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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

759) Is it Intended "My Dear" ?!

Although we should be now focusing mainly on the constitiution and preparation of elections and the checklist we need to finish during the transitional period, I find that huge amount of time is wasted of Shafik where people are split and really wasting a lot of time and energy (latest online poll with 124,000 particpants indicated that 57% against and 43% for Shafik)... which I hope that it is not intended. Although I am completely against him being there as I don't see him up to the event but I am trying to be objective and see what did he do till now, taking into consideration 1 month in a revolution time is like a year in normal times.

Today Shafik completes 30 days in office. 

For me what he did so far:

During Mubarak:
- Appearing on TV in 3 channels talking in simple way, dressed informally, and trying to open communication channels with the people (it is positive compared with the complete ignoring people used to with Nazif's Government).
- First prime minister to say sorry (although it was ridiculous coming after 24 hrs 11 dead amd 1000 injured).
- Promising that no one will touch us in Tahrir, and find the thugs coming to start an 11th century battle in Tahrir after couple of hours of his promise.
- All over the TV channels for the rest of the week except on "Mawk3e3t el Gemal" where his presence was needed the most, I wonder in such critical time, when did he work.
- Extremely provoking Interview  with BBC telling people in Tahrir to keep there and everything will go on, mubarak will stay, and we will be getting bonbon.
- The famous on air scandal of "It is not intended my dear" with Candy Crowley on CNN.

After Mubarak:
- Changing some of the hated old faces.
- Smiling.
- Again Talking Talking Talking ... ( he never acknowledged it as a revolution in all that talking as well), and telling Reuters on 13/2 that the country is being governed in the same way it was under the ousted president!!!
- I cant count how many times he said "I don't know".
- No progress in the business flow, no clear cut solutions, no transparency in even changing the ministers.
- No clear timeline of the change period specially that it is restricted by 90 days.
- Being too shallow to call Mona El Shazly in an episode dedicated to the most important issue (constitution and elections), to JUST talk about Mahmoud Saad's salary!! 7aga teksef.

Again, I am against him for both being one of the closest students of Mubarak and not being a suitable PM in such critical period... he may be the right person, but at the wrong time ... so I may not be as objective as it should be, but I can assure you that "It is not intended my dears"...

Can you help me to fill out the positives please?!

Thank You in Advance,

We don't wanna FINISH our Revolution ... We wanna COMPLETE it.


ahmad said...

فى حواراته التليفزيونية يبدو الفريق أحمد شفيق شخصاً لبقاً ومهذباً كما أن وسائل الإعلام الحكومية تتحدث كثيرا عن كفاءته الإدارية، مع احترامى الكامل لشخص أحمد شفيق فإنه لا يصلح إطلاقا لرئاسة وزراء مصر بعد الثورة. هناك فرق كبير بين الإصلاح الجزئى والثورة. الثورة تستهدف تغييرا جذريا شاملا. الثورة تهدم النظام القديم هدما تاما وتقيم بدلاً منه بناء جديداً يتماشى مع مبادئها وأهدافها.

هكذا كانت كل الثورات فى التاريخ الإنسانى. لقد قامت الثورة المصرية يوم 25 يناير من أجل القضاء على نظام حسنى مبارك الفاسد الظالم وإقامة ديمقراطية حقيقية، دفع المصريون من أجلها ثمنا باهظا: مئات الشهداء ومئات المصريين فقدوا بصرهم بالرصاص المطاطى وآلاف المفقودين لا أحد يعرف إن كانوا على قيد الحياة أم استشهدوا..

Schifoz said...

Please find all the positives below:

That's it

Mohaly said...

ahmad this is the start of Alaa Aswany article in sherouk, right?

Schifoz; lol :)

amina said...

أنا وزير الطيران من 2002 .. أنا مقرب جدا من حسني مبارك .. أنا أقسمت الولاء للرئيس السابق للحفاظ على استقرار البلاد عشان يفضل في الحكم .. أنا قلت للشباب ينسوا فكرة تنحي الرئيس لأن المطلب مش مقبول .. أنا وعدت الثوار نجيبلهم بونبوني لو عايزين يفضلوا في الميدان .. أنا ضد الفساد اللي كان بيحصل قدام عيني وباسكت عليه لمدة 8 سنين .. أنا مع الثورة أنا أحمد شفيق

أنا قلت إن الثورة "كلام فارغ" .. أنا تسببت في إهانة كرامة المصريين في الخارج .. أنا كنت من أحد أسباب تدهور وضع مصر كقوة سياسية إقليمية .. أنا دلوقتي غيرت رأيي .. أنا مع الثورة أنا أحمد أبو الغيط

أنا أشرفت على تزوير انتخابات 2005 و2010 .. أنا حولت القضاة المستقلين للتحقيق .. أنا عطلت بعض الأحكام القضائية الصادرة ضد رجال الأعمال .. أنا ممدوح مرعي وزير العدل .. أنا مع الثورة

Geeee said...

Actually am not with the current gov. aslan they are damn very very slow, c'mon .. I have zero positivity towards Shafik except speaking nicely wl 7ayah 7elwa on TV but on reality it's damn slow.

Those people need to know that they won't be in the gov for good, so they have to act quickly while focusing on things that matter only. I don give a sh** about Mahmoud Saad or Anas el Fe2y all those ppl will be out when we have control over things and decent ppl who can manage the TV or country resources efficiently.
Putting a plan & giving orders DON'T NEED ALL THIS TIME FOR GOD'S SAKE .. مع السلامو عليكو

celebrity_baby said...

what can i say or how can i complete these positives???!!!
He is a student who was educated by the old regime, i do agree that he is the right person at the wrong time but we have many right figures too and i think it is a must to get rid of all the old regime's students and followers, it is a must to purify our free Egypt because for me he is not righteous enough too.

amina said...


Mohaly said...

ممكن ااشعب اللى مع شفيق و الشعب اللى ضد شفيق يبقوا إيد واحدة أبوس إيديكوا

الإختلاف على شفيق لا يفسد للشعب قضية

Sally Orfy said...

ebtadet teshed fe sha3rak ya Mohaly :)))

Emad Bakhit said...

Shafiq ya ragel, eli kan PM sa3et el thwar ma endarboh we et2atloh 2 feb 2011 ;-)

Sally Orfy said...

No need now to complete your list..