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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

760) Egypt 2.0: ENGAGE in the Major CHANGE!

Before you read... I am not lecturing you or forcing you to do anything... I am just putting down my thoughts, expertise, and experience through my writings as a trial to contribute for helping people to understand and manage change in such challenging period. Just read, digest, and build your own conviction.

From what I have seen and read in the facebook, twitter, and even on some blogs, I can say that there are many people who are not fully aware of what does major change mean.  Change simply and generally means moving from one stable state to another. In order to understand the nature of change you need to realize:
- Its Magnitude: How big it is?
- Its Scale: What & Who does it cover?
- Its Direction: Which way it is heading?

In the case of major changes, there are certain things that have to be expected and taken into consideration or else we will be in real mess. These things are:
- It is a dynamic, fast, and relatively chaotic period.
- It experiences never ending conflicts, discussions, & rumors.
- There are Change agents (promoters), critical mass, and opposition (anti-change who may hate change or fear it or were benefiting from the old situation).

The best kind of change is gradual change but that is in the normal situations, sometimes -like now- the best change is the radical change with all its casualties. 

So mapping this to the current situation, you may expect the following:
1) Feeling lost understanding the magnitute, scale, and direction of change.. We are 85 million, and there are many teams involved:
- the revolutionist who are insisting on the radical change to clear it all once and for all, 
- the ordinary people who are mainly watching and are sincere about wanting the best for Egypt but don't really know what is the best thing to do (Critical Mass).
- the non-revolutionists who are with the revolution but anti-fast change and seeking gradual change & more time. 
- the opposers who were benefiting from the previous situation (legally or illegally).
2) Instability in the typical day-to-day life and dynamic changes at least till the Presidential elections if not till end of 2011.
3) Changes in the behaviour and attitude of the people (some immediately, some gradually).
4) Lots of rumours, decisions, anti-decisions, discussions, attacks, counter attacks, conflictis..etc.
5) By time you will find yourself driven either for being a change agent promoting for change and fighting till the last minute, or being anti-change or anti complete change (for one or more reasons of the mentioned above). The side that will prevail and decide the dimenions of that change is the side that will attract the critical mass of people.


On the Marco/General Level:
1) I think that in order to pass this period successfully, there must be a coalition of all the different sectors that meets with the Army and the Government every 2 weeks during this period to:
- follow up with a definite action & timed plan.
- exchange and explain different points of view
- discuss what is next.
2) After each meeting there must be a press conference explaining what happened and what to expect.
3) Have a webpage/group and hot number for people to ineract with their different opinions and suggestions before and after each meeting.
4) Keep trusting the army (as a whole), while keeping the right of protesting every friday as well. There are many people in Army supporting the revolution, so even if some of its leaders against, our pressure will give more power to those with us to help in pushing the change towards the right direction. We were partners in making this revolution happen and we have to continue as partners in managing this period with complete transparency till this challenging transitional period ends.

Then, What is expected from you?
1) Thinking positively and having faith in order to ride through all the setbacks.
2) Working hard and producing as much as you can in order to increase the overall production of the country.
3) Double checking any piece of news before believing or promoting, and don't set your opinion according to one source... read as much as you can, and develop your own conviction.
4) Speaking up your opinion and accept different opinions as we are all (hopefully) seeking the welfare of the country. There is no one always right opinion, but respect and acceptance is the key for fruitful discussions.
5) Help others who feel lost, or thinking about the current damages or losses. The 1st and 2nd priority goes to leading the change successfully, then there are many ways to compensate for the collateral damage happening. We dont pass through such circumstances even every century!
6) Don't rush getting back to normal.. Please don't treat the revolution as if Egypt was engaged in the world cup for 2 weeks, it won, we celebrated, and that is it .... What we are passing through is like having an operation where we wish to have it over and get back to our life, but the operation has to be done in the right way, time, and procedures or else you will be risking our health or may be our whole life.

We are in a state of major change ... A REVOLUTION...A radical change.. Thinking as if we are in normal circumstances is against all the concepts of successful change management. We have been in deep shit for decades, and we have just stopped its feed, but there is still hard work to clean it up then polish it to be able to live in 3ala nadafa.


We don't wanna FINISH our Revolution ... We wanna COMPLETE it.


Anonymous said...

Mohalyy,7alwa awiii blog dii :)
3lshan fi good analysis for different issues in one piece of writing. I will keep it fi my file bata3 el thawra.Lazem 2rf3 2ydy
ta7ya to these quotes:
the first one “Keep trusting the army, while keeping the right of protesting every friday as well…till this challenging transitional period ends”…kteer ba7tram el gash wa 2fta5r bih ……bardo manzr el dababa fi el shar3 7alw awi:).
fa3lan fi nas fiham do not support&even sa3at bayt7kooo 3alan zay bayan ba5 shoftou el 3asfoura -el bayan el tany bas el 7amdollah mashoufnahash,wa sa2tna el ragal. Talma fii 2radat sha3b mafesh 2wa hato2f 2damoh.

# 6 is oracle.


Mohaly said...


and what is the 2nd quote

Anonymous said...

ma3lesh asly la2t nafsy raghat shawia fa katabt el code 3la toll:D. the second quote is # 6-is oracle.

Mohaly said...

ah ok :)

Cherie said...

I can say nothing but great as usual

celebrity_baby said...

It is a one of a kind put.. right in the heart :)

Nouna said...

No lecture me bera7tak .. tab howa 7ad tayel ya nas :)
you are definitely my best teacher and friend; all my life, I have never been able to find a teacher better than you..

7aga ghariba awi walahi.. as if what we had was ok and they want it back. sometimes I pause to think and it feels like dumb and dumber begad.. I guess sea food should be obligatory for some IQ - I am not a sea food lover though.. al7amdulellah we are in a democratic country :)

I really do appreciate your hard work and dedication and inspiration. and how you are showing me the correct path..

Question: "the best kind of change is gradual change"- why?

On another note,
I kinda liked the piece of artwork and really appreciate the thoughtfulness in it.


Mohaly said...

Thank You Nouna :))

for the gradual change coz it matches the human psychology that accepts and digest change more when it is gradual, and helps in minimizing the resistance.
But it doesn't work in revolution period as it needs radical changes (many changes in short time).

Nouna said...

يبقي أكيد علشان كدا القرآن نزل واحدة .. واحدة .. مش مرة واحدة

"وقال الذين كفروا لولا نزل عليه القرآن جملة واحدة .. كذلك لنثبت به فؤادك ورتلناه ترتيلا"

!كذلك لنثبت به فؤداك

! يا رب سبحانك

Mohaly said...

good point.

Anonymous said...

i realy love it thank u i feel much better about every thing now and it just feel like amatter of time for better life heba souka

Mohaly said...

Inshaa Allah Heba :)

Ya Rab E7my Masr.