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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

769) Mohaly fel Magles el 3askary !!

I woke up on the morning of Saturday February 12th to realize that this is the fist morning for Egypt without Mubarak ... 10,720 mornings had passed since Mubarak came to power and didn't leave till The Military Council obliged him to... Now after more than 40 mornings without Mubarak, I find myself wondering why do I feel that I still feel, smell, and almost see Muabark every morning! I kept on thinking and thinking till I felt drained, so I decided to listen to some soft music in the radio and take a small nap!.....

I saw myself entering the Military Council on the morning of Sat 12th while wondering why everyone is saluting me with respect, then I realized that I am the head of the military council ... I am the Field Marshal himself ! I met with the extended council and stressed that we have supported the people's revolution, and we have to be up to the responsibility and trust that people have put in us. I have decided to have a whole day brainstorming session that ended up in an action plan. In the evening, I have called 50 of the prominent figures as well as some of the youth to discuss this action plan.. Everyone was happy about it and we did some modification to cater for everybody's needs.

On the following day (13/2), I have issued a constitutional declaration where:
- I dropped the 1971 constitution completely, and asked the Egyptian people to have a referendum on March 19th to chose the members of the establishing committee for drafting the new constitution that will be issued by the end of 2011 before the presidential elections.
- I have declared the cancelation of the Parliament (both houses) and local municipality senates as well.
- I have impeached Mubarak's appointed government, and asked Dr.Sharaf to head the new government, and have one of the young 30sh organizers of the revolution as his Vice.
- The declaration as well indicated that the ruling party will be dissolved and all its money and properties will be confiscated and returned back to the state.
- The council will be ruling along with a Consulting Committee (the 50 figures) till end of 2011 where the presidential elections will be done by then, and a new president is elected to rule the country for 2 transitional years (2012-2013) where a new parliament will be elected with a fair chance for everyone to run for it.

Then after the appointment of the new government, I have met with the new prime minister and decided do dissolve the state security services, and have its activities transferred to the Egyptian Intelligence and be under Judicial supervision. All the senior officers and their assistants were detained by the Army till their trail.

On the same day, I have issued a statement for the detention of Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Gamal Hosni Moubarak, Suzan Thabet, Safwat Al Sharif, Ahmed Fathy Serour, Zakaria Azmy, and Mofeed Shehab where they will be obliged to be stay at their homes with no source of wire or wireless communication till they are put on trial. This is in addition to those who have been detained already. However, I have given my orders to have Habib El Adly's & his assistants’' trials transferred to a military trial for accusing him of Killing the 25 Jan Martyrs.

After a week, I have signed the new governors appointments along with the major and critical positions in Media, Universities, and civil society.

By the beginning of March I decided to re-open the stock market, and establish a committee to meet and deal with all financial problems in the different sectors, and report their recommendations accordingly. Meanwhile the corruptions trials have been accelerated to be able to get back our money as soon as possible.

I was happy to see the people participating in the referendum for the constitutional council on the 19th, and then calling for a 1 million stand in Tahrir for saluting the Army on April 1st for "saving the revolution".....

Mixed sounds were floundering in my head .. till I started recognizing a clear voice coming from the Radio saying: "We would like to thank you Mr.Safwat and Mr.Azmy for your valuable contribution in our program, and now we will be listening to Bataloooda Wesma3oooda, yama lessa neshof we yama".


P.S. In reality the Revolution Coalition has called for a 1 Million Protester day on Friday April 1st to Save the revolution!


NAMES said...

You made me feel that we are on the 01st of April :))

Noha said...

I enjoyed reading every word of the article but I wish you were actually in the military force coz we need people who can make things happen! it reminded me too of Alaa aswani's article about the nesnas so intellectuals can clearly see the gap between the promises and actions! rabena yostor...

Thawret said...

ya gama3a it seems like almost everyone I see on FB nowadays see the necessity of going down and staying in the street until things get done, but how about ppl in the street do they share the same view? I am out of the country so can't go down to the street but you guys can... so please do that and explain to ppl (elli menhom 3ayez 7al el balad yemshy we khalas welli makhdou3 fel magless el 3askary)

Mohaly said...

Thawret: Many people started surrendering, and that is why many others are heading to Tahrir on Friday.

amina said...

check this out