-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

250) May Allah bless my late friends souls

A shocking news while I am away in Qatar...My old colleague Reem Abaza has passed away in a terrible accident. I am loosing at least a friend or relative every year in these damn accidents.

May Allah bless her soul...

Mohaly - Qatar.

Friday, August 24, 2007

249) Avoid Poor Time Management!

  • Don’t give fine details too much attention

  • Don’t prefer routine tasks over major projects

  • Don’t get involved in too many things at once

  • Don’t anticipate and magnify problems

  • Don’t Stick without deviation to a sacred routine

  • Don’t have discontented, demotivated colleagues


248) FUN:::Tab Ezzay!!!

Tab Gat Ezzay especially the 1st one!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

247) Killing Me Softly in Cairo!

In a recent report, Cairo topped the world cities as being the MOST POLLUTED CITY in the whole world...I really cried coz this city doesnt deserve what we are doing, it doesnt deserve both its ignorant and arrogant inhabitants who turned it from one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL and DESIRED cities in the 2nd half of 19th century to what we have now...

Mohaly (very sad)

Cairo’s air pollution crisis has had a major impact on the health of its inhabitants and the environment. This problem is unfortunately endemic of many megacities of the third world. Air quality in Cairo has been reaching dangerous levels of lead, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and suspended particulate matter concentrations due to decades of unregulated car emissions, urban industrial operations, and chaff and trash burning. Cairo’s geography and climate exacerbate these human sources of pollution. The level of air pollution in Cairo ranges from 10 to 100 times higher than the standards set by the World Health Organization. The Egyptian government, with the continued help of foreign nations, has begun to impose air quality standards among the relevant industries and instill a sense of accountability among its citizens.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

246) Marriage in the 21st century!!

My friend Aly has written the following note, and I have commented below...I wanted to share it with you coz i see it worth discussing...

Since i get so many personal questions asking "why i didn't get married yet ?" , I decided to write this note. I am going to post my personal opinion about relations; anti opinions are most welcomed. A reminder that is just a general opinion nothing personal for me or any of my friends !!! To start with, nowadays, many relations end up to be unsuccessful either before marriage or after. No offense, in most of the cases i feel the blame comes from the girl's side. I would classify girls into four different categories:1) Girls that are after money rather than real love although they are already living in a good standard (for me those r z cheapest kind) ....the main concern of that kind of girls is to marry a rich guy that could provide a nice comfortable life. That kind of girl tries to trap a rich guy to marry her , and on the other hand , the rich guy tries to trap her for SEX .......the relation is clear : he puts money to get what he wants and she tries hard not to give him what he wants until after marriage .......but where is z love .....not found of course !!! If he succeed in getting what he wants z relations ends up in a short period; however, if she succeeds the relation ends up after marriage which is more disaster. The end result is well expected because the relation was built on wrong basis from z beginning ( such relations are good example of prostitution on a higher level ) the guy thinks about it with a total sexual perspective……..I want her for sex if I can’t have her before than I will after ……..the girl thinks about it in a financial perspective……..I want a nice comfortable secure life with a rich guy …….no darling that is a false secure life !!!! P.S. Girls of that kind have a very demanding personality 2) Girls that have a main aim to just get married to a nice guy to have family. In that case, girls look for marriage regardless of love ……that kind of girls are mainly the non outgoing ones ……mostly they get married through arranged family or friends gathering …… I believe that is a 50 : 50 kind of marriage because normally it takes almost a year or year and half in an engagement process and stuff like that ……they don’t get to know each other well enough !!! As early mentioned, girls that are non outgoing or girls that are in the late 20s and early thirties tend to use this way. Again, here love is not a main factor; so successful marriage is not fully guaranteed as well!!! 3) Here comes the third kind …..this kind holds the majority of the high level society …..girls who r really well educated, smart, represent able and good looking ; they are really good fish to catch but their main problem is they think they r too good!!! This kind of girls look for fun and if love comes through the way it is ok if not then life is all about fun fun fun !!! That kind of girls are the outgoing ones with loads of life experience since they get too many guys around who try to approach …….the problem is they start to like it that way …….no commitment, guys are trying to approach, having fun life ..so why bother to be committed to just one guy unless he is too good ………and since the girl thinks she is already too good then it is too hard for her to see that too good guy as well although many of them are around !!! Girls in that case wait wait wait until they reach the thirties and then shift to case 2 (arranged marriage) ……Later on , they discover that they already lost good opportunities of good guys when the girl was in the mid twenties !!!4) The final category is the moderate girls which are very rare to find these days ……that kind of girls are similar to the ones in Case 3 except for the fact that if a guy takes a step or a couple of steps forward and they find out that he is a nice guy ….they also tend to give a chance to know z guy ……in other words, they move a step forward as well…….this kind of girls when they love someone they truly love …….That kind of girls are mostly found in south Europe …..also u can find them here in Egypt but they are not that much !!! For that kind of girls, as long as love exists and the guy is good in bed ……..and life is going smooth then they r really satisfied and thankful !!! they truly know the meaning of a man cuz z relation was based on love to start with !!! ……..My advise to Case 3 try to think positive before it is too late …..Hope it was not a boring note and as I mentioned earlier it is just about opinions …..ofcourse there is problems in guys as well !!! I would try to post it in another note later on ………to all my friends feel free to post yr opinions :)

My comment:
oh...i guess marriage in the 21st century is one of the major problems...it is unfair to categorize girls without counter categorization of guys who are moderate, greedy, just fooling around....etc as well.
I see marriage is a partnership that should be based on a common vision even if the partners follow different approaches. I mean if we both see the same mission, goals, and values in our marriage and the result of our union is bigger than the sum of each of us alone, then we are a perfect match even if we have different ways of reaching the goals, it is actually even better to have these differences to enrich the relation.
Whether you are a guy or a girl, the biggest mistake is to get married for the sake of getting married...u wont be able to sustain the marriage at one point or another coz u dont have the driving vision.
I am really longing to start a family, but if i dont find the right girl who share with me my vision and values, then i will not get married!

Monday, August 20, 2007

245) Old Friends!

I attended an AUC Reunion last weekend, and I was amazed how we could EASILY get along after all these years as if we are together all the time..

sada2 eli 2al OLD IS GOLD!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

244) Eih El Nizam!!

I spent a weekend in Marina. As you know, I am a RedSea person, so I havent been to Marina since 1999!

I have seen stuff I couldnt imagine that it can take part in Egypt....begad mesh fadel gher nude beaches we yeb2a keda mesh na2esna 7aga 3an Ibiza!!

El BANAT garalha eih .... making out, topless, we balawee keteer! wala el regala (bas mat2oulsh regala)...ya far7eti bel geel el gedid, rabena yostor.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

243) The Presidential Career Path!!

How does it feel if half of your career was spent as the president?!!

Re-elected for a fifth term of office (2005)
Chairman of the G-15 (1998 & 2002)
Re-elected for a fourth term of office (1999)
Chairman of the Arab Summit since June (1996)
Chairman of the OAU (1993-1994)
Re-elected for a third term of office (1993)
Chairman of the OAU (1989-1990)
Re-elected for a second term of office (1987)
President of the National Democratic Party (1982)
President of the Republic (1981)
Vice-President of the National Democratic Party (NDP) (1979)
Vice-President of the Arab Republic of Egypt (1975)
Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General (1974)
Commander of the Air Force and Deputy Minister of Defense (1972)
Chief of Staff of the Air Force (1969)
Director of the Air Force Academy (1968)
Commander of Cairo West Air Base (1964)
Joined Frunze Military Academy, USSR (1964)
Lecturer in Air Force Academy (1952-1959)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

242) Kolo fel lamoon!!

When I wrote 242, i suddenly remembered the UN Sec council resolution no.242 regarding the occupied Arab land in 1967, and I guess they have reached 1700 something now...I was just wondering how many of these 1700 or more were really carried out or even have been taken seriously....

Why do we have a security council while most of us (people living on this planet) are not secure!!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

241) The DSL Manipulation!

I am wondering how does the ministry of information think that we are that stupid to believe that getting back to the age of paying per download will be better for Egypt or even will help them contain the bloggers or terrorists!!

How dare they say that the 256K (vast majority of the market) will be for 45 but for limited access of 2 Giga or hours...that will end up in average of 300 LE!

le7ad 2emta hayestaghfeloona!


Saturday, August 4, 2007

240) Sex & the Summer!

Why is summer usually more associated with sex than the rest of the year! although it is hot and turning off doing anything!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

239) Mon3'araf Tareekheeeee!!

I want someone to tell me when wasnt Egypt passing through MON3ATAF TAREEKHEE in the last 200 years!

French Occupation?
Muhammed Aly's Nahda?
Suez Canal?
Ismail challenges?
British Occupation?
1919 Revolution?
World Wars?
Nasser Wars & 'Reforms"?
6 October?
Sadat Assassination?
Economic Reform?
Gulf War?
"Political Reform"?

E7na fe om el mon3ataf da ba2alna 200 years!

Aw kama kal al sha3er...
Edi Zoba Za2a, 3eeb mat2olshi la2a!!!