-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

805) The Egyptian Rower !!

At the end of this long year, I thought a lot about writing a long article, but after re-thinking, I decided to share with you this short story about how do we manage our teams and accordingly our countries, and would leave the commenting to you ...

There was a rowing competition between an Egyptian Team and a Japanese Team. Each boat had 9 people on it. At the end of the race, the Japanese team was found winning while the Arab Team was far left behind.. When the analysis was done, it was found out that the Japanese team had the following structure:
- 1 Boat Manager
- 8 Rowers
While the Egyptian Team had the following:
- 8 Boat Managers
- 1 Rower

The Egyptian Team didn't surrender and decided on a restructure. They now have 1 boat manager like the Japanese Team. In the 2nd round of the competition the Japanese team was still found winning with a huge gap like the 1st round .. When they analyized the results they found that the structure was as follows:
Japanese Team:
-1 Boat Manager
- 8 Rowers
Egyptian Team:
- 1 Boat General Manager
- 3 Deputy Managers
- 4 Assistant Managers
- 1 Rower

Accordingly the Egyptian Team had a meeting to see what went wrong and punish the responsible, and the end of the meeting they decided to fire ..... The Rower!!

P.S. Any resemblance between the GM and the SCAF, or the Managers and the Political Parties, or the Rower and the Egyptian Revolts is not a pure coincidence.

Wish you and Egypt a Happy New Calm Effective Peaceful Year where the Rower can actually Row.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

804) Ya Layta El Ray2es Y3oodo Yawoman !!

يا ليت المخلوع يعود يوما ... فأخبره بما فعله السكاف بى

و لا يوم من أيامك يا "بابا مبارك" .. كنا مرتاحين من الحرية و الكرامة و الحاجات المتعبة دى ... شوية "عيال" محدش عارف يلمهم يخلوك تمشى؟  .... مش عارفيين نأنتخ و نتلهى فى المسلسلات و الكورة زى زمان ... و لا نركز فى القضايا الكبيرة زى مين اللى رمى الطوبة على أتوبيس الجزائر و هروب الحضرى و إزاى تخلى البنات تحبك .... فين أيام التحرش فى العيد و دينا و سعد الصغير ... فين أيام الإعتصامات اللى كانت بتهز الدنيا و فيها 500 واحد بحالهم على سلم نقابة الصحفيين ... فين أيام البانجو مع خالد سعيد و الويسكى مع أبو الفتوح و البودرة فى سيراميك..     أبو العنين ... فين طلعت زكريا و غادة عبد الرازق؟ فين السحابة السودا؟

أيام ما كان الشعب طريقه واحد -صفر  .... تقول موافقون ، يرد موافقة (حتى لو مردش يرده موافقه) .... كنا كلنا يا إما حزب وطنى يا إما حزب كنبة .. كنا إسم عارفين مين رئيسنا الجاى و إسم أمه كمان ... و عجلة الإنتاج كانت مفرقعة ... و الإخوان فى السجن و السلفيين فى الجامع و المسيحيين فى الكنيسة و المثقفين فى الحظيرة و شنبو فى المصيدة..

 كنا و إحنا بتنعشى نغنى إخترناه و بايعناه .. دلوقتى نقف بال4 ساعات عشان ننتخب و إيدينا تتوسخ كمان ... كنا مفخدين و ما كنش بيفرق معانا 1000 يموتوا فى عبارة و لا 100 يتحرقوا فى قطر .. دولوقتى الدنيا تتقلب عشان واحد عينه راحت .... كنا بنرشى أجدعها عسكرى ... كنا منعرفش المجلس العسكرى .. دلوقتى إحنا "بنموت"  فى بعض ... كنا عندنا مجلس السرور و مجلس الشريف و مجلس المحلى ... دلوقتى عندنا "قعر مجلس" ... كان فيه "كتائب العادلى" بيرموا علينا قنبلة كل سنة يموت فيها 20 واحد بس  .. دلوقتى كل شهر "الفوتوشوب القاتل" بيموت ال 20 دول غير اللى بيتعوروا غير اللى بيتسحلوا غير اللى بيتعروا غير اللى بيتنقطنوا  من السكاف زى مانا منقوط لدرجة إنى قعدت و كتبت البوست ده... 
إحنا أسفين يا سوزان .. ع أبوكو كلكو
ملاحظة: المقالة دى هدفها السخرية من الوضع الحالى ... فى ستين داهيه يا مبارك

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

803) Naguib & Mahfouz !

This week Egypt and the whole Arab world are celebrating the 100th anniversary of one of the greatest Arab and global novelists and a Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz..

Naguib Mahfouz had a great impact on the development of the modern story in the Arab literature. On the personal level, I find Naguib Mahfouz in the long stories, and Yusuf Edress in the short ones, are the most prominent figures who have always impressed me enough to read. I am more of books and researches reader than novels, but I couldnt resist the intimate world Mahfouz gets me in ... he had this ability to make me feel like I am the director of a movie and can just see all the actors and tools right infront of me. May be that is why I like Mahfouz's novels much more than the movies version.

The weird thing is that till today there are still people who attack Naguib Mahfouz not for his literature or flow, or any artistic issue, but just for the sake of attacking... I don't think it is even worth commenting on what they said ... At the end, history and people will always remember Naguib and forget his attackers as he was "Naguib" (smart) enough to ignore them, and "Mahfouz" (protected) from their evil even when they tried to kill him.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

802) From Kleptocracy To Theocracy !!

I think this image can say it all ... and actually I don't have much more to say than what I said in my article right after the referendum in March (Open Post 767) ... as the circumstances, attitudes, behaviours, and even mistakes are still the same..

Away from the panic attack liberals and pro-civil country are passing through, we need to see the real political threat here ... I think that Ekhwan wants to write the constitution and change the system into a parliament based system which will guarantee them a looking time of being in power which such state of religious tension and lack of political awareness. They may even make a deal with SCAF to agree upon giving them the special positioning in the constitution and power in trade of that, and can make use of Salafis as a scarecrow.

If the Liberals and pro-civil country continue committing the same mistakes and just keep taking to each other then we will be experiencing a new Theocratic Egypt .. and our Revolution will be replacing Kleptocracy with Theocracy !!!