية سنوية يصدرها الجهاز المركزي للتعبئة العامة والإحصاء.

ويرجع ارتفاع عدد حوادث السيارات خاصة على الطرق السريعة إلى عدم الالتزام بقواعد المرور، وسهولة الحصول على رخصة القيادة عن طريق الوساطة أو الرشوة.

كما يوجد نوع من التساهل في تطبيق العقوبات التي تصل أحيانا إلى السجن، لذلك شكل العنصر البشري نسبة 68% من أسباب الحوادث، بينما شكل سوء خدمة الطرق نحو 7%.

وتكثف خدمة الإسعاف عملها لمواجهة تزايد الحوادث، فوصل عدد مراكز الإسعاف الخاصة بالطرق 1053 مركزا، و2713 سيارة إسعاف.

وأشارت النشرة إلى مجموعة مؤشرات مهمة تخص السيارات منها أن المعدل اليومي للحوادث بلغ في المتوسط 62.4 حادثا، ونحو 2.6 حادث كل ساعة، كما بلغ عدد حالات الوفاة بسبب حوادث السيارات 17.7 حالة يوميا، و79 مصابا يوميا أيضا.

وعن حوادث القطارات أشارت النشرة إلى أنها بلغت عام 2009 نحو 1577 حادثة، بزيادة 22% مقارنة بعام 2008، وخلفت 64 قتيلا، ونحو 155 مصابا، وكان النصيب الأكبر لقطارات الوجه البحري بـ44% من مجمل الحوادث.

ونظرا لهذا العدد الكبير من حوادث السير، فقد قدر تقرير لمركز المعلومات التابع لمجلس الوزراء، حجم التعويضات التي صرفتها شركات التأمين عام 2007 بمليار جنيه سنويا عام 2007.

ويرجح أن يكون المبلغ المصروف أكبر لأن ثقافة التأمين على السيارات غير منتشرة في مصر، ولا يقبل عليها سوى أصحاب السيارات الحديثة

NanaInHiHeels said...

This is very true.. here in Egypt cars come first, not ppl.. I was a victim of a car accident myself.. but the driver was human enuf to take me to the hospital… now I have to live with my dromophobia… I am sorry for your loss Mohaly and Rawanie
I dunno.. but it seems that some ppl just don’t respect anyone or anything.. and this has nothing to do b2a with background, education or family or anything.. its so very much disappointing that one is not respected as a human being in their country but respected in … the US masalan where cars give way to pedestrians to cross even when the traffic light is green… w ba3den there is no way to avoid the road and use the underground.. when I used to use it I rarely got the chance to go down in my station.. the entering crowd often pushed me back in :(… the underground shud be a wonderful ride.. again in the US.. I find ppl… be they students or beggars 7ata.. respecting the rules.. starting from standing on the rite to allow ppl in a hurry to pass to stepping back to allow customers to exit.. um not a fan of the US.. only ordinary Americans and any ppl who respect humans.. um human and love to be treated accordingly..
And yes Rawanie.. life of Egyptians means nothing.. i heard once on the radio that many deadly accidents take place on the courniche road in Alexandria after the lanes have been expanded.. but the government didnt build any tunnel wala bridge 7ata for pedestrians to cross "3ashan el taklefa".. asl el 7koma hatgeeb mnen ya 3eny.. we b3den el ragel el mo7taram el mas2ool 2al howa eh aslan ely y7'aly el nas t3ady men henak.. ma yemsho 7eta so3'yara w y3ado men 3nd el eshara.. el 7eta el so3'ayara de ba2a tel3et mosh 3rfa kam kilo keda.. 7aga keda bta3et arba3 7'amas shware3…tayeb eh el 3amal.. awalan.. ne2tel el mas2ool w b3deha nfakar fe saneyan..

Yassminaz said...

It is great from you Mohaly . why don't we start an initiative for that, by increasing the awareness of basic rules of driving or spreading the cautions of dealing with streets generally ?

I think it may be a good idea, and you could use your blog, facebook , twitter and any famous internet applications.

Believe me it will work, I'm one from the drivers who didn't find anyone to teach me the correct rules of driving , and i don't know some of the signs in the streets...

Mohaly said...

Yassminaz, i like ur enthusiasm..
but this is cant be done alone, we may need to have a separate blog where many of us can add whatever we got regarding that..

what do blogger readers of Mohalyics think? can we do something like that?

Yassminaz said...

Make a "like " page or a facebook group , write down the internationally known instructions( with the flavor of your spirit :) ), and publish it using your blog :)

Hicham said...

Yes we can but in my opinion, it's a matter of three factors that suppose to work in conjunction:
- etiquettes: from people;
- planning & facilities :from street designers;
- law & order: from state.

Nothing of this actually happen and the last point isn't enough. Moreover, you find our streets became a medium for discharging our problems. I've lost some of my relatives because of this many years ago but nothing changed.

If you travel abroad, you find Egyptians follow the rules because the system (as I explained) is ready for this.

Ze2red said...

i published this few months ago after losing a cousin in a car accident: http://ze2red.blogspot.com/2010/05/driving-pact.html

and i'm trying my best. i'm with yassmin's idea.