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Sunday, October 3, 2010

722) El Gama3a ::: Drama or Reality?!

Have you watched el Gama3a series in Ramadan?
What do you think about it?
Did it reflect a real image of one of the important groups in Egypt?
Was it fair or biased?

Actually I enjoyed the drama work, the acting, directing..etc and I see it was trying to reflect a balanced image (except that the part regarding Amn El Dawla was not realistic at all, they are not as angelic as they were shown). I also liked the non-expected ending focusing on the regret of Hassan El Banna for drifting into politics instead of focusing on religion only. May be it is a message for the current Ikhwan who is playing politics as far as it gets.

I personally don't beleibe in Ikwan's ideology or methodology, but I think such topic/series worth discussion specially that we are heading into a very hot year on the political level. Ikwan whether we like them or not are an effective part in the Egyptian politics, and can't be just ignored by fooling ourselves and saying "El Mahzoura - The prohibited". 

The quote I liked the most and I think it summarizes it all was said by Ezzat El Alaily: "Our government causes the suffering & pain of the people, political parties and ikhwan gamble with it, while no one really cares about the welfare of the people."



Noblese said...

Hi Mohaly,
I saw the series because I was interested in the historical part of it. Don't know though how near or far it is from the real history.
The acting was also very good.
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe it was exaggerated a little when it came to the historical facts. I haven't read much about Hassan El-Banna, but close people to me have and they said that some of the stories were in fact out of his biography, however they played around a little with facts, for instance taking the start of a story and putting the end of another, both stories mentioned, yet not related as on TV. However, being the source the man's autobiography, I don't necessarily believe it, 'cause why should I take what he says about himself as the truth?
I did enjoy the series just because I don't agree with el-ikhwan's ideas or methods and actually think as exaggerated as it was, it sent the message that some are being fooled into thinking they're angels while in fact they are not.
The acting was amazing, hands down. Iyad played a great role and actually they all did. However the dialog between Yousra El-Lozy, Ezzat el Alayly and the officer whom I can't remember his name, was quite poor. It was more of a history lesson where my teacher would tell us a story, than a realistic conversation between two ppl.
I'm glad someone opened this conversation :)

Shereen Hassan said...

I like this topic. Actually, i read a lot about the real life of Hassan Elbana & Elekhwan thoughts one of the best books in this area is "Roh & Rihan" it describes well the real ideas & thoughts they wanted to convey & what Hassan Elbanna really aimed from establishing Elekhwan. First, he didn't aim to gain any kind of authority, but he aimed to fight any kind of corruption & he was like many Egyptians at this time fought the English colonization & corrupted thoughts. There were many historical errors in the series especially that part regarding the explosions. He was a very creative & intelligent character, I can say that if his plans & ideas implemented as he really aimed & without any kind of exploitation from the government’s sides he would have done lots of progressions to our country & Islamic world in general, as he aimed development with a very well-established plans & strategic reforming ideas, but who came after Hassan Elbana were corrupted people they only seek their personal interests.

The government in Egypt plays with Elgam3a card for their personal interest & to terrorize people & blackout everyone, Also to convince the western society that Elekhwan are like Elka3da, & that they are fighting them or Elekhwan may rule & became a thorn in the back of the western society.

“Roh & Rihan” is a very interesting book, it is an old book, but you may find it in old book stores



Mohaly said...

د. إبراهيم البيومي غانم

أستاذ العلوم السياسية بجامعة القاهرة

يعبر مسلسل «الجماعة» الذى عرضته الفضائيات فى رمضان الماضى أصدق تعبير عن «بؤس الدراما المصرية»، التاريخية منها والاجتماعية. وقد ذكرنا هذا المسلسل بكتاب قرأناه منذ زمن بعنوان «بؤس الفلسفة» لكارل ماركس، ولكن بالمقلوب، فماركس كان يدعو فى هذا الكتاب إلى التغيير وتجديد النظر للعالم، أما وحيد حامد كاتب سيناريو الجماعة فيدعو إلى المحافظة على الوضع القائم، وتسليح المبارزين الجدد بسيوف قديمة فى الصراعات الراهنة بين القوى السياسية المصرية.

مسلسل «الجماعة دراما تاريخية، وهو كأى عمل درامى له إيجابيات وسلبيات يختلف تقديرها باختلاف زوايا النظر إليه. والحبكة الدرامية فى رأينا هى أهم الإيجابيات، والأرجح أن محصلتها النهائية ستكون فى صالح الجماعة، لأن هذه الحبكة ستحبب الشيخ وجماعته للأجيال الجديدة من الشباب المتحمس، فالمسلسل أظهر لهم حسن البنا فى صباه نشيطا ذكيا، وفى شبابه قويا غيورا يرتدى زى الجوالة، وأحيانا زيا حربيا، ويشرف على تدريبات شبه عسكرية، وفى أواخر أيامه رأوه مظلوما محاصرا، ومثل هذه القدوة يفتقدها الشباب فى الواقع الراهن. ولن يقلل من ذلك كثيرا أن السيناريست وحيد حامد أبكى الشيخ دون سند من حقائق التاريخ وسيرة الرجل فى حضرة بعض مسئولى الحكومة، وذلك ليظهره منهارا ضعيفا لا حول له ولا قوة، ومن ثم يخدش شخصيته الكاريزمية ويزيح بعض البريق المحيط به.

وفى رأينا أن التركيز على انفصال الإسلام عن السياسة، وإدانة الجماعة ومؤسسها من هذه الزاوية بشكل منظم ورتيب عبر جميع حلقات المسلسل بلا استثناء، وكذلك التركيز على أحداث العنف، وتأصيل هذه النزعة عند الجماعة ومؤسسها والإلحاح عليها فى أغلب الحلقات، هما أهم رسالة إدانة وجهها المسلسل للجماعة، دون أن يكون لديه أدلة موثوقة من أدبيات الشيخ والجماعة، ولا وقائع من سجلات الأحداث التى شهدتها مصر فى الثلاثينيات والأربعينيات.

Shereen Hassan said...

I do agree with Dr. Ibrahim

Waheed Hamed aimed to increase people hatred to the Elkhwan, but actually it turned against him, most of my friends & relatives begin to read more about Elgama & their life.

I have another opinion about Politics & Islam we can't separate Islamic religion from politics as that will eliminate "Islamic Law" or "Elshare3a"

Mohaly said...

I personally think that Islam should draw the main non-chaning rules and guidelines for our life, but detailed laws, policies, systems should be purly spearated as it changes over time...
"Antom A3lam Beshou2on Donyakom"