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Thursday, March 24, 2011

768) Being Egyptian 2.0 ::: Being Optimistic !

Being Optimistic doesn't mean being an idiot as some people say ... Being Optimistic is having the faith that no matter what, you will reach your goal

In such major change, we need to keep up the spirit especially if there are others who are working hardly to destroy all the gains and guess what; it seems they still have the believe that they will win after all what happened.

You want to be pessimistic and see the future of Egypt as dark as it gets, it is your right ... but please know that you are contributing to this dark future by surrendering in the middle of the battle for democracy.

Would you please join me in imagining the following:

- Imagine if Narmer (first Egypt King 3200BC) had felt that it is impossible to unite lower and upper Egypt, the whole pharohic era wouldn't have existed.
- Imagine if Ahmos (the king who kicked the Hyksos -16th century BC- and established modern kingdom) had felt that Kamos (his preprocessor) has done all what he can, and it is impossible to re-unite Egypt.
- Imagine if early Muslims had surrendered after their defeat in the battle of Uhud (7th century AD) and losing some of the best men at that time.
- Imagine if Mamluks had given up after the fall of the Islamic Caliphate in Baghdad (13th century AD) and killing all the Muslim Government by Mongols.
- Imagine if the Egyptian Sheikhs and Scientists had surrendered to the French & Turkish occupation in the turn of the 19th century AD and didn't insist on establishing modern Egypt through Muhammed Aly Pacha.
- Imagine if Nasser and Sadat had surrendered after the pan Arab defeat in 1967 and didnt stand up and fight for getting back Sinai in 1973.
- Imagine that we - Egyptians- have given up and left Tahrir during the 25 Jan revolution.

All of these incidents -and many others - in the Egyptian history prove one thing .... Those who have the faith that no matter what will happen they will fight and reach their goal, have always won, one way or another .. and those who had surrendered to their fears (that are true and on solid basis I cant deny) have contributed to their internal defeat that eventually lead to real defeat of everyone.

Think positive ... and realistic ... know your enemy, and know that he is powerful, and know that the more the enemy is strong, the more the victory is meaningful. Just start by yourself and think about the little things that will lead to bigger gains ... check http://www.facebook.com/Egy2020

Nefsak Fe 2eh?  (What do you wish) ... Would you please watch this Video, and write your comment about Nefsak fe Eih?



منال الجنزورى said...

أنا نفسى الناس تفكها شويه
شكرا على التفاؤل :)

Mohaly said...

check this out


let's keep the spirit

NAMES said...

really this is right the time for this blog. we are in need to be optimistic these days, Ana tama3a we nfsy fi 7agat keteer awy bas ana ha2ol ahm 7aga,

Ana nefsy elnas tet3amel ma3a ba3dha bedamir we tete2y Rabena.

Ana 3ayza as2al fi sou2al ya dr. howa meen ely 3amal el video da. asl 7asa eno fih basamat 7ad keda ya3ny.


Mohaly said...

Amr Salama

Nouna said...

Nefsi a3raf eih da!!!


this is the worst I have read ya Mohaly hamout since I saw this begad hamouuut (coming from Amnesty International - can't be doubted) 7aga we7sha awiii begad.. sooo sad and depressed since I heard about it :(

Mohaly said...

There are many things that are and will be done to make us surrender... painful... scary... but we don't have other option except continuing.

Lose ur mood, ur temper or even ur life as many others did, but never surrender.

Anonymous said...

ana nefsi masr te2a a7san dawla o awel dawla 3arabya tanhad in short period...nefsi fi nahda 7a2i2ya te3awad el fatra el fattet...nefsi in ten years te2a masr one of the "developed countries"....nefsi kol el takat el mode3a takhod foras....nefsi masr te2a amnena o gamila o a7san balad momken te3eesh fiha..

Lubna Al Sharif

Anonymous said...

nafsi el nas kolaha yeb2a 3andaha damiir. Emad Bakhit

Nouna said...

tab in sha2 Allah I will lose my life 7ader. and al7amdulellah nothing could make me feel weak. thank u

Mohaly said...

ba3d el shar 3aleeky ya noona :)

SeMo said...

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Cherie said...

I wish happiness,Its very valuable

Nehal Ismail said...

نفسي مصر متتسرقش تاني. أصلها تعبت بجد

Mohaly said...

يا ريت يل نهال ... بس ده مش ممكن يتعمل لوحده ... لازم نتعب و نوعى و نعلم و نربى عشان نقدر نغير