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Sunday, March 6, 2011

761) The Arab Kleptocracy of Egypt !

After seeing all this corruption in Egypt by the "National Democractic Party" and the "State Security", I can say that we will be unfair if we called what was happeneing in Egypt as Autocracy.

An autocracy is a form of government in which one person possesses unlimited power, but this person may be working for the sake of Egypt with a clear vision and doesn't hear except his voice, and this wasn't exactly the case with the former regime.
I think what we had is simply a kleptocracy which is a term applied to a government subject to control fraud that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (kleptocrats). This is done through taking from state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even doing an honest service. This is the official definition of the word, and I feel that as if it has been tailored exactly on the Egyptian Regime although it has been there since the Greeks. The word has a complete and solid meaning now when you apply it on Mubarak's era. The term simply means "ruling by thieves". 
I am asking you dear readers to use the right word for what we have been through. We were experiencing  a nightmare of a Kleptocratic Regime that had been ruled by Theives, and had been protected by Thugs. We have to be persistent on getting everyone specially the big whales on trial and pursue every penny in Egypt and abroad. It is our children and grand children's right and they won't forgive us if we didn't do our best to get it back.
 "تسقط لصوصية مصر العربية".

So let's work together on removing the traces of this UGLY regime and move on to Real Democracy where we, through consensus, direct referendum, or elected representatives exercise equal control over the matters which affect our interests. Sometimes you will be within the majority, sometime you will be a minority, but this doesn't matter as long as you have a say.

We don't wanna FINISH our Revolution ... We wanna COMPLETE it.


Anonymous said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK8bAqDzT20.when i read ur post mesh
3arfa la2t nafst i want to paste this. laugh or cry dont know!!! wa ya tara mahmoud ra2youh eih dalwa2tii?..sa7i7 2kal el faino mesh bashal!!!!
sorry 2 say that we spent 30 years ma3 regime el"bag7a".Masr tast72 el2fdal wa 3ylah el27rar hama 2la
haygybo 72ha...sa7 diii mesh bas falsna di kaman flows 2gyal ba3dna.
i like "maward ma7oda....mashi maho el kadab bayroh dal2ti sharm el sheik. mohaly lazem tas7mal kol mara 2ktshef eni raghaya bas
3lashan enta batkta 7alw enta el sabab :)


Mohaly said...

ham yedahak we ham yebaky ya mimo

Sally Orfy said...

ana mesh 3arfa el nas de kanet betnam ezay we heya sar2a we zalma!! El 7amdollah enena mesh men el zalemen..

Ahmed Yamany said...

article to7fa ya doc..

i will share it and use this sentence :

"تسقط لصوصية مصر العربية".

Mohaly said...

sure ya Ahmed.. u may share any of the articles u like.

celebrity_baby said...

yani to be honest doctor, i am speechless now.. i am so thankful that I've been lectured by you as i am so lucky.. what I like about this article is how you really describe the regime and you are right it was tailored for Egypt.. I used to go through different phases but when I read your thoughts I deeply think as if you are pulling us back to the right path once again.
I like the last motto line the most" Sometimes you will be within the majority, sometime you will be a minority, but this doesn't matter as long as you have a say"
i don't know for how long we will discover more corruption and robbery as if we breath it!!!
High hopes for a happy ending insha2 Allah

Mohaly said...

thank u celeb. baby, i am glad to know that begad :) and yes keep the optimistic look plz :))

Mohaly said...

الحزب الواطى الكليبتوقراطى

amina said...

first time to hear about this word
thanks mohaly for the enlightenment

amina said...

تقرير «تقصي الحقائق»: الشريف أمر بـ«موقعة الجمل» وسيارات «صحيفة قومية» نقلت الحجارة