-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Saturday, September 18, 2010

719) El E7sas El 3asry Lel Ensan El Masry !!

I am Egyptian ...

Ana Masry ...

What do you feel when you say that?

In other words Law Sa2ltak Enta Masry te2oli eih?

Do you feel Proud? ... Challenged? .... Frustrated? .... Worried?....or you simply don't care? or even worse you are Ashamed?

I am personally having a mix of all these feelings..
Proud of the ability to survive all these years and all these challenges
Challenged to make any difference
Frustrated coz I can't see any real development
Worried about the future and our kids
Don't care about the fictional democracy and meaningless speeches
and Ashamed of what we have become in &  to the world.

Am I being Pessimistic? or I am just as Realistic as it gets and dreaming of a major change coming soon !!



noha said...

mmm.. i dunno.. but i wudnt have a feeling of pride or other just belonging to some country or another.. i mean beggers in washington dont feel proud for being citizens of the world capital.. only hungry and deprived.. its ppl who make any country the way it is.. not the other way round.. we shudnt be frustrated with egypt..its egypt that shud be frustrated with egyptians..

Anonymous said...

we shudnt be frustrated with egypt..its egypt that shud be frustrated with egyptians..!!!!!!!

Brownie said...

I am only half Egyptian, bas i feel;
Love to this country
Angry at the stupidity of some of its people.
Frustrated when i see how some youth are thinking.
Hoping the one it might change...ya Rab

Shereen said...

Actually i have a pit optimistic idea about this issue.

If we read history well we will understand that any civilization sooner or later will be vanished.

Egypt was US during the Pharaohs period.

All we need is to work on ourselves and don't wait to see our results in our generation or the next it may start to appear in the 3rd. generation, but at least we have to work from now.

I always ask myself when i stand between God's hand: what C.V. i will submit in such critical interview.

I do believe that not only prophets have message to people, but we also have to have a message - a specific one - we should fight to transfer it to people. we just need awareness & to think objectively & strategically about every single act we do in our daily life even going shopping, meeting friends,...etc.


Rawanies said...

1) I feel [and smell] frustration, but no hatred - al7amdulellah

2) Most of Egyptians are so worried, frustrated, hopeless, with no expectations for a better tomorrow, and depressed to the extent of suicide...

3) They are struggling with the daily costs of living just to feed their kids. They don't have access to many essential stuff and most of the time no electricity or even water... and there is no balance between the prices and salaries.

4) The minority knows where we have to start and what is right to do, but -lel2asaf- not doing it; and this is something else. and whatever we say is like talking to a deaf ear.. no one really cares about our society - which is unfair.

5) Would you believe that Egyptians are so used to be unhealthy?! No one now remembers what it feels like to be normal or fit.

6) ... Don't really wanna be pessimistic, but I guess it would take at least a generation to make a difference and see its effect...

7) *بابعت لكم طاقة إيجابية *
ya3ni, for a change... :)

Noly said...

You have said it all Mohaly.

I feel proud of how we used to be in the old ages, specially when I feel it in the eyes of others.

Challenged to make this country better.

Frustrated mn 7al nasha ely sakten 3ala kol dah.

Worried about our coming decades dah eza kan feha coming decades asln.

Ashamed mn 7agat ba2a tanya kter...

Yet HOPING for a better future for this country ....... As long there is a will, there is a way!

Mohaly said...

I really wonder, if I posted this post asking Americans or Germans the same questions, what would they say!!

Hicham said...

I am Egyptian no matter what and feel this mix too but I wonder more about three points:-

1. the upcoming near future;
2. the blind emotions that many egyptians use to deal with whatever situation;
3. understanding what Egypt means on all levels, not only the narrow level of political quarrel and games that we see.

I don't think you're pessimistic but realistic for what's going in Egypt.