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Monday, September 27, 2010

721) Arabs Money .... Down the Drain !!

Arabs should be entitled for the World Records in consumption, with distinction regarding how silly the fields of consumption are. I will just be mentioning selected numbers from the non-periodical reports of Arab World Consumptions, and briefly commenting..although sometimes I feel that there is no comment, but I will leave that to you to decide...

Outcome of monthly cellular SMS messages that appear on the bar at the bottom of the screen of Arab satellite channels in the downlink convergence (8) million dollars

The cost of producing video clips of Arab songs is (16) billion dollars per year

Total annual income of domestic servants is Arab (35) billion dollars ! or approximately (3) billion dollars a month!! 

Total spending by the Arab Women on beauty products in a single year is (2) billion dollars (1.5 billion share of Gulf women!

Total spending by all the Arab countries on scientific research is (1.7) billion dollars annually, representing (0.3%) only of the gross national product
For comparison: in France, 2.7%, Sweden 2.9%, Japan 3% (ie, 10 times as much Arab countries combined), In Israel, 4.7% according to figures from UNESCO for the year 2004)!

The number of illiterates in the Arab world is more than the (100) million,  this means that one of every 3 Arabs can not read or write!!!  And for those who spend their money on books: The average number of books read by an American per year (11) books, and European (7) BooksThe Arab in a single year does not exceed a quarter page 

P.S. Thank God that the report did not mention how much do Arabs spend on prostitutes and sex escorts.



Mohamed Shedou محمد شدو said...

7aga teksef!!! :(

Brownie said...

tab we ba3din..this does not get any better =(

Anonymous said...

very good choice of the picture

BaTaBeeT said...

wow !!!

makes me prouder every day :D

especially with the report regarding porn search :D yeah we do win !

Sue said...

That's so sad, I wonder where the Arab world is heading with those numbers!! And yeah like brownie has just said, it doesn't get any better, does it?!
The question now is: why? Is it illiteracy? And if yes, what are the other reasons behind this apparent retardedness and shallowness?
In my point of view, illiteracy is one of the main reasons we're heading back rather than progressing, (if that's not the only reason), and by illiteracy, I don't mean reading and writing, I mean the ignorance, the lack of tolerance and sometimes the innate stupidity that seem to be part of the contemporary Arab culture nowadays.... (pardon me if that sounds offensive, but that's how I see it and it sooooo gets on my nerves, especially when I feel that I am part of this and that nothing seems to be improving or changing for the better. Yeah people get richer and more developed in the corporate world and stuff like that, but that's how they make use of it.)

twilight said...

really loved this article. really makes alot of sense to all the money we're spending

Shereen said...

Lack of awareness is one of the main reasons behind such a crisis. I think to start changing this de facto we have to change ourselves first, our way of thinking, the problem is that people are doing actions haphazardly, they don’t think before they act. They move toward their own pleasures like cattle without awareness or even thinking for just a moment, also the absence of conscious & self-judgment. May be if we started with ourselves, then our relatives & our friends things will get better.

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