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Monday, March 21, 2011

767) Mothers' Day: Masr Heya 2ommy !

This year we have all celebrated mother's day together, we have all celebrated it with Egypt (2om El Donya). The referendum day was a precious present that Egypt deserved big time. Although I wish that we have got her a better present (a new and soon constitution) by saying No, but the pride I have seen in the eyes of the people, and the millions standing in the streets for hours made me feel that Egypt is finally celebrating its first Mother's day in looooong years. I was optimistic about continuing the revolution and now I have more solid reason to be more optimistic despite of the disappointing results that I totally respect.

"Our Path for Democracy is not over yet, it has just became harder"... it wasn't a game or a battle as much as fighting for reaching democracy in a better way. Anyway, being a strategist obliges me to overcome my sadness, and think more strategically about reaching our goal... I think that there are some important points and lessons that we have to take into consideration after going through the first real democratic experience:

1. Saying Yes or No is over, and hence the split should be over, and we both should focus on reaching democracy in the best possible way taking into consideration the new obstacles resulting from saying yes. (Check The Egyptian Democracy).

2. There must be a coalition of all non-NDP, and anti-theocracy supporters, where we join forces in working together, reaching out, and campaigning so that this coalition can aim for 50% of the new People's assembly. We have to know who is running for each area and what is his/her "agenda" before voting. We have to fight as well for giving the right of Egyptians abroad to Vote.

3. The Internet is the right media for exploring, discussing, and agreeing upon strategies, but it is not the right media for a huge reach out (Cairo 41% said no, while it reached 80+% in some governorates). If we want to make a real difference, we need to be present in all the major cities of all the governorates, specially in "People's Assemble Elections". We need to talk to people in their language, and ADDRESS their concerns.

4. Egyptians love their country, but many of them are illiterate or politically ignorant, and it is the role of the well educated people to educate the first about how not to be bought, and educate the 2nd how to read between the lines and look further than his/her feet.

5. Religion will be part of the game whether we like it or not, so we have to make use of the religious figures who are supporting our approach for democracy (non-Theological), and be ready for all the questions, and assumptions made by Ekhwan, Salafyeen, Gihad...etc.

6. We have to know that the path is still long to reach the civil democratic state, and we should support each other, complete each other, and always think of the overall welfare of the country not ourselves...let's dedicate sometime every week for working on our goal, 5 or 10% of the time, let's forget about summer vacations this year and take the time off in working more toward the goal....

2011 is a turning point in the history of Egypt, and for the first time, we can really make a difference of where this country will be heading.

Happy Mothers' Day ya Masr.

we Bardo Motafa2el :)


Mohaly said...

جب علينا ان نسعى وبكل جهد إلى النزول للشوارع وتوعية البسطاء حتى تصبح لهم أصواتا سياسية حقيقية لا تخضع لأي استغلال...... نبدأ بسائقي التاكسي والحلاقين بحكم الدردشة التي تحدث أثناء عملهم.. ثم نحاول تنظيم ذلك في حملات توعية أوسع

Mohaly said...

Lubna Al Sharif says on FB

Great article Mohamed...I totally agree......organized & straight to the point.....Hope it spreads and gets implemented....That's the spirit: We act upon our beliefs to reach our goals no matter how hard it gets, nor how longer it takes....w ana kaman motafa2la n a believer in Egyptains' will

Anonymous said...

Ba3d El Thawra, Masr heya omy mesh mart 2aboya..Bahabek ya Masr.

Sgheita said...

3ayzeen to find one in each mo7afzah men ahl el balad sotoh masmou3 to support us and back up our attempts to educate people about political choices and how not to relate it to religion with 7aram and 7alal

Mohaly said...

I am meeting with some of my friends and their friends tomorrow to start working on it, will post what we have reached when it solidifies.

Myrna said...

Good Luck Mohaly!

Mohaly said...

Thanks Myrna