-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Saturday, March 31, 2012

817) The Revamping Generation !

I have always hated following other steps without re-thinking about why did they do it, how, and what are the other options. Although I tend to be a very organized person but I do question all traditions, systems, and norms. May be that is why till now I still can not feel fitting in our society although I have been living in Egypt for most of my life.

I feel that sometimes we do exaggerate about our traditions and put some taboos and concerns without even questioning it. You may say that is different in the new generation, I'd say yes to an extent. However,   the majority are still adoring the "group-think" style where everyone if following what is there without not even questioning is it the best thing to do or not.

That is clear on the social, cultural, and even on the economic and political levels..

On the socio-cultural level people tend to consider the traditions are sacred even if it become a show-stopper or create a bottle-neck. Check marriage and the copy and paste procedures and problems, education and its copy cats graduates, entertainment, tv programs...etc.

On the Economic level, we have this tendency of copying the success without assessing why did they succeed and is the surrounding environment and our capabilities are suitable to repeat theirs or not (you can find a whole street selling the same commodities just because one or two shops were successful at a certain point in time). Also, the tendency to save in banks and not do any investments or take risks, the tendency to buy very low quality product many times instead of buying a better durable one that have the same life span, the tendency to spend money without any balance or relativeness with income to show off (like Mobiles), or own mood (Cigs or Drugs)..etc.

Even now on the political level, people just go with the flow ... Of course people have the free right to choose and select, but do they really do? Does everyone for example selecting Abou Ismail, is really doing so because he or she are convinced of Abo Ismail and his values, vision, and strategies? I have checked all the referendums in Egypt in the last 100 years, and we never said NO, not even once.. and the highest percentage a No got was like these days last year (22.8%). The rulers of Egypt know this and always play on that line of thought.

What I wanna say is that Jan 25th Revolution has been losing on many fronts, but if we take a deeper look we can see that there is an important factor that everyone has been ignoring ... THE REVAMPING of all our norms and traditions ... The younger generations (below 40) and specially university students are coming up with different values that are much more powerful than their parents and elders... SCAF, Ekhwan, may seem winning now, but who will conquer the future.. who is leading the change .. Who will be there to witness in the first place... It is these young generations. My bet is on them, and I will be putting my effort and time in supporting my, and the younger generation to be able to lead and change this country on the medium and long terms. That is the only hope I have now after all what happened to us over the past 14 months..

Can't say I am still Optimistic as I was a year ago, but I still have a lonely hope, and I cant afford to lose  it as well.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

816) El Kella El Mondassa El 3alamy El Kawny !

Today marks the 1st anniversary of “El Kella El Mondassa El Masry El Araby El 3alamy El Kawny” of Facebook. When I established this group I wasn’t thinking it will be as big as it is now (more than 1000 member), as it was mainly a direct reaction for the Referendum results and feeling that we are really a minority. But since then it played a big role in securing, reinforcing, and releasing the feelings and thoughts of its members, especially that it is a closed group that doesn’t allow anyone in except through invitation. I cant deny that it affected the amount of writing here on the blog, but I am getting back to normal rate lately.

The group is a social-liberal group that welcomes all those interested in developing the country without certain dogmatic ideology specially the “fallen” corrupted regime supporters and those for the Religious country or Military role. The group is always fighting to keep it this way. However, it succeed in attracting a different array of people whether in age, experience, location, gender, religion…etc that very much enriched the discussions and guided our thinking.

In its 1st anniversary I would like to thank the members – specially the active ones & the admins, and they know themselves :) - who had a great impact on me throughout this year and helped me pass through very hard times specially the period between Mohamed Mahmoud incidents till Port-Said, and they are still giving me support, hope, and sometimes fun as well... A Vitual Family :)



I am asking all those interested and see themselves matching with the criteria to join us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/200114613345308/?bookmark_t=group

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

815) 2om El Donya !

All the Mothers are getting a present from their beloved ones today. While Our greater mother أم الدنيا is getting slapped everyday by its selfish and opportunist sons. We are sorry Egypt, but we are still keeping the faith in you and will always love and respect you without waiting for any rewards other than seeing you where you really deserve.. May God help us to do so.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

814) Suzanne for President ?!!

So ... What if Suzanne Thabet (wife of ousted president) decided to run for president of Egypt in 2012 Elections?

Before you say no way, tell me what can keep her from running?
- Felol? Shafik the Super felol is running..
- Age? She is 71, younger than many candidates..
- Gender? other females are already running..
- Accusations? Nothing official, she is officially "clean"..
- Experience? No one has more "experience" than her ..
- Populairty? "Mubarak Sons group" are hers too !
In addition she is the pioneer of El Kera2aa lel gamee3 (Reading for all), so she can handle El Bara2a lel gamee3 and El Re2asa lel gamee3 (Presidency for all)

So seriously, what keeps Morgana from running supported by Ali Baba and the 40 thieves in Torah?!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

813) Sar7'et Kalam ... صرخة قلم !

صرخة فى قلب العدم 
صرخة بطعم الألم
صرخة من غير ندم
صرخة حر ضد الخدم

صرخة شهيد إتعدم
و شباب كتير إتظلم
صرخة رافعه العلم
و بتدى الظالم بالقلم

صرخة ملل
صرخة أمل
صرخة تحدى
فى وش البجم

صرخة لكسر الطوق
صرخة علشان نفوق
و نرجَّع رأسنا لفوق
و نحقق الحلم اللى إتحَلم


Monday, March 5, 2012

812) Ya Wad Ya Mo2men !!

يعنى إيه متدين؟
أيوه أنا عايز أفهم؟
يعنى بيصلى و بيصوم و بيزكى و يحفظ قران؟ 
و لا بيحترم الناس و عادل و كريم و طيب و بيتقى ربنا؟
و لا اللى بينجح إنه يقنع الناس إنه متدين؟
و لا اللى وشه سمح و يريح و عليه علامات التقوى؟
و لا اللى مطول دقنة و حالق شنبه و عنده زبيبة و رافع بنطلونه؟
و لا اللى بيدخل لفظ الجلالة بين كل كلمة و التانية؟
و لا اللى بيقضى حاجات الناس لوجه الله؟
و لا اللى بيمنع الأذى عن الناس و يقف جنبهم ضد الظلم؟
و لا العضو فى جماعة أو حزب دينى؟

طب مين اللى يقرر إنك متدين؟

طب لو إنت متدين ده بيديك أى حقوق أو مميزات زيادة؟

طب لو أنا متدين و إنت متدين و إختلفنا فى الرأى .. كلام مين فينا اللى يمشى؟

طب لو إنت متدين و الناس متفقه على ده ... بس كذبت و نافقت و ظلمت و.. و.. تبقى إيه؟

طب لو أنا بصلى و أصوم و أزكى و بأتقى ربنا فى رزقى و شغلى و أهلى بس بؤمن بأفكار حرة (ليبرالية) أبقى إيه؟

الإيمان هو ما وقر فى القلب وصدقه العمل،
 قال تعالى: "قالت الأعراب أمنا قل لم تؤمنوا ولكن قولوا أسلمنا ولما يدخل الإيمان فى قلوبكم".
الإيمان قول وعمل.

و لا إيه يا واد يا مؤمن؟


Thursday, March 1, 2012

811) Women of Glass !

I once read in an old book of philosophy that women are like a chip of transparent glass that you can see through if you were keen on wiping it off carefully. This piece of glass if was really clean you will see your reflection within as if it is hidden there inside.  If you broke it someday it would be hard to get it back in place, and even if u managed to, there will always be clear scars that will hurt you every time you pass your hand on.

Women indeed have their touch and fingerprint on men's lives.  Sometimes a painful one but mostly the complete opposite. Everyday that passes I realize how much I do need a caring woman in my life.. I cant deny that no matter how much work I do or success I achieve in life, there is always that hollow feeling that hunts me specially when I am back home whether alone or with family. I do realize that a man is never in balance without a caring woman in his life. 

إنت مش إنت من غير ست