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Saturday, January 26, 2013

836) My Year of Extremes .. !

So, it is my birthday again (tomorrow the 27th) ... A whole year has passed with all its beautiful, hot, ugly, and sad moments. It deserves to be called the Year of Extremes ..

The year of hope, the year of despair ..
The year of love, the year of hate ..
The year of bonding, the year of break-up ..
The year of honor, the year of disgrace ..
The year of success, the year of failure ..
The year of courage, the year of fear ..
The year that changed me deep from within ..

That last year wasn't a year, it was many years combined ...
Another year is starting and challenging me with new goals, ideas, and resolutions..The good thing that I am starting my new year with feeling more like a mature man; confident, loving himself and others, and deeply believe that he still can make a difference.

So I am wishing myself a Happy Birthday :)


Saturday, January 19, 2013

835) Are You Beautiful?!

People struggle to make themselves look beautiful, while most of the time they just get themselves more and more ugly ... yes saddening but true ... Just a quick look to the amount of money spent yearly on plastic surgeries  diet physicians, cosmetics, fashionable clothes and accessories ..etc. tells you how big this issue really is. The interesting thing most of the most beautiful people (women or men) I have seen (and believe me I have seen a lot) are the ones glowing from within, the ones who charm you and make you follow them with their genuine smile, and uplifting spirit.

Yes, looks counts; we want the best of the best of the best ... but looks no matter how do you spend on perfecting it, just lasts for the the first impression. It is great for pictures, modeling, ..etc, but when it comes to true human communication and bonding, there are much more beyond the looks ...

God is beautiful and created man kind to crown His creation. He put part of His beauty in each one of us; some are beautiful because they are good looking, some are beautiful because they do really care, some are beautiful because they are genuine, some are beautiful because they are impressive, and some are beautiful because they make others beautiful.... Beauty comes from within as much as from outside or even more..

Can you consider that Marilyn Monroe more beautiful than Mother Teresa?.... 
Is Angelina beautiful because of how she looks or what she does with all the unfortunates in the world? 
Who is more beautiful, your father or George Clooney?  
The answer for all questions is all are beautiful each on his/her way..

So now, you need to really stop and think for a moment ... Where does your beauty lie? Is it in your looks, your way of talking, you voice, your heart, your mind, your manners....etc... Find it and make good use of it, and be sure that each of one us has his/her own beauty, and when he/she see it and believe in it, it will be reflected on the rest.

To all the people afraid from getting older ... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you enjoy your age to the maximum and make the best use of it.

To all the ladies struggling with losing weight .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you achieve your target, not because you will be thinner, but because you will be in control.

To all the girls who think they are ugly ... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you go fetch your source of beauty coz no one will see it unless you do first.

To all the men who think they are not good enough for any women ..... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful if you got the self-confidence and genuine caring that women can smell miles away.

To all the geeks who think they are aliens .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you reflect your brilliant mind on others, and use it to Connecting and Impressing them.

To anyone who thinks that he or she is not beautiful .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you believe that you really are..

To everyone who think he or she is BEAUTIFUL ... Help others to see their beauty in order to be more beautiful ..

I am beautiful ... Are you?


Saturday, January 12, 2013

834) إنسان - الجزء الثانى !


لم يعد جسدى هامدا

و لم تعد نفسى مُرة ..

القلب مازال دافئا

و الروح طليقة حرة

* * *

لست صنما

فإن الحجر لان ..

و لست وثنا

فقلبى ملئ بالإيمان

* * *

أدركت نفسى

قبل فوات الأوان ..

 أحببت نفسى

و فرحت بأنى إنسان


Saturday, January 5, 2013

833) إنسان ؟!!

ما زال قلبى دافئا 

و مازالت روحى حرة

فما بال جسدى هامدا 

و ما بال نفسى مُرة

* * *

يضحكنى طفل و تثيرنى إمرأة

و يقشعر بدنى للاَذان

و عندما أخلو لنفسى

أشعر بأنى بارداَ كالأوثان

* * *

أمازلت بشراَ أنا

أم أصبحت حجرا صوان؟

أبالحب أحيا و بالرغبة أنتشى

أم أنا صنماَ فى جسد إنسان؟
رأس السنة 2012-2013