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Saturday, January 26, 2013

836) My Year of Extremes .. !

So, it is my birthday again (tomorrow the 27th) ... A whole year has passed with all its beautiful, hot, ugly, and sad moments. It deserves to be called the Year of Extremes ..

The year of hope, the year of despair ..
The year of love, the year of hate ..
The year of bonding, the year of break-up ..
The year of honor, the year of disgrace ..
The year of success, the year of failure ..
The year of courage, the year of fear ..
The year that changed me deep from within ..

That last year wasn't a year, it was many years combined ...
Another year is starting and challenging me with new goals, ideas, and resolutions..The good thing that I am starting my new year with feeling more like a mature man; confident, loving himself and others, and deeply believe that he still can make a difference.

So I am wishing myself a Happy Birthday :)



Anonymous said...

When i checked the blog, i was thinking if he posted today, he wont on sunday. So this one is a combining, bas new idea :-)
I am happy you accept the challenges of the voming year and acknowledge the events of the last one.

I never doubted your maturity, maybe it needed some fine tunning.but it was there all along. In some time it was very clear, sometimes you felt like doubting.but you were always a mature person. And with evety passing moment we grow wiser :-)

You have every right to love yourself along the way with same intensity you love others. You should celebrate 2 times this year and clap yourself on the shoulder for going steps on a hard way.
Be proud of ypurself and kind.you deserve it.

Happy birthday for tomorrow, in case i cant log on sunday.

lobna said...

I like z spirit ...May z best be yet to come
Kol sana w enta a7san w mota2alik

Saba7 el khair ya Maryam, do I need to say I liked ur comment ? :)

Ze2red said...

Hey Aquairus Budy,
Did you forget that we are kings and queens of contradiction... Way to go with your year ;).

Time and experiences are always the best teachers. & Time is also the best healer for every pain.

Wish you a better year to come. And may you grow in spirit and be even more mature and gain all the wisdom you need to be able to be part of the change in this world.

Happy birthday Mohaly, Enjoy your day, even your year to the max ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year , yes you are right last year wasn't not a normal one full of many contradictions on personal and general level " love and hate " i don't believe that you hate anyone before except HOSNI MUBARAK , it is very hard to hate i think it is the worst feelings ever . Last year was like and an exam from God it was full of despair , many hard feelings, disappointment , but thanks God that you didn't slip that you still have such feeling of hope and you still love ur self and be able to accept every thing around you and have strong postive feeling that guid to make a OTHERS change,differenece . Keep focusing on development this will make you in good mood so keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep focusing ;)
New year with new hope ,new love , pure postive feeling ....
i wish you great happiness and i wish you to enjoy life to the maximum you are a beatiful person keep this good feelings up u are surrounded by so many people that really love and care about you somtime teasing you ;) before i forget i hope this year that you will imprison yourself .35,36,37 even 60 you have such magnetic attraction and pure kind heart ;)

Mohaly said...

Maryam: Thank You my dearest virtual friend :))) I hope I can enjoy your support here as long as this blog exists :)

Mohaly said...

Lobna : ya Rab
wenty tayeba

Mohaly said...

Ze2red: Happy to see you commenting here again :)

yeah, Aquarius is haunting me.

Mohaly said...

YA: thank you .. :)

To be honest, I woke up feeling that I am dreaming, till now I feel that I am dreaming that I am checking the blog ...

Ze2red said...

i've been away from the blogosphere for a while now. It was a crazy year and still is :).

Hopefully when my year starts next week, it would be a less crazier year and filled with lots of accomplishments :D

Wish you the same and better.

Mohaly said...

Happy Birthday in advance ya Ze2red :)

Mohaly said...

Guys (or actually Girls!): I dunno why but I feel so shy or even embarrassed on my birthday .. this kind of full focus me makes me mortabek although all my work is about having attention focused on me all the time .. !!!!!

Ze2red said...

hahaha... That made me literally laugh out loud. Mr. Full focus is all shy and embarrassed. Can't believe my eyes. khaly el kalam dah for someone else. This is the focus and attention to enjoy.

and thanks for being the first to say happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely morning to you lobna.sorry for my late reply.
Thank you, dear.begad thank you.

Lei bas ya doctor. :-).i know tje feeling but yhought you are way past it khalas, since most of your followers are girls.;-)

Nothing to thank me for. I enjoy reading the posts n the exchange of opionions here. Keep the good work. You can always count on my support even wiyhout having to ask :-)

Enjoy the day and the year ahead. May Allah bless you with all that mskes you hsppiest

Anonymous said...

رجل برج الدلو عاطفي ومرهف الحس بطبعه، وهو أمر يبدو جلياً في تصرفاته وتعبيرات وجهه، خاصة مع ما يمتلكه من سرعة بديهة وروح دعابة تضاعف من إمكانية اجتذاب الآخرين إليه. ورغم ما يبدو عليه من بساطة، إلا أنه ليس من السهل تحديد ملامح شخصية مولود الدلو لما تحويه من تناقضات، فرغم فطنته ووعيه بمجريات الأمور من حوله ومحاربته للتزمت والفكر القمعي، لكنه أحياناً يفرض آراءه على المحيطين بدافع من الخبرة والدراية، ومع اعتناقه للأفكار التقدمية وإيمانه بالديمقراطية وميله للتحرر من القيود التي تفرضها العادات المتوارثة، نجده كثيراً ما يُظهر الإصرار والعناد عند الدخول في مواجهات مع الآخرين.
ومن أبرز تناقضات شخصية الرجل الدلو شعوره بالإحراج عند رغبته في البوح بمشاعره تجاه الجنس الآخر رغم ما يمتلكه من قدرة على التواصل مع الآخرين. وقد يغرق مولود الدلو في الحب حتى أذنيه، لكنه لن يصرح بحبه، إما خشية من التعرض للإحراج، أو رغبة في الاحتفاظ بحريته بعيداً عما تفرضه علاقات الحب من قيود.

Ze2red said...

Mohaly, does the personality analysis (summary) reminds you of anything :)?

Mohaly said...

yes, my life :)

Anonymous said...

So the sun signs are true this time?
I often doubted the anslysis, bc people experience different lives and circumstances.even when it says something true, i thought it just a cincidence
Interesting to read, though :-) thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)